June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Beginning a new extended fast, feeling a bit unwell today, joint pain in hands worse than it’s been since starting Keto 4 mo ago, not sure if the joint pain is dietary related as I’ve been pretty careful to avoid allergens or possibly related to hormone fluctuations…hoping the fast will quickly squelch the inflammation :slightly_smiling_face: I would like to make it a week long fast, going to do at least 48hrs then take it day by day.

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I hope you figure it out soon.


At 84 hours now. Still feeling good. Taking it one hour at a time. The sun isn’t blazing yet, so I’ve got my front door open, and I’m enjoying the birdsong.


Weight went up a bit since yesterday’s new low, but I know it’s just a minor fluctuation. KCFO!


Is it hot where you are? I was just reading yesterday (either here or on a fibro forum) that heat makes your tissues swell and causes inflammation.

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Just started my first 3-day fast. @daddyoh pointed me to this topic: thanks.

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Wishing you an easy fast!


It has been really hot and humid here, heat does generally make me feel less than stellar!


Funny thing for me is… the heat doesn’t bother me much if I’m working in the Yard or Garden, like I’ve been for the past few hrs., but sure does when I’m just chilling, trying to watch some TV or something.

Planning to start a Fast today, after eating something here shortly…

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gosh I fell off so hard, missed a lot of stuff… very moved month. I’ll hope I’ll get some fasting in before traveling…

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Last fast before vacation. I’m on hour 20 of 29. Anyone tried fasting on vacation? I’m considering it… We leave Saturday. I’m sure my partner won’t be fasting but I’m thinking of doing some IF at least. I don’t usually do that. So far, I’ve found 24 hour fasts a LOT easier than 18:6 etc., though my goal is to work up to that type of schedule.

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I do fasting for 36-42 hrs. before starting a vacation, easy to fast on an airplane for me, I hate airplane food. I just try to make the best decision about foods available where ever I am. Then do another fast afterwards to undo any damage that might have occurred while vacationing. I always do IFing because most breakfasts at hotels etc. are so carb heavy. just do coffee and have a nice lunch that is as keto as possible. I don’t put on weight when I vacation now, in fact a couple of times I have lost a couple of lbs.

Enjoy yourself and don’t stress out that is very important too.