June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

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It doesn’t help my husband just out parmesan smothered zucchini in the oven. The aroma is killing me! One more hour!

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I made it!

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Yay you! I went 71 hours (fine with anything over 70 really). More importantly I feel better like some stuff got cleaned out. and although I am full I don’t feel like I overate in the same way I might have previously. Better listening to my signals.

I measured right before BG=57, BK=5.4, GKI=0.58
Interesting that both ketones and blood glucose went up over the day. makes sense, I certainly needed energy to stay awake.

I may get a short 36h in next week. This weekend it’s TRE and navigating several parties.

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Congratulations! We rocked it! I feel the same. I didn’t overeat, I don’t feel stuffed or miserable and so far no bathroom issues. I will practice TRE as well for the upcoming week of vacation and do my best to stay strict keto. I know I have the tools to get back on track as soon as I return home. I’m feeling so confident now that I did 72 hours!


Been fasting for 60 hours. Technically I started fasting on the 23rd and went about 60 hours or so, but then on the 25th the PMS monster tied me to a chair and force-fed me about 1,000 calories (all low-carb keto-friendly, fortunately!). I made my spoon into a shiv and cut my ropes and escaped.

Started fasting again on the evening of the 25th. All in all, I’ve lost 6.8lbs in 6 days (can’t really count today yet as it’s early). I’m used to better losses while fasting, but keep in mind I’m “retaining water” atm, so I am more than pleased with the results. This might even be the first time I’ve felt the euphoria some people speak of. That’s pretty solid coming from someone with chronic depression!

6/23/19 185.6 Fasting
6/24/18 183.8 Fasting
6/25/18 181.8 Fasting
6/26/19 180.4 1k cal refeed
6/27/19 181.8 Fasting
6/28/19 181 Fasting
6/29/19 178.8 Fasting

I’m off the artificial sweeteners, off the HWC in my coffee. I am having fatty coffees, but with ghee and coconut oil, so only 37 calories per cup instead of 100, and no protein to interfere with autophagy. Yay!

I’m gonna go ahead and jinx myself by saying I’m going to keep fasting til next Wednesday. I feel great, hardly any hunger issues.

I last saw my doctor on April tenth. I was 191 at the time. Would love to get down to 171 by next Wednesday when I see him again (but I won’t be upset if I don’t meet that goal), and have a 20lb loss in 3 months, just to see the look on his face! I see him every three months and typically have at least a 10lb loss each time, sometimes 12-15. I haven’t mentioned keto and certainly not fasting because if this keeps up he’s gonna suspect me of having an ED (or being on meth, lol). I just tell him stuff like “low carb” or “I always lose in warm weather”, etc.

I literally only see him for 3-5 minutes. It’s supposed to be a 15 minute session, but he says “how are you doing?”, I say “fine”, he says “anything new going on lately?”, I say “nope”, and the next 2-4 minutes consist of him writing my prescriptions, and I’m outta there. I used to hate the revolving door aspect of it, but now I’m happy to get in and out.

And since this post is becoming a novella, I’m going to shut up now :grin:


I know there are a lot of folks here that have mentioned not telling their Doctors about them doing/being Keto, but to be honest, I do believe it is for the best that they do indeed know. And TBH, If they have a problem with it, well that’s their problem really. … If I had a Doctor I liked and they gave me shit about being Keto, I would simply find another Doctor. (I do understand it’s easier said for some, and there are those who say they are having problems finding a Doctor who supports Keto) But fortunately the Doctor we have not only supported us in this WOE/WOL, but embraced Keto and switched over herself a short time later after seeing our results, along with her Husband, who shares in her practice and in just two months, got off his Diabetic Meds himself. … But again, I do think them having this knowledge is best.


This doctor is my shrink, not my PCP. He’s totally used to truly mental people, and I do believe he wouldn’t accept keto as an explanation, because his first thought is going to be something along the lines of mental illness (not eating due to depression or anxiety, or blaming it on an ED). He’s also months from retirement so not likely to be embracing “new-fangled” medicine or health strategies.

But you make a good point. I might mention it to my PCP next time I see her. She’s young and very smart, so she might be more accepting, plus she’s got her whole career to pass it on to other patients. But I avoid doctors at all cost, so don’t even know when I’ll see her again. Haven’t been since April 2018, and that was the first time I’d seen a doctor since 2010.

But it’s time for an annual checkup. Thinking I’d like to compare my lipid panel to last year’s, which was almost exactly when I started keto. I also know much more about tests to ask for (IR, A1c, LDL particle size, CRP, inflammation markers, etc), so will be running down that rabbit hole with her. If I can bring myself to make an appt, lol.


That’s understandable indeed, especially if they will be retiring soon. But just think Doctors overall being informed may help their understanding if they are seeing results in numbers, etc. that would make more sense knowing that person is Keto. (And in the end, it’s our choice) But not only that, but simply seeing those results and knowing they indeed came from one being Keto, could even help convince them that this WOE/WOL, might indeed be something they need to look into? :slight_smile:

But I would hope the younger Doctor should be more informed with Keto, being she’s not old school, and might even be something she already supports? … I too am not a person who goes to the Doctor much. I do see them every day, since they only live 3 houses down from us, but for being seen, it’s not very often indeed. :slight_smile: … The reason I mentioned Doctor’s being informed, is because it might help them diagnose that person properly, for whatever reason. I know some who try to hide the fact they smoke from their Doctors and this isn’t helpful, since it might help explain some things they see. Also you are relying on someone to diagnose something properly, without knowing all the facts.


Last time I saw her I had just started keto, and couldn’t have had an intelligent conversation about it if you held a gun to my head. This time, I’ll have the results to show her, and the knowledge to discuss it. It would be great if she was on board and passed it along to other patients.

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Hi all. Moving from just reading to sharing in posting. Not new to keto/LC nor fasting, but feeling ready to get back to more deliberate targeted fast schedules including beyond recent 12-18 hrs. Today I’m targeting at least 22 hrs; if it feels right at that family dinner time I may just join their company with my water or a decaf and sleep it through to tomorrow.


Welcome, @KetoFitTrek. Since you’ve been reading the post/threads, you’ll no doubt see there’s a great group of folks here and well supporting of each other. :+1:

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Thank you, and Yes! I look forward to participating and contributing. :smiley:

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G’day All,
After starting Keto in Jan this year I’ve gone from 108kg to 90kg weighing today. I’m feeling great. I have been patient which has been the key to this lifestyle change and even to my surprise my wife is slowly getting on board with the change as she can see the impact it’s had on my appearance.
I had a stall roughly a month ago so I started IF. It’s only since I started doing a couple of 72 hours fasts that I’ve seen my results bear fruits and I have shredded those extra kilos.
These latest 72hr fasts have been relatively comfortable to complete and I could have continued on.
I would say to those trying a fast have ago as they make a big difference especially in my case.
In future I’m going to plan to do at least a couple of these fasts every month as I feel great during and after.
Happy Fasting


Welcome, @AussieMacca. Congrats on your current loss so far, and always nice to hear when a spouse joins in on the journey. :+1:


I was planning on starting another fast this morning, but someone really wanted to have a lunch date with me this weekend. So I agreed to today and will start after lunch today. I’ve never done that, so I’m not quite sure whether my brain will be fully expecting dinner or whether I’ll be fine since I ate lunch and I’m full enough.

I’ll go until Monday lunchtime for sure, but maybe I can stretch to Tuesday since I’m starting later. Plunging into the unknown here.

I hope it’s a productive fast, because I’m starting with a net gain of 1/2 lb. after the re-gain from my last fast. That happens to me occasionally, but there’s no logic to it, so I find it really frustrating. Right now I’m just holding on to at least two pounds for no reason–and have some really jiggly spots to prove it! :grin:

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #499

Likely water weight. Sometimes the body does not want to give up weight. Eventually it will flow away. Try not to get frustrated with a 1/2 lb. Lbs happen to the best of us.

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Excellent numbers!!!

(Jane) #501

If you are asking for additional labs, ask for your fasting insulin so you can calculate your HOMA score of insulin resistance.


Adding to list! Thanks!

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Closed my fast at 23 hrs. Felt great to be ready but not urgent and, as Fung says, have a regular meal like nothing happened. Moreso because it ended up being a pretty active day with over 5 miles of walking and 2 miles bike.

Deliberately leaving tomorrow to fall as it will with first precedence staying keto while I deal with a wiley work deadline.