June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Mame) #464

@Robinette71 Tamela, so much exciting stuff! tests, weights, new tattoo

I am closing in on 50 hours and feel good about making it until Friday after work.
Current numbers: bg=57, bk=5.0, gki=0.63

I was struggling this evening but nothing sounded right until I had some pickle juice. Ahhhh.
I know part of the struggle is being very short on sleep from last night. Hopefully tonight will be better.
Good fasting wishes!


Well I had back to back meetings this afternoon that ran me an hour late leaving as well & just feeling blah at the moment. With me running late, I ended up going 31 hrs. before eating tonight, but think I’m going to hit the bed early to hope to wake to feeling better tomorrow. I’ve also been working on a project that quite tedious & I would like to complete it, but meetings are just interrupting this. So probably won’t finish it till next week now. … Might see how the weekend goes, and thinking of Fasting Sunday night to maybe Wednesday, since I took Friday off for a needed long weekend. … Glad to hear folks are fasting away nicely with no major issues. :+1: … Nice Tat, Tamela. :slight_smile:

(Brennan) #466

Nice ink!

(Brennan) #467

Sitting at 99 hours! Just finished my soccer game, made it through no problems, plenty of energy all game long! :yum:
I may have a broken toe, but that’s a separate issue totally unrelated to fasting lol
I’m thinking I’ll break somewhere between 120-144? I may just go longer though too, this has easily been the most enjoyable and easy fast I’ve ever done!

(Jane) #468

Broke at 70 hours with no issues. Headed home to Arkansas tomorrow and if my flight is on time and the weather good… we are driving out to Mt Ida to shop for rocks, crystals and slag glass. Mt Ida is a Mecca for that sort of thing and really good prices. We love to throw them in our flower beds for decoration.

(Carol) #469

Made it to 89 hours. I may have flubbed up and cut it off too soon. Since I was hungry yesterday, I had today planned out what food I would enjoy. While the IP was perking away I suddenly thought, heck, I’m not really hungry at all. But it sure was satisfying when I plated it. :slight_smile:

Happy fasting Friday everyone!

(Brennan) #470

Well I’m just over 105 hours in, but I’ve spent the last 5 in the hospital for my broken toe :unamused:. I’m cold, I’m tired & I’m done! When I get home I’m breaking my fast.

Y’all have a good fast!

(Polly) #471

Ouch! Sorry to hear you are suffering.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #472

Ouch. I hope you feel better soon.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #473

Hi fasting team,

I took two weeks off. One for a multi-day social thing to honor my father-in-law who passed several months ago. And then a chest infection and on antibiotics. I just don’t want to fast when I’m on antibiotics.

I’m going to start fasting again Sunday night and my plan is 60 hrs.

Then the next week about the same.

I am so looking forward to getting back in the fasting saddle.

Here is wishing everyone a happy Friday and a great weekend.


Hope you’re feeling better now, Eric. And sorry for your loss. … I mentioned the same above, thinking to maybe Fast for a few days starting Sunday night, and then enjoying some nice meals over the longer Holiday weekend. (off Friday) Wife’s been wanting to fast too, but just hasn’t been able to much lately?

(Tamela Robinette) #475

Sorry about the toe Brennan. That sucks. I hope you are feeling better Eric. We’ve missed you on the thread.
I’m at 63 hours and going strong! Slept a little better last night but not great. Stepped on the scales and I’ve lost 3.5 pounds at this point and I’m at my lowest weight in my journey. I truly am hoping for a new set point. I am going to have to be very disciplined on this vacation. I hope everyone has a great day! Happy Friday!

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #476

Thanks, Dave. The holiday week is messing up my desire for a longer fast. Wednesday is my oldest daughter’s birthday and she has requested that we cook something together. She is keto and we support each other’s WOL. And I’m off Thursday and Friday. I find fasting when working is just easier. I’ll probably smoke something yummy on the 4th and/or 5th.

Now that I have passed a year and have most 52 to 55lbs My patience is increasing. It may take me another year or two to get to some steady state weight. I do find I don’t tend to lose weight unless I fast.

Also these past 8 days have been 3 meals a day because of the antibiotics. However, I have stayed true to the keto WOE.

(Mame) #477

Fasting friday all – it’s here.

@Janie congrats on bagging another successful fast!

@daddyoh I am in the same ‘fasting is easier at work’ boat.
I am wondering perhaps as it heats up and I naturally want to eat less (though crave fruit more) perhaps some weekend fast will happen? It could happen…

Tamela, I am cruising along right behind you at 62 hours. :smiley: Congrats on the new low! It is so nice to hear about that. Another crappy night sleep here too! I think it’s more about trying to get acclimated to that change in weather than the fast though… I don’t feel wired.

I feel good about my morning numbers BG=50, BK=5.8, GKI= 0.48

I will probably break at 70 or so hours. But I am trying to leave the possibility of going until sometime Saturday. We have houseguests for the weekend so maybe not…?

raising my keto-ade: Here’s to a great day for us all!

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #478

Wow, low BG and great GKI. You feel okay right? Can you tell your BK levels are elevated?

My lowest BG was 63 if memory serves me. For a pre-diabetic that is dramatic. I felt fine that day.

(Mame) #479

I feel fine just sleepy. BG 50 may be a new low for me as well, I don’t have that spreadsheet at work so I can’t check. As this is a 6am reading I would guess it might drop a bit during the day. (and hopefully the scale will as well I will check my numbers again before I break my fast.

Sometimes with BG under 65 I feel cranky or off but not now. Although this is always with high BK, so I don’t really know what to attribute what to…I have HWC to add to coffee if I need it oh and emergency bacon in work fridge. I never had a high BG numbers history which for someone as metabolically deranged as I am (major hyperinsulemia) was always impressive. Of course that just masked my issues. (hey, my BG is fine…)

All in all I don’t really feel that different. I feel sluggish but I think that is 2 bad nights of sleep. It’s cool and dry in the office and i want to nap.

(Tamela Robinette) #480

About to hit 68 hours! Woooo hoooo! I am definitely in the midst of my longest ever fast. I think my previous longest was 66. I almost wish I wasn’t going on vacation so I could go longer because this fast has been soooooooo easy! I had a bench press PR of 85 pounds this morning. I haven’t been lifting long so to me this is killer! Getting ready to head outside and cut the grass so that will kill a little more time before I break at 5. Happy fasting all!

(Susan) #481

Congrats on your longest fast ever and have a really lovely holiday =)

(Tamela Robinette) #482

Reaaaalllly starting to struggle now. An hour and a half to go and think the thought of breaking my fast has kicked my hunger into overdrive. Very little hunger for 3 days and bam an hour and a half to go and my appetite is insatiable! Drinking some water with ACV right now, trying to push through.

(Mame) #483

you can do it!! You could always take a little fat or pickle juice, I think you said you worked out today so it makes sense you want food.
I will be breaking about the same time as you and it will be lovely.