June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Susan) #444

Okay, great, thanks Brennan =).


Also, putting it under the tongue you’re not taking a large quantity all at once. It’s best to take some in throughout the day. Plus, the larger pieces, if you choose to take a small ‘pile’, they go down easier when just washed down with water and you don’t taste the saltiness as much either. But most will just put some under the tongue throughout the day as well. You’d be surprised how much you get use to it after some time. :slight_smile:

(KCKO, KCFO) #446

I love using a few grains of pink salt under the tongue for all kinds of things. Helps with sleep, headaches, etc.

I thought I would do a 48 hr. fast starting after dinner tonight. The temps are rising around here and I don’t get as hungry when that happens, a glass of cold tea is about all I want anyway, so why not skip the foods and just fast for a while?

Anyone else starting a fast tonight?


I actually ate lunch, and just told the wife I wasn’t hungry, so went out and cut the backyard instead. (Trying to keep the flowers down, to minimize Bee’s, since my Pups like to chase them at times. … But I did tell her I’m not Fasting this week, but been doing OMAD. But if I go til tomorrow night, it will give me a little over 30 hrs. (So more like an extended OMAD.) At least that’s how I’ll see it. :slight_smile:

(Susan) #448

Okay, thanks for the answers @Digital_Dave and @collaroygal =).

(Brennan) #449

74 hours in, just spent the last hour or so relaxing on the balcony reading “The Complete Guide To Fasting”.
Tomorrow is my birthday (39) and my gift to myself is nothing! No cake, no drinks, no anything! It’s going to be glorious!
Work during the day, soccer in the evening, I can’t think of a better way to spend the day.
I am seriously considering doing a much longer fast than the 120+ hours I was originally considering though. Might finish Dr Fung’s book first and plan that for the next fast though. I guess I’ll have to see how’s I feel Friday. I am looking forward to not only playing fasted but having the next day or two of recovery fasted as well.
I’m off to bed, y’all have a good night!

(Susan) #450

Happy Birthday @Brennan

Enjoy your day =) Happy Fasting =)

(Jane) #451

50 hours in and going to bed soon. A tad hungry but nothing I cannot ignore.

BG: 76
BK: 3.1
GKI: 1.36
Boz: 25

GKI a bit higher than I normally see > 48 hours, but I’ve been sitting on my butt for 2 days. Not walking 2 miles at lunch in the scorching Fort Worth heat, either! In Chicago this week and meetings… meetings… meetings…

Oh well - been an easy fast so no complaints.

KCFO fellow fasters!

(Carol) #452

Happy Birthday, Brennan! It’s always good to celebrate with what makes you happiest.

Currently at 77 hours. Eeeesh, went to the market today and got some nice goodies and they’ve been calling to me ever since. Been hungry for hours now. Not likely to fast thru tomorrow but should still make 90ish hours. If I don’t sleep walk to the frig.

Fast on! (I think that’s a reminder for me. lol)


Happy Birthday, Brennan.

Skipped dinner last night since I just didn’t feel like eating, so I cut the backyard grass instead. Still an OMAD since I ate at work earlier. (Was going to do a TMAD, but wasn’t feeling it) So when I eat tonight, it will still be OMAD for today too, but from going from lunch yesterday it will still be around 31 or so hrs. So not really a Fast per se, but a stretched out OMAD. :slight_smile: … Told the wife I was EF’ing this week. :slight_smile:

(Tamela Robinette) #454

Happy birthday Brennan!
I just hit 39 hours. Very little sleep last night. Headed to the gym shortly for my fasted workout. I have a test later today for a job I’m hoping to land so hopefully I am able to focus. I feel a little wired. I’ll definitely hit the 48 hour mark, but really hoping for that 72. Today I’m not eating though. Only saw a half pound drop on the scale but I consumed more salt than usual yesterday. I hope everyone has an easy fasting day!

(Jane) #455

59 hours in and looking forward to a nice meal tonight in downtown Chicago. No hunger - just empty feeling.

Happy fasting!


Happy birthday!! :grin:

(Mame) #457

Hey Happy Bday Brennan.

I am at 38 hours and feeling pretty normal. Had a very disturbed night with needing to get up a lot. But at least that water weight from the weekend is letting go.

last night GKI=1.9
this morning bg=64 bk=3.2 GKI=1.1

It’s going to be a good day today and I have my keto-aid and emergency fat.

We can totally do this fasting Thursday!

(Graci) #458

:partying_face: Hope you have a fantastic birthday Brennan!

Going to end my fast shortly at 84 hr mark, was only down 1.2 lb from yesterday morning, so barely at a new low, maybe still retaining fluid for some reason and it’ll surprise me by dropping off post-fast (a girl can dream lol). Happy fasting everyone, I will probably start another tomorrow evening and just go 24-48 hrs.

(Brennan) #459

89 and feeling fine! Thanks for all the bday wishes!


Keto-ade will be good in that heat!

I’m wrapping up another 65 hours at lunchtime today or sometime soon. Not down a lot, just 1.2 lbs., but also wasn’t up a ton from my birthday carb-fest dinner earlier in the week. I was going to start another fast after dinner on Friday, but now I’m trying to work in a lunch date with someone on the weekend. I might start after lunch on Saturday. I’ve never started at that time of day, so that’ll be a good way to mix things up some.




Wrong thread! Oops!

(Tamela Robinette) #463

So today has been fairly easy. Zero hunger which fascinates me! I have full confidence that I will make it to 5 p.m. tomorrow, which will be 72 hours, my longest fast ever. I killed my workout this morning after getting off to a slow start. I actually had a leg press PR of 300 pounds! I did excellent on 3 parts of my test for the job I’m shooting for and so so on a 4th part. It was Excel 2010! My most recent position uses the newest release of Microsoft, which is completely different. I’m fairly familiar with older versions of Excel but for some reason on some of the questions I drew a complete freaking blank. I’m going to chalk it up to nervousness. The administrator of the tests said my score was not terrible in comparison to other test takers and to not sweat it. We shall see. After my test I went and got a new weight lifting tattoo :grin: