June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Brennan) #424

Well that’s 60 hours behind me. Slept much better last night. Not quite as energetic as I was yesterday though. Hoping for a productive day at work today. Kcfo!

(Mame) #425

Happy fasting Wednesday all!

It’s morning here, I am at 14hours and monitor says:
BG=80 BK=1.2 GKI= 3.69

I have a bit of emergency bacon if my brain turns off here at work. I need my brain all day today.

I hear you, for me the hardest part is the mental part. I am seriously working through a lot of thought models to try to get a handle on this aspect. Physical hunger doesn’t hit me for several days but that mental ‘urge to eat’ is what is tough for me.

(Polly) #426

I am just about at 70 hours water fasting now with another 2 to go for the 72 hours. I am beginning to think about eating.

(Tamela Robinette) #427

I’m just over 17 hours, attempting 72 hours before I go on vacation Saturday for a week at the beach. I think my longest fast ever was 66? So this should be interesting lol. I feel like I have some tools I can use to get through, plus the first 24 hours are the worst for me and I’m feeling strong at the moment. Happy fasting (or feasting) all!

(Jane) #428

38 hours in and in an all-day meeting at work. Of course someone brought in doughnuts for the start of the meeting. Surprisingly most went untouched. At least they were on a side table so I couldn’t smell them. I wouldn’t have eaten any pre-keto but smelling food makes me hungry.

I can beg off for lunch so that’s not an issue. Still don’t know about dinner tonight hopefully not expected to attend so I can keep on fasting.

(Graci) #429

61 hrs in, weighed this morning and down 2lbs from yesterday, so still 1lb higher than when I ended my last EF. I don’t want to stop without reaching a new low, hoping that even with refeeding I can get my body to a new lower set point with this new longer fasting protocol. Planning on reassessing tomorrow after weighing in the morning. Enjoying some Stash brand Fushion Green & White tea :tea:

(Doug) #430

:slightly_smiling_face: Right there is a big part of the psychological challenge of fasting for many of us. Those thoughts of food… We can fend them off, but for how long? For me there’s a mental cost to doing so, even if I clamp down on myself and say NOT EATING TODAY. Too many battles like that and eventually I give in. If I can be busy and string a few hours together without it happening, it’s a good thing.


The last 3 days have been easy-peasy. I woke up this morning and hormones had taken over my body. I’ve had a tbsp of cream cheese, a dab of almond butter, 2 almonds, 3 jumbo black olives, and a small pickle spear. Along with my HWC. I don’t see how I can even call this a fast anymore.

Gonna try to fast the rest of the day and officially restart tomorrow.


I’m just over four weeks on Keto - when do you think is a good time to try a fast? I generally do 18/6 anyway and prior to Keto did a 48 hour fast just to prove something to myself.

I don’t think I’m fat adapted yet as I’m certainly not bounding with energy, feel a bit meh (no proper sunshine here for weeks) and still get really dark ketostix - I’m assuming they’ll get lighter when I’m efficiently producing and using ketones rather than wasting them.

(Susan) #433


If you want to try fasting; just go for it, and if you find after a certain point it is too hard, then just stop. If you can do 24 hours for the first time, then build it up from there, I found that worked well for me personally. I started doing 1- 24 once a week after my body was used to doing 18/6 (which was some days 20/4). This past weekend I did a 48 hour one, (which I wanted to do longer but I had a family dinner so I did break it at the 48); but then I did a 24 hour one right after that.

You have to do what will work for your body; all of us are different. I would try a 24 hour one now to start, and break it when you feel you need to. This way it keeps it manageable for you personally -no stress, no pressure =).


LOL. My Mom used to give us a teaspoon of vinegar for the hiccups when we were kids. Works like a charm.

What are the benefits of ACV supposed to be? I always see people talking about it, but don’t really understand why it’s recommended.

I will get physically hungry, often for quite some time. As long as I don’t have other symptoms that indicate low blood sugar (which I never do), I just figure I can ignore it. But the mental distraction that comes with it makes me nuts. It makes it really hard for me to focus on other things. And for the record, I’m nowhere near goal weight, so I have a right-good storehouse on my hips to eat from, so that’s not the issue.

I’m at about 36-hours fasted right now. Yesterday was a bit tough, because I was coming into it from a carby birthday dinner on Monday. I think today will be easier. I hope.

(Brennan) #435

I used to drink that tea all the time! I totally forgot it existed, thanks!

(Tamela Robinette) #436

Just hit 24 hours, feeling pretty decent. I skipped working out today because I had some errands to do with my daughter. Looking forward to working out in a fasted state in the morning, hopefully some of those fight or flight hormones kick in haha. I have a very slight, weird little headache. I’ve been hydrating and taking my pink salt. Definitely in deeper ketosis though I don’t measure, my mouth is dry and I have that deep metallic taste. Hunger hasn’t been bad at all, just a few tummy growls earlier around my normal feeding time. I keep telling myself I’m doing this so I can enjoy my vacation guilt free. I will eat keto but I will definitely enjoy some adult beverages, mostly wine and may have some ice cream, it is the beach after all. I need to do this 72 hours honestly to maybe give my body a new set point. I’ve been hovering around the same weight for months now, which honestly doesn’t bother me but the waist measurement has not budged and I know I can stand to lose a few more inches there. I’m so close! I’m determined to push through!

(Mame) #437

You can do it!
It is nice for me to know you are about an hour ahead in the 72h fast. I am at 23h.

Had a bit of brain fog this afternoon (not as bad as yesterday) took in a bite of fat and now feeling better. Also sniffing peppermint essential oil. Working later today, I plan on utilizing this to propel me through until tomorrow, by the time I get home tonight it will be too late for me to break my fast. Yay

(Jane) #438

44 hours in and hanging in there. Got a slight headache which some pink salt crystals under my tongue and water fixed.

Dodged dinner with colleagues again tonight so home-free now on my 72-hr fast!

BG: 84
BK: 3.0
GKI: 1.56
Boz: 28

(Tamela Robinette) #439

Yaaay fasting buddies! Just made me some salted decaf. Trying different things to help me push through. I usually give up around 24-36 hours so I’ll be checking in often!

(Susan) #440


Is there a reason of putting the crystals under your tongue? Since I have introduced the Pink Himalyan salt into my daily regiment a few days ago, (after discovering I just Could Not swallow the water when I put some in it), I have been placing a full metal teaspoonful (just our normal utensils not a measuring type) directly into my mouth… then drinking water with it, getting it down immediately and then getting the taste gone quickly with the water.

I keep seeing people commenting that they are putting it under their tongues; though, and I wondered if there is a specific reason for them doing it that way that I am missing out on?

And-- major congrats on evading the dinner with colleagues, that is terrific. I hope no more obstacles will stop you from successfully completing your 72-hour fast!

(Brennan) #441

People put salt under their tongue because it will be absorbed quickly there.

(Susan) #442

So, should I do that? Is it more effective then just putting the spoonful on my tongue and washing it down with water?

(Brennan) #443

If you’re getting a headache and looking for relief you could try this method.
I personally put about a quarter tsp on top of my tongue and let it dissolve and just don’t swallow for awhile. After a minute or two I’ll have a swig of water to wash it down.