June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Graci) #404

Sadly I can no longer enjoy unsweetened sun tea (the nectar of my youth lol), because it too gives me reflux. I think the peach herbal teas and green tea I have are definitely gentler on the tummy :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can find something else of use then.

(Brennan) #406

Have you tried acv? It seems counter intuitive, adding acid to your stomach but it works!

(Graci) #407

I think maybe the reason I am able to have the coffee when eating normal Keto is that I have it with my first meal, so stomach is coated first. Maybe sun tea would work the same if with food :slightly_smiling_face:


Could indeed? … And as Bennan suggested, ACV is supposed to help with heartburn, and I use that every day in my KetoAide. But I have also read just drinking some straight can really stop heartburn quick. … It’s just not the easiest thing to drink straight. I’ve done it, but prefer to just mix some in. - It’s also helpful that I’ve always like Vinegar, and have some Cucumbers soaking in some now. :slight_smile:

(Graci) #409

I did, but I couldn’t get past the smell and taste of it…I used a recipe for acv lemonade wate.

(Graci) #410

That’s a great idea, I might try putting it on something if issue continues after my fast!

(Brennan) #411

Lol, I should have been more specific. I put it in my keter-aid, which I drink during my fasts. I’ve never been brave enough to drink it straight :crazy_face:


Um… I did. - Took a nice ole’ swing and then did the shiver. :smile: Honestly wasn’t too bad, but boy is it strong! But as I said, I’ve always liked Vinegar. … But once my wife put my sliced Cucumbers in a bowl and after they chilled in the fridge, I took a nice big slice and quickly realized she didn’t cut it! After I got my breath back, I told her you’re supposed to cut it 50/50 with water! :smile:

(Mame) #413

I don’t mind it at all with small sips - I agree that a big swig gives one a shiver, LOL.
Sounds like fasting is going pretty well for people, very excellent!

I am feeling conflicted about fasting this week. For the past few months when I fast I enjoy the physical emptiness but I feel like I get a mental slump in the afternoon. Does anyone else have this happen? It seems that most people feel more sharp mentally when fasting.

I really dislike having a mental slump at work. Huh, this might be a reason to fast on weekends… I have a wedding reception to go to this weekend… could I fast through it I wonder?

As I type to the group I realize I can go for it and it I feel unwell or can’t function at work I can break fast and try again the next day.

So that’s what I am going to do. My current plan is Tuesday evening until sometime Friday afternoon or evening.

Fast on folks! Thanks for sharing I find it super encouraging.

(Brennan) #414

I get a mental slump in the afternoon when not fasting (2 pm-ish). But I was tired enough to go down for a ~3 hours nap after work the first day of this fast.

Coffee might help revitalize you, salted coffee is my favorite fasting treat! :drooling_face: Mmm salted coffee!
Day 3 is usually when I get super fasting brain kicking in! Those are by far the most productive work days.

(Mame) #415

Alas neither salt not coffee alone or in combination have been helpful with this problem. Although I enjoy them all

Hmm, I am not actually sure we need to blur those words…:thinking:


They do ask to blur ‘food’ mentions, but I see some do blur drinks mentioned as well. I don’t think anyone would frown on it, but who knows. … Would keep ya in the mindset to keep doing it though. :slight_smile:

(Brennan) #417

I figured it’s better to err on the side of caution. Wouldn’t want to tempt someone in a moment of weakness!

(Graci) #418

I don’t understand what happens to me mentally when I am fasting lol, when not fasting I have zero cravings. When fasting about 42-48hrs in I start craving all sorts of things (definitely some non-Keto ones), I don’t physically feel hungry for more than a few minutes at a time, but can’t seem to divert from the mental hunger pangs!

(Rafael Quinones) #419

After 102 days water fasting my new addition is watching keto cooking videos on YouTube. Been cooking up a storm for the Misses. I get the food porn and she gets good eats. I’d say its a win win for both of us :slight_smile:


Could just be you’re missing meals? … Happens to me sometimes after 3, 4 or 5 days. Not hunger, just thinking that a nice meal would be nice. So it makes me just look forward to what I will break with. :slight_smile:

(Graci) #421

Very possible, my husband was eating in front of me, offered me some…to which I yelled FASTING HERE…and expanded all my energy overreacting lol.

(Brennan) #422

I lol’d so hard at this! :joy::joy::joy:

(Carol) #423

102 DAYS? How are you feeling??

My longest fast was 160+ hours, just shy of 7 days. I felt fine and remember I could have gone longer but I feel getting some nutrition in makes me more comfortable in this woe. Like @Digital_Dave, I self limit to 5 days max now.

I’m now in at 53 hours and had a calendar reminder that I will be from home tomorrow. That will make tomorrow a fast day too. So now I will wait and see how I feel about Thursday. I love ending the month on a fasting note. Happy fasting y’all!