June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #384

11 hours in but not sure how long this fast will last. My plan was 72 hours but my boss will be in town tonight and tomorrow so if she wants to go out to dinner then I will have to break. If not, then I will KCFO.

(Jane) #385

A little over 100 hours. I could have fasted longer at that point but I enjoy sharing meals with my husband when I am home so I always break the night before I head back to Arkansas. Not trying to lose any more - just maintain and autophagy so no real incentive to fast longer.

(Mame) #386

I have done 9 days. It was fine but didn’t really see any benefits from it that weren’t gained through regular shorter fasts of say 3 to 4 days…
I won’t say I will never do it again but no plans at this time…

Still trying to work out my fasting plans for this week. W-F may work for this week’s schedule.
Today it is certainly omad for dinner.


:+1: This was/is my thinking on it from the start. … And since I do water only Fast, or the occasional Ice-Tea, I do start missing eating a nice meal, so think 5 days without food substance is long enough. :slight_smile:

Plus for me, the weekends provide a better opportunity for me to try out new recipes I like to create, since I have more time to work on them. Weekday evenings are more limited for this, since I’m gone minimally 11 hours a day, and don’t get home till later in the evening. Plus Dinner, Grass cutting, etc.


I’ve fasted for two weeks twice and on my third attempt now. They say the first 2 or 3 days is the hardest, so it just seems like torture to do a 72 hour fast repeatedly. I know a lot of people do it and I’m not criticizing them, but it just seems like they’re putting themselves through the wringer over and over again.

I understand not everybody’s schedule allows them to fast longer, and any Fasting is better than no fasting (thinking about autophagy and such); I’m very lucky to have the flexibility to attempt longer fasts because I really need the autophagy (inflammation, loose skin, etc).


I want to revise what I said about any fasting being better than no fasting. Fasting is not required on keto, just a handy tool if you want to add to your arsenal.


I concur, since some do indeed say just this… Except for some of us (meaning myself) I too have been fortunate when it comes to Fasting. I don’t seem to struggle with days 2, 3, etc. But if I did, your point would be well taken. :slight_smile: But believe me, I’m not complaining about this in the slightest either.


I think you’ve been fasting a relatively long time, overall, haven’t you? I think I remember you saying you were doing OMAD even before keto. Your fasting “muscle” is pretty well developed by now, I would imagine. I would love to get to that point.


Yes Ma’am, you are correct. I had done so indeed for many, many years before going Keto. And I too believe that this was very helpful/beneficial for switching over to this WOL, as well as Fasting.

Actually, eating that way back then was so bad, it probably was one of the main factors for me picking up so much weight. (While eating a SAD diet I mean) Eating just once a day, or just skipping the day/s, didn’t probably do much for my metabolism while eating the carby-stuff. So I was more than delighted to learn that this WOE actually fit so nicely on Keto. :+1:

You know, I never even thought of it that way until reading what you posted. :slight_smile: Does makes sense…

(Susan) #393

Back at it and 36 hours in. I may take something with me to work tonight just in case. Or I may take my sleeping pills this afternoon and sleep eat. We shall see. I did forgo a lot of things at work last night so that’s a plus.


Started another two-day fast after dinner last night. This week I’m aiming for today and tomorrow, then Saturday and Sunday. Someone wants to take me out to lunch next weekend though, so I’m not sure what the weekend will look like.

I went out to another birthday dinner last night and had a little bread and dessert along with the rest of my meal. I expected the scale to shoot up this morning with all that, but it didn’t. I came out of last weekend’s Zorn Fast down a net 2 lbs. (which is pretty solid for me). I’ve been bouncing up and down some during the last 10 days, trying to get past a little set point. I seem to be encountering these more and more, but I still easily have 60 lbs. to lose. That pattern is definitely slowing my overall trend, but still in the 1-2 lbs./week range. Unfortunately, it’s lot closer to 1 than 2, but as long as it keeps moving, I’ll try to be satisfied.

(Jane) #395

18 hours in and so far been a real easy fast (not all are for me).

I am hoping I am not on the hook for dinner tonight or I will end up with OMAD instead of a fast. If I can skate past tonight then worst case it would be a 48-hr fast if I have to dine with colleagues tomorrow night.

If not, then barring any issues I should make my 72-hr goal again this week.

This would be a record for me - 4 weeks in a row fasting 72 hours.

Then home a week for July 4th and going to enjoy my new keto toy (instant pot) and keto cooking.

(Susan) #396

Very nice, Janie, I hope that it will work out for you that you can do your full 72 hours again.

(Graci) #397

42 hrs into my water fast now, experiencing some odd-for-me fluid retention. When I woke up this morning and weighed, I was disappointed that already being over 24hr mark that my weight was 3lbs higher than when I ended my last EF, which would mean I regained at least 5lbs probably after refeeding :confused:. My hands have been very puffy today, drinking plenty of fluids, hoping my body straightens itself out and I lose to a new low Keto weight before this fast ends.

(Brennan) #398

46 hours in! Sooooo much energy :grin:


Are you sure you’re drinking enough? Or could it be a TOM issue? Don’t know what else to suggest? :woman_shrugging:

(Graci) #400

I highly suspect hormones at play :wink: Definitely getting plenty of water, had almost 100 oz so far today including 20 oz of black coffee :coffee:

(Jane) #401

Thanks. Dodged dinner and supposedly better autophagy kicks in after 24 hours so I would hate to just be at the point of increasing autophagy only to eat. Now at least I can get 24 hours in if I have to break tomorrow.

BG: 90
BK: 1.9
GKI: 2.63
Boz: 47

(Graci) #402

44 hrs in and reflux is making a sudden and unwelcome visit. No more black coffee for me :cry:


I was going to suggest Tea, since it too is a diuretic so it could help with the inflammation? But I think it might also be a little easier on the system then coffee too? But this is just my thoughts on it, and don’t have any data or science to back that up. But pretty sure either can cause acid-reflux.