June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #364

I agree with your terminology. I don’t consider 3 meals a day any sort of fasting whether they snack or not. Not snacking is of course optimal.

TMAD and OMAD I consider TRE or IF.

Skipping an entire day of eating I consider EF and anything beyond.



Yes Ma’am, I’ve never seen a description per se, stating exactly how IF & EF are defined in timeframes, but from everything I’ve researched and read, it seems to be the most logical as we see it. - I mean, the not snacking is the biggest thing for insulin spiking, but when you start removing meals, whether one or two, I think that is a pretty good indicator of an IF schedule, and then once you go beyond the OMAD, I personally think you’ve entered EF. And I agree with you, when you mention not looking at Autophagy in the works until you breach that 24 hrs. line as well. At least that’s my thinking on it? :slight_smile:

(Mame) #366

Lovely numbers to finish up with @Digital_Dave

(Susan) #367

I have just got to 25 hours, goal this time is 48 due to family party tomorrow evening for supper time… so if I don’t eat until 5 I will have hit the 48 hours =). I find it harder to do this on weekends then it would be during the week do to family get togethers; although I really want to do the next 3rd Thursday one lasting the 3-4 days, I will be a part of it regardless =).


Where does TRE fit in?

(Carol) #369

This is exactly how I think of it too. I think I picked it up from the Fung and Ramos fasting website. The moderators used to offer up 3 different IF schedules for people to follow and IF times were no food at all. They did not offer EF schedules so in my mind I equate that with 3 days or longer. We need a dictionary! :laughing:

I’ve feasted 2 days and am thinking about fasting tomorrow. Will decide once I wake up and assess my appetite.


My understanding, or ‘personal’ opinion on ‘TRE’ (Time-Restricted-Eating) is basically whenever you eat within or throughout a given time-restricted ‘Window’ and TBH, its not all that different from OMAD or TMAD when you think about it. (*If someone is doing OMAD, sure, they can eat that one meal within 30 minutes and be done for the day. (leaving 23.5 hrs. of Fasting time for that day.) … But, they could also eat this one meal over an hour and a half or two? (still providing 22 hrs. of Fasted time) This would be more of a ‘Window’, albeit a small one, but still a ‘window’ nonetheless. … And the only difference to me between a TMAD and a ‘Window’, is that generally a person eating TMAD will eat those two meals separately, or separated by some hours. - One might be earlier in the day, say 12Noon, and then they would have another meal at say 5 or 6pm. (but they won’t eat throughout that entire timeframe, as you would do with ‘TRE’, just at those two set times.) … So from everything that I’ve read, it sounds like ‘TRE’ is just basically when one chooses to eat throughout the entire timeframe, opposed to eating two individual meals separated by time. They simply consume all meals, snacks, etc. throughout the entire time, and of course the smaller the window, the more Fasted time it leaves for the remainder of the day.

In that respect, if you are eating TRE, i.e., within a ‘Window’ of say 5 hours, (12Noon-5pm) and you eat what you like, including meals, snacks, etc. I would think you would be spiking your insulin throughout as well, and probably way more than the person eating two separate meals respectively. - But is there that much different in the two? Or is one better then the other? This I can’t say for sure, but I honestly wouldn’t think so. - I think if anything, it just provides us with a choice to do whichever way works the best for each of us individually. As they say, there is no one way to living this WOE/WOL, but to simply find what works best for you. - Again, this is all just my opinion and understanding of it from everything I’ve read personally. But I find this to be the most logical, and I’m pretty sure I would have remembered coming across any sort of spreadsheet or documentation, stating the definitions of this terminology. :slight_smile:

Lastly, for me personally, I’ve never done TRE. I do either OMAD or TMAD, but I do usually eat hearty meals and have no issues getting enough in with one meal on OMAD days. - I also eat some things I may consider more ‘snacky’ such as Pork Rinds, Peanuts, etc. but I’ve always eaten them along with my meals, which to me then makes them part of said meal, and not necessarily a snack. So I basically never eat anything unless it’s during a meal, which is why I always say, ‘When I eat, I eat. I don’t snack’


I would have described OMAD or TMAD as TRE. Mainly because I feel like the first step in all this, no matter what, is to stop fucking snacking.

(Polly) #372

So here it is. I regularly do 16:8 time reduced eating window variant of intermittent fasting. ie most days. I occasionally do a 24 - 48 hour fast. Was once each month but have not managed one in May or June so far.

I am embarking on a planned 72 hour fast in an attempt to dampen down some inflammation and enable autophagy and apoptosis. Have finished my last dinner and intend to break the fast on Wednesday between 17:00 & 18:00 BST.

(Susan) #373

Best wishes for success, Polly =).

(Polly) #374

Thank you @Momof5

I suspect the natural good humour and support from the members of this forum will be crucial to the outcome of this endeavour.


And some may indeed see this just as you do. - But for me… OMAD and TMAD are basically ‘meals’ that stand alone, and yes, no snacking of any kind, unless consumed with those meals.

When I think TRE, I think that you can basically eat meals, snacks, what-have-you… anytime within that ‘window’ and to me this is more akin to ‘snacking’, since some folks have windows set as big as 6 or 8 hours. Pretty long timeframe to consume things throughout & at random. (But again, just my thoughts)

(Polly) #376

Tend not to snack. Break fast with lunch and then have dinner in the evening.

Nibbling for a continuous spell plays havoc with the insulin response and my goal is to keep insulin in its cage.

(Carol) #377

Whelp, today was not a fast day. Quite the opposite actually. On the positive side, I think I may possibly have raised my metabolic rate substantially. :laughing: I will see how tomorrow shapes up. kcfo


Well, for me this week will be filled with nice meals. :slight_smile: I have promised the Wife that I will not be Fasting this week. This is because she is correct, that every time we pick up a bunch of stuff for food prep, meals, etc. I want to Fast. :confused: I can’t say why this is, but it usually seems to be the case?

So I also did an experimental Carb-Up n=1 day yesterday, so eating meals throughout the week might be a good thing for this as well. - Plus, I think I will shoot for doing a 3 or 4 day Fast on the following week, especially since I took off the Friday following Independence Day to make a 4 day weekend. So maybe start a Fast next Sunday and run it a few days before the Holiday weekend starts. :slight_smile:

Happy Fasting this week everyone… :slight_smile:

Actually posted this in the ZornFast thread by accident this morning, but meant to put it here. But it still fits there as well, so just left it there. :slight_smile:

(Brennan) #379

18 hours in, planning on going 120+ this time around :yum:

(Susan) #380

That is awesome, Brennan, best wishes for success!

(Carol) #381

Hello everyone. Today was a fasting day. They always seem easier after a day of high fat and protein. :slight_smile: 28 hours in and will see what tomorrow brings. Happy fasting all!

(Brennan) #382

37 hours in and feeling great, despite a restless night of sleep. :sleeping::crazy_face::sleeping::roll_eyes::sleeping::grin::sunglasses:

I’ve been watching some YouTube videos of people doing 30+ day fasting. It looks interesting, 5 days wasn’t hard last time and once you’re fasting, to keep fasting is pretty easy. I will be doing some more research on the matter.

I’m curious though, what’s the longest you’ve fasted for?


As I’ve mentioned before, I actually set a self imposed limit of 5 days (120 hrs.) to my Fast, back before I started Fasting. No real reason for this, other then I just didn’t see the need. But I did actually Fast 136 hrs. the time I was in the Hospital back in January. This was because I was a couple days Fasted when I went in, and by the time I ate, it was just over what I limited myself too. I do recall reading some things back in the day, that only come into play when you do extended Fast beyond 5 days, so this may have come into play with my decision, but can’t say for sure? Unfortunately, I can’t recall what all those things were, but if I get the chance I’ll see if I can pull some of that info back up so I can share it.