June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Paul H) #344

Sheesh just a reminder how good y’all s numbers have been…

46 hours into fast…

BG 136… ugh
BK 1.1
GKI 6.87

Down 5 lbs though.

(Susan) #345

Nice going, Paul, well done. =)

(Mame) #346

Sigh, although I use numbers for motivation and I want to be sure I am in ketosis still I am jealous that you are down 5 lbs. I haven’t had a new low weight on the scale since February! scales are liars but still I have 50# more pounds to lose.

Ah well. I hold fast to the fact that I am healing my hyperinsulmia

(Paul H) #347

Yes the numbers game is frustrating. We are all working on our own issues. I am pulling for you! :smile:

(Carol) #348

Yep, I did it intentionally. I’m in a rural area and in over 30 years only found one doctor I could trust and connect with. He retired years ago. I’ve lost 80 lbs since I last visited this office in August 2018 and neither the PA or the doctor commented. I brought it to their attention, they flipped through my chart, verified it and nothing more. How can I trust they have my best health in mind when after years of telling me to lose weight they don’t notice when I do? I’m hoping by bringing keto up they might do some investigation and keep an open mind.

When one door closes, another opens and in my experience is usually all for the better. :slight_smile: Wishing you peace and success!

I just experienced this same thing. It was weird eating for 10 days straight!

I know a lot of fasters say this but, it really does get easier the more you do it. In the beginning I was anxious to get the weight/fat off and, now that it’s mostly gone, I don’t much think about it except I feel better when I do fast.

(Jane) #349

Wow. That is incredibly insensitive. Losing 80 lbs takes a lot of hard work and I bet few of his patients have ever done that.

Well use him for whatever he is good at like ordering blood work and prescribing meds when you really DO need them and keep on trucking with keto. You are the only one who can do that anyway. :blush:

(Carol) #350

Thanks, Janie. There aren’t a lot of choices, the other doctor which I had gone to for years fixes (?) everything with pills. If this doctor can get rid of my sinus infection I will be grateful for that. Blood work already ordered for the first part of August. I will be one year keto then. I’m kind of excited to see the results. :slight_smile:


Just about to head off to work, and presently just passed 59 hrs. … Not sure if I will be breaking tonight or not? Will play it by ear, and see how things go.

(Paul H) #352

Ok I am 60 hours in…my longest and goal this time… Feeling great. I would go longer but, have a race out of town tomorrow morning and figure it’s smart not to push it. I am having some bone broth now and prolly bacon and eggs in awhile…

BG 142… amazing so high after not eating for a couple days… again no insulin either.
BK-- 1.8… my highest yet.
GKI 4.38… my lowest yet.

Hopefully all of those numbers will be better sooner for next weeks EF.

I did lose 6 pounds… so pretty good… I know I will gain some back. Overall this fasting seems natural for me…lucky me. Keep up the good work everyone!

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #353

It takes time to reverse insulin resistance. BK Levels great given BG level.


Don’t forget to blur any of your food mentions in any Fasting related threads. Thanks :+1:

Also, hope you fair well with the Eggs for breaking. Some can indeed do this, but a lot of folks have issues with Eggs, and Nuts, just to mention a couple of the things known to cause issues. (Myself included) So I do try to avoid them, but also find eating something with too much Fat itself, can cause these effects. I’ve had this happen when eating a nice Steak with a good amount of Fat on it.

(Graci) #355

After ending my 86hr fast yesterday, I did have a 1.1lb refeeding gain, planning on beginning another EF this afternoon…probably a shorter one this time like 48hrs to keep things fresh & change it up :grin:

(Susan) #356

Very nice, Graci, congrats on doing the 86 hours!

(Paul H) #357

Thanks Dave. My bad…Sorry fasters. Ok. I haven’t eaten yet so I might try something else… It’s neat how I have more food around and less dishes…

I was at the park and just had my phone… so I just got it edited at home.


I think it was just a terminology confusion, since everyone describes their fasts using the same terms to mean totally different things. I usually use time-restricted eating (TRE) like Dr. Fung and the IDM crew do: to mean 16:8, 20:4, OMAD, etc. Anything where you eat at least once in a day. I use intermittent fasting (IF) for anything where you go at least an entire day without eating up to about 3 to 5 days. The line between IF and extended fasting (EF) in my head is somewhere after 3 days, maybe 5 days. But lots of other people say IF when they’re talking about 16:8, OMAD, etc. And then we all just hope we know what everyone else is talking about. :crazy_face:

It’s a drag that you’re not losing weight! I’m glad that your other numbers are motivating you and congrats on healing your hyperinsulinemia! I would think that with regular 46 hour fasts you should see some movement on the scale. Eventually.

I’m just over 36 hours and planning on a couple of more days. I went out and did something distracting around dinner time yesterday, so I got through easier than I have in a while and feeling good.


Yep, there is indeed a lot of folks that use different terminology when it comes to IF & EF, which can make it confusing for some. … Actually I’ve seen some videos where it’s said that even someone eating 3 meals a day is still considered IF, but only if they are not snacking between these time-frames. But to be honest, I always thought of it similarly, once a person started cutting out, say, breakfast and started doing TMAD or OMAD respectively. But I guess 3 could be as well, as long as you’re not doing anything to spike your insulin between feeding times? :man_shrugging: … But the most important thing overall to my thinking is simply not snacking, no matter how many meals you consume daily. - As far as EF itself, I see it as any extended time-frame out beyond OMAD or 24 hrs. (Though some consider OMAD EF as well) … But for me, it’s beyond the 24 hrs and unlimited from there. Though as I’ve mentioned before, I do have a self-imposed limit of 5 days to my Fast, since I honestly just don’t see the need for me to do any longer, plus I do enjoy eating a nice meal so think 120 hrs. Fasted is good enough for me. :slight_smile:

(Mame) #360

Excellent I love to hear when something is easier for someone. I went about 22h fasted today and life is good. As for the lack of movement on the scale, I am planning on spending some time this summer brainstorming on what might work for me to really move off of this plateau. Thanks for the empathy.


Went ahead and tested now, since I will be breaking in an hour or so. So will break at 72 hrs. … I have some recipe ideas I really want to look at trying this weekend, so decided to break tonight to get it out of the way, since some things might have certain items not welcomed in breaking. :slight_smile: :+1:

Numbers for this 3 day…

@ 25 hrs. Fasted…
BG: 86
BK: 1.0
GKI: 4.77
Boz: 86

@ 47 hrs. Fasted…
BG: 73
BK: 1.1
GKI: 3.68
Boz: 66.36

@ 71 hrs. Fasted…
BG: 71
BK: 2.6
GKI: 1.51
Boz: 27.30

(Paul H) #362

@ZuleikaD Thanks for the TRE breakdown. There is some confusion as I also thought like @Digital_Dave that anything over 24 was EF.

So ugh… yeaaa broke around 9am with Bone Broth Did eat solids until after a long trip to the park and had my first bm since I started the 60 hrs. Nothing crazy. Then I had 8 strips of bacon, adkins fat bomb, salad, some black olives. Two hours later the floodgates opened from the wrong port…musta sat on the can 6 times. I don’t know where it came from…the proverbial whoosh? Down almost another pound and I can still feel the food in my stomach. Glad I broke today or it would have ruined a nicely planned day tomorrow.


Yeppers… :+1: That’s a Fasters golden rule. If you have a something coming up or simply plans, it’s always best to break early. Just like if you’re speeding up toward a Red light on wet pavement. :smile: