June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane) #324

Oh, I missed this… So sorry!

But sounds like you have a good plan in place, family support and will land on your feet.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #325

I’ll join you then :grin:

(hottie turned hag) #326

You guys who can do this slay me!

(Susan) #327

169.1 gain of 4.7 lbs in 1 week
My wish: To be fasting 4/7 days a week.
My reality: Overeating keto, binging on

chocolate and crackers and cookies at work.
I just fasted 36 hours and wrecked it at work last night again. Sleep eating. I had a meal in the freezer there for emergencies but someone ate it. It was keto and weighed about half a pound so I am almost certain it would have tied me over. I am off for three days, it should be a little easier to fast at home, even though grandson has carby foods.
I am still here
I am still trying

(Susan) #328

I hope that you find an exciting and fun job in the near future, so sorry about your layoff, but happy for you you have your dad to help out, that is a blessing atleast.

My doctor hates giving meds out easily, actually, but he also basically tells us we are okay half the time… not finding things that we get discovered later via a visit to the emergency room by example… I really like him as a person, but sometimes get annoyed with him for medical advice. It is hard to get a family doctor here, and when we need a doc we normally go just to the walk-in clinic that is like a 20 min walk from the house, or to the emergency room at the hospital, depending on the situation.

I hope that your surgery the other day went well and that you are recovering well and will be okay

How horrid that someone at work stole your food, not very nice. Good luck getting back on track, you can do this!

I am the same, so impressed with them all, amazing.
I don’t know how I would manage it here, too many people around that are already calling me anorexic when I do a 24 hour fast… I would have to do it secretly basically…haha.

Well done to you all, and keep up the good work!

(Mame) #329

Work is the food devil sometimes. My job is setting up all the leftovers from the lunch yesterday. In the break room. Where the coffee is… although I bet all the cookies are gone. Thank goodness.

I hope your 3 days off gives you a nice reset.

(Graci) #330

Breaking my fast at 86hrs (in just a minute lol), since beginning the EF from 24-86hrs last week, I am down 9lbs, I understand there will be some refeeding gain, going to keep on with strict Keto until next EF and hopefully minimize any gain :blush:


Nine pounds on IF of 86 hours? That’s awesome, even if you do regain half! I’m lucky if I lose 1 lb./day and then re-gain half. So three full days like that would maybe net me 2 lbs.

Great job!

(Jane) #332

68 hours in and will be breaking around 72 hours. Went for a 2.25 mile walk at lunch with my walking buddy and daaaayum was it hot here in Ft Worth!

BG: 101 (??? I checked it twice to be sure)
BK: 5.8
GKI: 0.97
Boz: 17

Still have a GKI under 1 in spite of the 101 BG. I guess my body decided it needed the glucose fuel and made some 'cause I sure haven’t consumed any LOL.

I’ll be joining you guys one more week next Monday night and then will see you again at the end of July.

(Susan) #333

Wow, Janie, you are amazing… 68 hours fasting and can do a long walk in the hot summer heat on top of it, be careful you don’t pass out! But full admiration goes to you, that is incredible.

(hottie turned hag) #334

haha another example from my life where #whenpathologyisapal: I can only comfortably eat when completely alone and then I must be reading or watching a film. Have been like this since childhood. I make exceptions in restaurants but am never relaxed eating unless totally alone. Crazy as hell but it comes in handy :+1: since being on this weight loss gig.

(Graci) #335

I probably should have worded that differently, first I did one much shorter EF last week, lost about 2-3lbs had some come back and went into another shorter EF, adding about 1 more lb to the losses, then the 86hr fast brought the losses at end of this fast to 9lbs, so about 6-7lbs from this 86hr fast probably.

(Graci) #336

I just reread your message, this was water fasting with green tea and black coffee also, it was an extended fast not daily IF (I haven’t lost weight with IF 16:8 for months).

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #337

Surgery was successful. One section turned out to be normal cells and the other they got the bad cells.

Now i’m On antibiotics for a chest cold. Feeling much better today. Happy fasting all.

(Susan) #338

I am glad they got the bad cells out, and that you don’t have more, that is really great.

I hope that you feel better soon, take care.


To continue on the numbers… Just passing 47 hrs.

@ 47 hrs. Fasted…
BG: 73
BK: 1.1
GKI: 3.68
Boz: 66.36

(Jane) #340

Breaking my fast at 72 hours.

Was a fairly easy fast so I guess my fasting muscle :muscle: is getting stronger.

(Susan) #341

Keep on trucking, Dave, you are doing great =)

Well done, Janie, that is great that it is getting easier to do.

(Mame) #342

At 46 hours fasting – my numbers are:
gki= 0.7

and then I broke my fast an hour later. all is well.

(Susan) #343

Congrats @cervyn Mame, enjoy your re-feeding meal =).