June 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Graci) #284

Currently at 61hrs in…I woke up feeling horrible, physically like a severely dehydrated feeling, but I knew with my water intake yesterday that was unlikely. My stomach was super hot to the touch and I just felt bad, but not hungry. This may be TMI so hopefully I can blur the following correctly this time lol after drinking 32 oz of cold water I passed a bile duct stone - I have been through this before so I definitely know how to recognize it when it happens - anyway, I feel like a new person, this totally explains why I had the sudden recurrence of reflux recently and I feel so blessed that none of my icky symptoms had anything to do with Keto/fasting, the fasting probably kept me from a pancreatitis attack later :blush: Not sure how much longer I can go, but I see tomorrow as a real possibility now!

(Susan) #285

Wow, Graci, that sounds very painful… I hope that you will be okay.

Not to be gross people, but I am very curious, do BM’s occur or stop during these long periods of IF. I have issues with not having them unless I take my Senna Laxatives once in a while, so figured during these longer IF’s that might be a problem?

(Graci) #286

Got so excited about feeling better, forgot to add, down almost 3 lbs from yesterday…so ( :drum: drumroll please) I am finally experiencing new loss with this WOE, it gives me hope, because I started wondering if my weight would ever budge again :face_with_monocle:


Yes, they do indeed. And if given time, it shouldn’t be much different, except you’re not putting in anything additional to help push things through, if that makes sense. But it can slow things down too. I’ve mentioned before I’m not a person that is always ‘regular’ but can at times go sometimes 4 or 5 day between movements, and this can also be effected with Fasting. So making sure to stay hydrated it so helpful, as well as supplementing electrolytes. Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium.

(Polly) #288

Congratulations on your loss. Sorry you had the painful experience earlier, but better out than in!

(Susan) #289

Oh okay, Dave, thanks for answering. =)

Grats on the 3 pound loss, Graci, hopefully this fast has helped to get your body on the right track to lose again!

(Graci) #290

I am great now, it’s actually the symptoms leading up to it that are awful, odd crazy sharp pains…I was getting shoulder pain and chest pain which should have tipped me off, but I was ignoring it thinking it was silent reflux. The stones are actually totally separate from regular restroom activities lol, you do feel like you have to go, but in my experience, when I have passed bile duct stones, they are usually alone - which actually helps to identify what is happening . For me, my digestion seems to hibernate during fasts, but I had the opposite experience years ago during a 13 day water fast…which I did not appreciate lol. I do not take supplements when fasting, just a little salt here & there. I think Magnesium during a fast causes issues with going frequently for some people.


Fasting can actually cause insomnia in a lot of people. My first few full fasts I ended up having a whiskey an 30 minutes to an hour before I went to bed. Any sort of mild sedative to help you sleep would work. After a few fasts, I adjusted and didn’t need it any more.

It’s not a competition and there’s no requirement. If all you want to do is TRE like you’re doing, then that’s awesome.

I realized last night that I’ve gotten really sloppy about sticking to my TRE. I have a little fasting app and I turn it on after dinner. But lately I’ve found myself having a little snack later, if I’m hungry, not re-setting the app and just going merrily along. So I’m not really fasting all those hours on my TRE schedule that I’m pretending I am. Those snacks are too close to bedtimes and becoming far too often. As of today, I’m going to be recommitting to a solid TRE schedule on my eating days.

I’ve also gotten really lax about working out. I was really good for a while about doing a quick work out every morning, but lately it’s been more like 3 days a week. I think that little effort every morning helps get my BG to drop just a little bit more. Combined with the half-assing my TRE, I’m beginning to see why my weight loss might have slowed down a bit.

Tonight after dinner I’m starting the Zorn Fast. My aim is to go all the way to Sunday mid-day for three full days. I’m feeling good about it.

(Susan) #292

Best wishes for this Zorn Fast, I hope that it will help and then allow your body to be working better for you and allowing you to stick to your plan =)

(Graci) #293

Does anyone else get harsh hiccups when fasting? And I mean like knock you outta ya chair jiggling your ribs hiccups lol.


Nope, actually don’t think I’ve ever read of anyone getting them either? At least not that I recall…

(Jane) #295

Almost 48 hours in and no hunger. I had a really stressful day at work and didn’t think once about breaking my fast so that’s real progress.

Just have to make it to bed tonight and then I am home free - breaking tomorrow evening at dinner.

It’s interesting how when you fast for multiple days you think - “only” 24 more hours to go and I get to eat again! Like that is a short time :laughing:


Just passed 23 hours and heading out to the Garden, while the Wife and Son eat dinner. :slight_smile:

(Susan) #297

Well done, both of you, Janie and Dave, keep up the good work, Keto on and drink lots of water, =-).

(Jane) #298

Thanks for the support!

(Jane) #299

At 48 hours I am in solid autophagy range, if the numbers are close to true. No hunger, just empty.

BG: 78
BK: 4.9
GKI: 0.88
Boz: 16

(Jane) #300

My husband always does just a 36-hr fast for autophagy - longer fasts are too difficult for him.

He ALWAYS breaks in the morning with an omelette and since he’s never had any issues I’ve never mentioned that eggs can sometimes cause problems.

Until this morning. Two hours after he broke his fast with an omelette he had diarrhea and was very upset about it. He was at home so I thought no big deal but didn’t say that to him. I reassured him it happens sometimes and why I always break my fasts the day BEFORE I travel home.

Once I get past 2 days whether I fast 3 or 4 days doesn’t matter as far as how I feel. But no way am I getting in a car for a 7-hr drive or on a train with no facilities right after breaking an EF.

My advice to him was to eat a small snack (not nuts) when he gets up and then have an omelette 2 hours later.

I suggested some yogurt and berries - has anyone tried that and had problems?

(Mame) #301

work provided lunch successfully avoided!
inspiring! I am 26hours and thinking about breaking my fast because I am feeling so sad though not hungry. My brain still thinks food in the cure for everything. sigh

My numbers are stellar for only 26 hours,
bg=79, bk=4.8, gki=0.913
I am trying to use them for motivation to keep on with this fast.
I almost want to stick my finger again to see if they are real.

cheering you on! and I understand. I sometimes do this if it is a fatty snack like a strip of bacon. or sometimes I am lazy…

that sounds good.
knock on wood but as of yet I have never had an issue breaking a fast, even after 9 days. I have never broken one with nuts though, as I am not much of a nut eater.

Well I may need to take this minute by minute but for now I am staying ‘in’.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #302

You may not be getting enough magnesium. I sometimes have a BM early in a fast if I have enough volume left over when I enter fasting. When I break a fast successfully I can have one brief one that is a lose one.

Usually 1 to 6 hours after breaking the fast.


I actually stopped testing 6-7 months ago? But was speaking with my Wife just recently about it. Told her that I would test next time I fasted, so I just tested 40 min. ago when I came in from the Garden.

@ 25 hrs. Fasted…
BG: 86
BK: 1.0
GKI: 4.77
Boz. 86

I’ve done Greek Yogurt by itself, about 1/2 cup, and then ate a meal an hour later. But haven’t tried the berries, since I don’t eat them hardly ever. … But I’ve also tried Sauerkraut the same way with no issues but usually just do a Salad with Olive Oil and Dressing these days.