June 2018 ZornFast


wishes “Zornfasts” ran Monday - Thursday This weekend thing is tougher

(Doug) #42

Sir, you can start when you want - a lot of people ‘front-run’ things a little, to end before a certain day or meal.


Old, I know…but want to be “a part of”, ya know? I’m jumping in on this one, but might stop eating today and make Wednesday the first full day.

(Denise G) #44

I started Sunday night…A preZorn!

(Ron) #45

Your welcome to jump in with me. I am starting after dinner this evening and going til Sat. morning. Have weekend plans. Let’s do it.:+1:


You got it. Thanks!

(Shayne) #47

Me, too! Current goal is to make it to Thursday evening. If I feel good, I’ll keep going till I don’t. That’s my plan.

(grace elizabeth) #48

OMG its Zornfast Eve! This will be my first and I’ve been psyching up all week.
I’m anxious but still really looking forward to it. I need this so bad!!!

(Ellie) #49

Me too. Very excited! I’m planning my last meal. Do most people do a big feast meal before starting a Zornfast?

(TJ Borden) #50

I usually just do whatever I’d normally do, or if I’m not really hungry for dinner, I just skip it and get an early jumpstart


Stopped eating last evening. Not sure the exact time, but it wasn’t too late. Currently 2:45 Eastern US time.

This time of day for day one (I started Early) is always a little tough for me. Just need some encouragement to push through today. Day two is always easier for me.


(grace elizabeth) #52

Just hold that thought…tomorrow will be easier. KUTGW!
Are you trying to go until sunday?

(grace elizabeth) #53

My knees are killing me today (inflammation) and I have no energy at all. I had to go out and do some errands this morning and now I feel like a big ol’ slug, don’t want to do anything

I am looking forward to tomorrow so I feel better. Feeling hungry will be better than feeling like crap most of the time.

I told hubby he’s on his own for a few days in the kitchen. He doesn’t understand all this but knows I have been doing “crazy dieting” for a long time so to him its more of the same.

(Teresa (turtle)) #54

It seems as though you and I may have started around the same time (and in the same time zone!). We can be each other’s support! KCFO!


I’m not going to Sunday…just had to start early and plan to end early due to my schedule this week.

Based on past experience, I doubt I will make it through Friday and break the Fast on Saturday, but am going to try.

Thanks for the support.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #56

I do.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #57

Just remember. Hunger comes in waves. Wait it out, it shouldn’t last long. Maybe 20 minutes at the most. Try putting some salt under your tongue or using caffeine to dull your appetite. And go to bed early. These are all strategies of mine.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #58

I’ve decided to do my first Zorn fast. The plan is go for a long run and eat a big dinner tonight.

I’m a little hesitant after how my first and only EF went last week, but gotta get back on that horse, right?

(Ellie) #59

Done! I’m in the UK, so that I’ve now had my last meal and am now starting the fast. Aiming for Sunday midday.

(Ron) #60

LOL - I have no problem the first day. It is day 2 that is the toughest for me. Proves how we all are different. (as they say-like snowflakes):slightly_smiling_face: Hang tuff, we’re doing good.