July/August 2020 IF/EFChat Thread (All Welcome)

(Jane Srygley) #1

Looks like the June 2020 thread sort of overlapped onto July… Today is July 30th so I thought it made sense to combine with August.

Anyone else out there fasting? I started doing a weekly 32-36 hour fast on Thursdays last week. I did great last week despite being busy. Today I’m really struggling but I want to make it until tomorrow morning.

What’s up with the rest of you fasters?

(Bob M) #2

Since the pandemic, I’m lucky to do OMAD, though I did that twice this week so far. My kids are home all the time now (and also it’s summer), and I find it difficult to sit at the dinner table doing nothing while everyone else eats.

When I was picking them up at 7:30-8:15 pm, it was a lot easier to come home and fast through the last part of the day.


I don’t due longer fasts due to various reasons… I went back to carnivore(-ish) on Monday and my calories dropped so seriously that I am glad I can eat enough for my body to feel satisfied, I don’t skip a single day! But I actually entertain the idea that I will try to skip my Monday meal… Just if it feels comfortable and especially after a stronger and off carnivore Sunday as those will happen for sure.

My new policy (I tried to do it before but now I am actually successful more than once in a row) is waiting for some more than vague hunger (or anything similarly valid reason). If I am successful, it’s usually OMAD, sometimes TMAD if my first meal is too tiny. I have a hard time to have proper OMAD days when my carb intake is this low but 23 hour fasts often trigger too small meals anyway so OMAD/TMAD sounds the best, whatever works better on that day. In extreme cases I may eat 3 times or I may have little snacks, it doesn’t really matter to me, my eating window is usually small enough now. I did “OMAD with some bites before” today, it was technically 19/5 but if we don’t count a few drops of cream in my coffee, it was 22/2 but 95% of my calories were eaten in a quick meal. Good enough for me, well, more than good :smiley:
I expect as time passes thing will be simpler and cleaner but again, I don’t care about that so much.

I can easily skip lunch now! It’s our precious family meal so I am sitting there, drinking and chatting :slight_smile: I try to eat dinner together with my SO on those days but sometimes I get hungry way earlier than 6-7pm… But we have our time together at lunch, it doesn’t matter I don’t eat. Some temptation may be there if I am not fully satiated at 3pm but it’s rare now and even if I eat, it’s a tiny amount so it doesn’t cause the usual overeating. Yay.

I am looking forward how I will evolve in the future :slight_smile:

(Jane) #4

I am starting a 36-hr fast tonight after dinner - glad to have some fasting buddy company!

(Bacon for the Win) #5

Started a 72 hour fast at 6PM last night. That takes me to 7PM Sunday. Or 42 if I cave tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. I’m working these three days and thought fasting would be easier than planning/making meals. I really need a break from being in the kitchen.

(Bob M) #6

It’s impressive to make it over a weekend. I’ve always wanted to do a 7 day fast (instead of my “normal” 4.5 day fast), but have never been able to go over a weekend.

This will be my third OMAD this week, which is the best I’ve done in a while. We’ll see how it goes. Mainly doing it because it’s my wife’s birthday and we’ll be having ice cream cake tonight. Yes, with sugar. It’s too bad I don’t have any ketone strips. I’ve been wanting to see what happens to my blood ketones when eating carbs and this would be a good test.

(Jane) #7

Me too. Fasting today and will break tomorrow sometime for a 36-40 hour fast. No cooking, no dishes, no food decisions to make - WIN!

(Jane) #8

16 hours in so far and no hunger (not expecting any for several more hours)

BK: 1.7
BG: 85
GKI: 2.8
Boz: 50


No simple force can take me away from the kitchen… I am at home almost all the time and I spend too much time in it. Oh well.
When I actually fast, I still need to cook almost the same… It usually helps with fasting, though, I need my food joy even then :slight_smile: There is picking fruits too, maybe half of the year? That doesn’t always help with fasting but I usually can get away not doing it for 1-2 days. Today I don’t fast (well, some very basic IF probably will be there) but I don’t desire any food (that’s why I need a lot of time to have enough. I feel the need) so I need my daily food joy from preparing them, mostly. And coffee. I still cling to it very much but it’s fine for now.

I surely mentioned already a few times, weekends are harder for me. For some reason I may get hungry before noon. Too early, hopefully it will change now that I almost never am hungry at 4pm on weekdays so I often eat later. Lunch is earlier on weekends, I am not alone at home until 3pm (why it matters, I don’t know)… I tend to be more relaxed in the weekends (sorry if I wrote wrong, I researched it about 5 times lately, it’s complicated to me and I keep forgetting what is right in English. it’s too hot now to worry about it), food items, carbs and fast wise alike. It’s not decided, in the contrary, it just happens.

The most perfect day for (starting) a fast is Monday for me. After a potentially more calorie and carb rich weekend I am alone, my SO has leftover food and I had my fun and I desire something strict and simple. I rarely fast at this point but a modest OMAD has huge chances now.

(Bacon for the Win) #10

exactly! now if I can get the spouse to go get groceries tomorrow, I’ll be ok cooking Sunday night.

(Jane) #11

28 hours in and just a couple of mild hunger waves around my normal meal times. Headed to bed soon for some easy fasting hours LOL.

BG: 80
BK: 3.5
GKI: 1.3
Boz: 23

Hopefully with those numbers I will get some good autophagy going while I sleep.

(Bacon for the Win) #12

ran my numbers after 35 hours:

BG: 69
BK: 3.1
GKI: 1.2
Boz: 22

pretty happy with this. Aiming for 72 hours.

(Jane) #13

Excellent numbers!

I broke this morning at 39 hours.

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

I’m doing a lot of OMAD fasts and I did the Zornfast in July. Had my highest ketones level during that, 7.25. I usually stay much lower than that number.

Hope everyone is doing well.

If anyone is getting to maintenance remember there is a thread for that.

(Jane Srygley) #15

Hey fasters!

I did OMAD yesterday and a 34-hour fast last Thursday. As of Friday, I weighed 210 (down from 212.8 before the fast) but my weight actually went slightly UP yesterday so I’m feeling pretty discouraged back here at 212 :roll_eyes: How the hell much do I need to fast in order to make progress??? Drives me batty. I’ve been eating well the past few days but I did have some fruit last week… I dunno!

This week I’m planning on another 34-hour fast on Thursday. KCFO!

(Bacon for the Win) #16

I hear ya sistah! 74 hours fasted and down barely a pound. But you know what? it’s better than where I was before soI guess it will do. KCFO.

(KCKO, KCFO) #17

Do you do intermittent fasting? If you have more to lose, it supposedly works better than OMAD. OMAD is supposed to be best for maintaining, according to Megan Ramos.

I have found that for me, mixing up protocols to work best of all. Keep the body guessing. When I feast, I really feast (keeping it keto tho’.), and when I fast, I have coffee with cream, broth if it is very extended and that is about all.


Almost OMAD today. I have more and more such days, waiting until I am kind of hungry really helps :smiley: But as I don’t eat enough on these days (biggest reason for ‘almost’ today, I added a bite later. or whatever one calls an egg. 2 bites? :)), they won’t be very frequent unless I change my ways a little. We will see. I still consider mixing OMAD and TMAD the best, not too little, not too much, my low-calorie OMAD days (but not too low, it just couldn’t work every day) easily trigger hunger earlier the next day anyway… But it’s just some thought, it has no impact on how I eat, I eat when I feel the need and eating is possible.

Still not ready for EF but I don’t need it now anyway. Maybe in the future. I focus on my ever changing woe now.

(Jane Srygley) #19

Doing my 32-hour fast from 8pm last night to 4am tomorrow morning. So far, I feel like I’m tolerating it better that I did last week. Happy about that!

KCFO :heart:

(Jane Srygley) #20

OMG that sucks!!! I did a 76 hour fast in December so I know that’s SO HARD!!!

Yeah I have to tell myself that I am in a much better weight range than I used to be. I used to wonder if it was even possible to be here, actually. I weighed over 300 lbs for years and couldn’t seem to get below 240 lbs for a long time… so 212/213 is a big improvement even though it’s so far from where I want to be.