July 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All welcome)


I can relate despite I very easily ate 2000 kcal in one sitting until then, 1500 was more normal and I couldn’t do below 1200 for my first meal until carnivore… But the longer my fast is, the smaller my next meal becomes and it happens already on OMAD. I got smaller OMAD meals than my lunch was on 2MAD or 3MAD, crazy. I still hope that one day I can start some longer term OMAD (with 2MAD days here and there, that’s fine too) as it seems so fitting to me. Except I can’t seem to be able to do it for long. But I am sure there is a way…

I had some quite overeating days, over 2000 kcal first meal and stuff so I start to lose patience at this point. I really need to try EF, I just have no idea HOW. I need to trigger my Determination, that’s powerful. Mental games, I am so bad at that when my brain is melting in the hot weather… I have no resistance. I think of food, I eat, well it’s an exaggeration but not big. My IF fell apart.

Sorry for the pointless whining.

I can relate… My only big hardship on keto was getting enough vegs for my sanity and willingness to stay… I noticed raw vegs helped, I could eat a ton of fried vegs but fresh ones felt more satisfying and more even when I ate less of them.
And if we spend much carbs elsewhere, maybe that can be changed too. I had no such options on vegetarian keto or it didn’t seem so… Many carbs came from other items. It’s still the case but I don’t really eat vegs anymore (except some raw :wink: it’s minimal and enjoyable), it helps a lot. I was lucky to lose interest.

(Michael) #42

Hour 48 and we are still on the road. We called ahead and told them we would arrive within 2 hours and confirmed food still available. Will break when we arrive. Happy fasting.

(Michael) #43

I also find OMAD difficult, although I did it last night (three ribeye steaks). While I am all about not counting calories, make sure to overeat as compared to undereat after fasting. Certainly want to keep you RMR high. Keep up the good work.

(Robin) #44

I don’t usually contribute here cuz I always do OMAD, no variation. But just realized that yesterday I forgot to eat. Lololol. My past self would die of SHOCK.


I never ever ever ever could forget to eat. Once I was too busy all day but when I stop, I ate. It’s just way too important for me.

BUT I am determined to lower this importance. I mean, food is vital but I want to think about it waaaaay less. And keep it simple. And I kinda got bored with eating too, I rather fast more (but I get hungry and will change my mind I am sure)…

I start on Monday, go for carni OMAD or whatever I can pull off. NOT thinking about food and eating after I cook. Seriously now.

(Bob M) #46

I’m also one of those who never forgets to eat.

I did a 36 hour fast last week, with a good body weight workout at about 32 hours. None this week, though, as I’m leaving on vacation. I’m going to exercise M, Tu, Th, F, and it’s Wednesday, and only 6am and I’m already hungry. I won’t be able to make it fasting today. Will join next week though, as Thursday is a good day for me – we have dog training at 7:30pm, so if I can make it until then, I get home at 8:30pm and have no time until I go to bed.


Okay I write here then.

I am so, so, so good, I don’t even understand, it’s not like I try hard!!! Or at all when I have lunch.

I do OMAD every day now… It’s easy, it’s nice, it’s convenient and I am satiated very nearly all day and I may or may not get hungry once a day. My energy intake is super low too, I never had that for more than 2 days before (fast don’t count).

But I do feel the need to eat every day at this point. Maybe it will change one day. I definitely lost the desire to eat without a real need. It’s AMAZING… I became a different person. It’s not very shocking on carnivore(-ish) but to this extent? Unusual.

(Bob M) #48

Well, that’s good news!

If no one starts an August chat, I’ll start one next week. I’ll be off vacation and back to work on Thursday, so maybe I’ll fast that day.