July 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All welcome)


Hello everyone. The goal is a 5 day fast, beginning last night about 6:00 pm.

I have done these before. As long as I don’t psych myself out halfway through the week, I should be fine.

(Robin) #22

Good luck! You’ve been less active on here for a while. I always hope that means people are just grooving along and doing well.


Thanks. I feel pretty good today, but it’s only day one! Usually by the end of day 2 I feel like something is happening. If you do a little mindfulness “observe the sensation” and all that it’s usually not to hard to get through.


New week and I am stricter now :smiley: I plan to skip lunch every day. Today I lasted until 5pm (could have done more but I felt the need to eat. I wonder if there comes a day when it won’t happen).
As I do some super strict carnivore out of necessity, I don’t care about the number of my meals (OMAD would be nice but it’s near impossible), just not eating until ~5pm and getting enough nutrients.

(Jane) #25

good luck with your EF @ourtown.

I was going to join in tomorrow after lunch for a 42-ish hour fast but then remembered I have meat in the firidge for tonight and thinly sliced ribeye for fajitas tomorrow. Not letting that ribeye go bad!

So shifting to starting Wed after lunch and breaking on Friday mid-morning.


Day 2 of 5. No problems at all. I can physically tell that “something” is happening. So I mindfully observe the sensation.

As I remember from past versions of this fast, the bathroom experiences go all over the map. Maybe TMI but it’s the reality.

Water, black coffee, and Bergamot “fasting” tea are allowed.


I seem to be able to do OMAD no problem, or delayed 2MAD (brunch and evening meal) most days.

Seems to be working for me, for now.

But i think will plan in an extended fast, outside the current holiday period (or maybe it’s better to this when it’s warm :thinking:), just to see how it goes. I love my food though…even when restricted,


Day 3 of 5. So far so good. The secret is, don’t freak yourself out. Just go on with your day. I occasionally feel “light headed” but not literally dizzy. It’s similar to a “buzz” back in the old days when I was a drinker.

(Jane) #29

Started a 42-ish hour fast after lunch today. So far a bit of hunger around dinner time was solved with some pink rock salt under my tongue.


Day 4 of 5. I don’t feel bad, but I am not sure I would want to do this for more than five days. I don’t know how the guy in Scotland fasted for more than a year!

Weight and waistline are showing movement. Hope to continue the momentum after I break tomorrow night.


Are you doing this for aesthetics, or genuine medical reasons?
There can be overlap of course (there was for me!). Just wondering mate.

(Jane) #32

Good job!

(Jane) #33

26 hours in and just some mild hunger waves - no issues.


So, I broke it yesterday, total of 4 days. Was feeling fatigued, so follow your body signals.

(Robin) #35

Exactly. It amazes me how attuned we can become to our body’s signals now that we eat what it likes.


I think my body always tried to communicate with me but it got way better when I dropped my carbs… Maybe I even listen more, it’s possible.

But my body has multiple signs and they aren’t synchronized, that results in interesting situations sometimes… But I figured out which are important and which not so much so it’s fine.

I sooo can’t keep a small eating window now. I just can’t when carnivore “works”. Or not often. But I have ideas and will make an attempt at OMAD soon again. Or in the worst case, in autumn. Summer heat always messed with me, it doesn’t matter if my house is cool (my room isn’t so much, the AC is downstairs. well it’s great I can have cool temp in the kitchen and during my workouts…). Thinking and making good choices when things aren’t that trivial…? Tricky. I basically eat whatever whenever and depend on my habits and good tastes and whatever I know without actively using my melted brain… It’s not bad but I don’t automatically do OMAD, it takes at least a little effort or focus… Even if I have those, my carni satiation goes against it. I don’t give up just postpone any extra efforts.

@ourtown: congrats! :slight_smile:

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(Michael) #38

Decided to do a 48 hour fast last night. Around 24 in and no issues here. I am driving for 5 hours to a barbecue Friday evening. They told me to come hungry…….they really have no clue what this is going to cost them in meat :smiling_imp: 🦭 :tiger2:

(Michael) #39

[quote=“dfossey, post:9, topic:115545, full:true”]It looks like I can have bone broth while fasting, so I stocked up on that.
It depends on your goals. Protein completely shuts down autophagy for example. If weight loss or lowering insulin is your goal, then no worries about autophagy.

(Shannon) #40

Right now my goal is weight loss and generally feeling better, but later my goal will be maintenance and not straying back to my old ways. I mentioned the bone broth because I was a bit worried about being able to go 23 hours on just water or tea since this was the first time I’ve done a fast for this long. But, turns out I really didn’t need much of it, I only had like 1/2 a coffee cup of it during my fast days.

The toughest part of OMAD to me wasn’t the long period without eating, it was trying to eat enough calories with just the 1 meal in a day. I found that difficult to do and honestly not very enjoyable. I do better with TMAD, and even then some days I’m only at about 1100 calories when I really should be at 1500+. But, I’ve stopped worrying about it and I’m taking the advice of many here to eat to satiety. I’m focusing more now on keeping the net carbs below 20, which can be a challenge on some days because I usually have veggies for both lunch and dinner.