July 2022 IF/EF Chat Thread (All welcome)

(Bob M) #1

Didn’t see a July thread. I’m attempting a 36 hour fast, with some type of exercise at about the 32 hour mark. Will be either body weight training or jogging, I haven’t decided yet.

Will report back.

Anyone else fasting?


I’m doing OMAD mainly, sometimes late 2MAD every other day.

I haven’t built up the courage or fasting prowess for something that long , yet.
I’m not even sure if I should tbh, because I seem to be doing fine on OMAD.

Good luck :slight_smile:

(Bob M) #3

If you’re doing OMAD (or anything else, really), and feeling good, then there may be no reason to fast longer.

I feel that fasting overnight has a benefit beyond eating every day, but it’s also not for everyone.


Well, I probably will fast longer at some point.
You know, when I feel it’s required?

I’m hovering around 70kgs at present, which is my 2ndry goal; my 1st goal to reduce T2 diabetes.
I’ve been as low as 68kgs, but not further. 71kgs today. I’m not sure I want to lose anymore, I’m not tall & I’m within my BMI (just); so the rest is muscle hopefully!


T2 diabetes has been reversed, and no longer taking metformin for it anymore btw.


I slowly come back to the tiny eating window I am pleased with… It was below 4 hour today (maybe 3.5? didn’t watch the clock) and until my quick satiation (happens quite often on carnivore-ish) goes away, I can’t do any better. But it’s good, I am fine with TMAD as long as I don’t have too big meals.

I finally skipped lunch today. I didn’t last long afterwards but I skipped it :smiley: I just couldn’t make it an OMAD sized meal. Even with 2 meals, it’s tricky as I ate little for me. Maybe tomorrow will be different.

Slightly longer fasts are in the distant future, probably.

(Jane) #7

I started a 42-hr fast today after lunch. So far only a bit of mild hunger that receded after I ignored it.


(Bob M) #8

@coopdawg Personally, I would not be too concerned about fasting longer, as you seem to be doing well. While there is some evidence (or should I say belief?) that longer fasts, such as 1 week, might help against things like cancer, if you’re within a normal BMI, with normal blood sugars, there’s not a lot of compelling evidence that fasting is necessary.

@Shinita and all: Well, I only made it to OMAD. It’s tough now, as when I get home, everyone is at home eating dinner. And I got home at only 6:30 pm, so I have 3 hours until bedtime. It’s much easier when I can stay at work, pick up the daughter from dance, and get home past 8pm.

Unless I can figure out how to do this, I’m not going to be able to fast >24 hours, or at least it’s waaaaaay harder.

I do have a dog training class on Thursdays from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, which puts me home close to 8pm. The problem is that I’m trying to switch my workouts so that I’m exercising 2 days over the weekend and 2 days during the week, which allows me to have more time during the week (before work) to train the dog. And I need 1 day of rest to attempt to fast a day. That is, work out 2 days, 1 rest day, 1 fast day, work out 2 days. Without that rest day, I find it challenging to fast.

This week, I’m working out Wednesday and Thursday due to the holiday, so can’t fast Thursday. Hmm…will have to rework my work out schedule, maybe?

(Shannon) #9

I’ve been doing 16:8 (and occasionally 18:6) for some time now, but next week I’m going to try 3 days of 24 hour fasting. I’ve never done 24 hour fasting, so I’m a little nervous that I’ll be able to do it. There’s a sample schedule on dietdoctor.com that I’m going to follow. It looks like I can have bone broth while fasting, so I stocked up on that. I’ve been working out regularly for 4 months now, so I’d like to try working out on my fasting days. I’ve been enjoying experimenting with all this stuff, so we’ll see how next week goes. Wish me luck :upside_down_face:

(Jane) #10

34 hours in and will be asleep soon. By the time I get up I will be over 40 hours so satisfied with that.



Oh I can sooo relate :smiley:
Good luck, report back please, I am always curious about fasting day workouts :slight_smile: I will try it one day I hope. I couldn’t yet as I can’t skip a day ever (negative effect of very low-carb, I was best at fasting on high-carb, worse on low-carb and it got plain impossible on very low-carb).

And I don’t think one should force it. Determination may help though. If I seriously decide I will fast, I always have way better chances - and I immediately eat if I get properly hungry or tempted. I just don’t have that if I am really serious.
My last meal is key too. A big, satiating meal using the right items lasts much longer.

Broth works for many people, I’ve read about that. It has the opposite effect on me, super useful when I badly need food but can’t bring myself to eat. Wonderful gateway food :smiley:
So maybe try it out first unless you know it’s good for you while fasting?
I never heard this from others though so maybe I am just an anomaly :slight_smile:

(Jane) #12

Broke at 43 hours this morning with scrambled eggs in butter. No rise in BG from my GCM :wink:



I don’t even talk about myself, it was an odd day.
But I never give up…


I had a weird day today…just cooking my third meal for the the first time in I don’t know how long.

I think it’s because it’s holiday season right now over here.

(Shannon) #15

Well, I did my first 24 hour fast today successfully, so I’m happy about that. I really didn’t struggle much with hunger until probably about 30 mins before I was planning to eat again. I did start to get a headache around mid day, so I drank down a salt/electrolyte supplement, and that helped. I even did about 35 mins of cardio after work, so huzzah.

One sort of dumb/noob question. Last night, I ate dinner around 7pm, and had my last bit of calories by 7:50p. Does that mean I have to fast until 7:50p the next day or just until 7? I ended up fasting until 7:50, I had an alarm set and everything.


Congrats! Fasting is when you don’t eat :slight_smile: If I have 1 hour long OMAD meals at the same time every day, I get 23 hours, not 24, of course. Eating time isn’t fasting. And digesting time isn’t not fasting (I met such interesting ideas too).

(Shannon) #17

Yeah thanks, I think I was mixing up OMAD, which is really 23:1, with 24 hour fasting, which is just some arbitrary amount of fasting time :smile:.

(Jane) #18

The day after my last 43 hour fast I had a brown “age spot” peel off with pink skin underneath. This is only the second time this has happened to me, although my spots are fading gradually. And both times right after fasting so I don’t think a coincidence.

Since I primarily do fasting for autophagy it is nice to get some positive feedback that the process really does seem to work like they say it does. Or could just be the placebo effect LOL. Either way, I’ll take it!

(Robin) #19

There is no “have to” hard and fast rules to fasting. What difference does half an hour make? Pay more attention to your body than the clock. You are doing great!

(Robin) #20

Crazy, right? My large age spot right in the middle of my cheek and I spent years trying various bleaches or makeup.
Well, I gave up makeup when I retired. And then keto (and maybe collagen helped) removed that age spot. What’s freaky is that I didn’t even notice it fading… just realized it was gone one day.