July 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Susan) #161

Well done @BeStill

87 hours is great! I am doing a 72 hour one atm myself, you are an inspiration to me =).


Just over 49 hours. I want to at least go through the night - this is a new PBR for me. I’m slightly afraid to re feed at work tomorrow - do y’all think I will be okay if I eat a small amount and wait 30-60 minutes before eating more?


Yes, that’s a great way to break a fast. Congrats on your new PBR!! :heart_eyes_cat::sparkler::crown:

@ZuleikaD and @daddyoh, help me out, what does VLC mean?

(Brennan) #164

Very low carb - I believe

(Brennan) #165

That’s the way you want to break a fast.

But probably not the place you want to do it. I would wait till you get home just in case. Disaster pants at the office would be a bad day for sure!

(LJ) #166

Closed at an unplanned 19 hrs today…went to make my lunch to close at 18 and realized I’d completely spaced pulling anything to defrost from the freezer. :scream: Hooray for non-urgent keto hunger that made it a little uncomfortable but not a derailing event!

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #167

Very Low Carb

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #168

I broke early at 23 hours. Was super hungry most of the day and had to pee a lot more than normal.

I pushed extra hard this morning with lower body resistance to failure and did 100 squats as well. I usually do my resistance to failure on feeding days.

Did this trigger my extra hunger or was this just not meant to be today.

I’m still happy I did what became an OMAD and I break when it feels right to break. Happy fasting you all.

I will likely be fasting at the end of the work week now.

(Carol) #169

I was several days behind in reading this thread but was happy to see so many successes - yay!

I had 4 nice days eating and hopefully keeping my BMR up. lol I’m hopping back on the fasting wagon, now in for 24 hours. Will probably go to Thursday? I have yearly blood work at the end of the month and want to make sure I’m eating TMAD at least 10 days out so any fasting needs to be done now.

Fast on. :slight_smile:

(Mame) #170

Glad to back online and ready to fast.

A mere 2 hours into my 26+ hour Monday afternoon to Tuesday evening fast.

And then at least a 36 hour one over Thursday… plus more? Not sure yet.

I lift heavy to complete failure early Tuesday mornings and I find it very hard to fast that evening, currently it seems to really stir my true hunger up. Perhaps needing nutrients for muscle repair?

Happy fasting all!

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #171


Thanks. Tomorrow is upper body to failure and will eat post workout. I usually do failure Thursday and Friday and I fast m,t,w. I’ll switch back next week.

Thanks for the info.

(Susan) #172

I am only at 26 hours so far (goal this round is 72). I just ate some Pink Himalyan salt followed with 64 ounces of water.

The receptionist asked me if I was on Keto when she was helping me make a black coffee, and I told her I was and she was very positive and encouraging, which was a great surprise and nice!
It was a nice change to just have a normal, nice conversation about Keto with someone.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #173

I had the same with my dermatologist’s nurse who told me she is keto as well. When I told her I was fasting she high fived me.

(Susan) #174

Wow, that is very neat!


Broke fast last night at 51 hours. I had a slight headache and didn’t feel I could go another 24 hours to not break at work. Down only .8 over 2 days. Better than nothing but makes me question if this is worth it. I’ve yet to find the right combination of feeding and fasting. I fear I tend to get in a fasting rhythm and do too much and lower my BMR, but then I try to shake things up with a 3 meal a day and gain. No easy answers. Just keep on keeping on.

(LJ) #176

Congrats on your 51 hrs PBR! Sounds like a wise time to break it.

I am finding that even in fasting the scale numbers don’t always reflect what I think my level of effort should show either. Mix in hormone cycles and forget it. I’m learning to trust the healing of fasting that will boost long-term, and to give more credit to clothes fit, feeling better, etc.

When you talk about lower BMR, do you mean because in that rhythm your refeeds are lowered vs the fasting itself? My understanding from Fung/IDM data is that fasting protects BMR vs calorie restriction.

(Not a cow) #177

Hi All, Starting my week of ADF with a Tuesday to Wednesday 42 hr fast, will eat Wednesday and then fast all Day Thursday till about 2 on Friday. I think that will be enough for this week as the last two weeks I have done a 48 hr fast with OMAD on other week days. Weekends are feasting days. Working up to a 3 day fast for next week so for now I’m just giving my fasting muscle a workout.


They say that the average for weight loss during Fasting is about .5 lb. per day, so yeah, I can usually lose just as much whether I’m eating or Fasting. So a lot of folks Fast for Autophagy, and to help with other issues they might have. Though weight loss is a plus, and Fasting is also sometimes used to break a stall, etc. … But each person’s reasons for Fasting will differ from one to the next.

(Jane) #179

Yeah, I am post-menopausal by over 15 years so nothing much hormonal going on with me, but I’ve seen vast differences in how much body fat I lose with different fasts and all around 72 hours.

Since I usually fast when traveling on business all I know is my net loss after re-feeding - not how much I lose from the fast itself. Sometimes it’s been a big fat zero after 72 hours. Sometimes I have lost and kept it off, so my weight setpoint dropped a bit.

My fasting goal is autophagy since I am 60 and need to undo a lot of damage from years of seed oils and processed foods and already beat cancer once. I don’t want to be broken down, carrying my own oxygen and riding an electric cart in WalMart in 10 years! So, in that sense I don’t see it as a lot of effort for no benefit if I don’t lose an ounce. I might feel differently if I still had a large amount of weight to lose, though.

(Mame) #180

Sounds like people who are fasting right now are doing (or did ) well!

I am at 12.5 hours and am planning on a meal later this evening.

I am working on adjusting my overall volume of food lower to match where I am currently. It may take a month+ of tweaking to get this right for me. As this is a focus I am planning to be very conservative with fasting.

So besides my normal TRE of 19+ hours I am planning to fast Wed eve through Friday ending sometime after my Friday doctor appointment.

I hope all are feeling hydrated and healthy.