July 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Checking in at the beginning of Day 5. My friend felt terrible most of yesterday so she broke her fast. I’m really proud of her, she did 4 days which was her record. I think she just hadn’t built up enough fasting muscle and her body was not into going any further. It was nice to have a buddy though, but I am so motivated I think I’m good to go for 7 days!

I have finally broken into the plateau!! I have been 242.5 since mid-March and this morning I weighed in at 239.5!!! So excited!!

I feel great, just bored. Trying to keep myself busy. I was pretty cold yesterday and I thought it was from the fast … then I finally looked at the thermometer and saw that it was an unseasonably cool day, only 66F in the afternoon and my house had cooled to 68F, so it wasn’t just me :blush:

Congrats on 51 hours! Maybe 3 meals a day is 1 too many for you? I have been eating twice a day for months now, and that works pretty well for me.

Glad to see everyone is having success this week!! KCFO!!

(LJ) #182

What a visual motivator! I also relate – I make points to pause and (discretely) take in how miserable those in the constant lines at our Walmart pharmacy look as one of mine.

(LJ) #183

Woohoo! You’re doing awesome!


I’ve had fasts where I’ve lost nothing. It’s very frustrating. You go to all this effort for two days to not eat and get no result. It’s definitely not motivating, for sure. In those moments there’s not much I can do for my mental state except keep chanting “Weight loss isn’t linear. Over all downward trend. Weight loss isn’t linear. Over all downward trend.”

The problem with hopping on the scale on any given morning is that the smallest thing can create a 1–2 lb. difference. When did I last have a big drink of water? Did I eat something extra salty yesterday, so I’m retaining a bit more water this morning? Did I poop yesterday before I weighed, but not today? This craziness is why a lot of people don’t weigh everyday or even at all. On days like this (and I’m having one, too–my weight went up almost 2 lbs. overnight!) I just try to look at the linear trend line on my weight loss graph and ignore everything else.

Just remember there are a lot of other good reasons to fast–lowering your BG for overall metabolic health, autophagy, etc.

This is a tough one. I track everything I eat and my goal is to eat over my TDEE on eating days to try to keep my BMR up. This could be anything from just barely over to a few hundred calories over. I usually go with if I feel like eating I eat (which is almost always for me :rofl: ). I haven’t had any tests done, so I don’t know for sure that it’s working, but my best estimates tell me it is. Of course, my BMR has dropped some because I’ve lost weight, so smaller person=smaller BMR.

Anyway, I’ve eaten four days in a row now. I was thinking about taking a break from fasting this week, but I’m feeling a bit blah today and ready for another fast. So, today for sure and maybe tomorrow.

(Mame) #185

Went 21+ hours, took measurements, then ate.
bg=68 bk=3 gki=1.2 nice for less than 24 hours fasted. of course my lifting this morning probably helped to clear out liver.

now another 24hours or so until tomorrow night.

(Susan) #186

Awesome, grats =). I am coming up to 52 here, feeling hungry, but ate more salt so that will go away soon =).

(Carol) #187

Just checking in at 54 hours. I confess when I started keto I decided to weigh only once a month. Having been on many weight-loss plans I think the scale is evil.It jumps around too much for my liking and makes me emotional. What I have discovered weighing only once a month is that it keeps me really honest in my eating. I do not want to hop on the scale and have bad news after a month. So far, so good. :slight_smile:


Checking in at the beginning of Day 6 and THE PLATEAU IS OFFICIALLY BROKEN!! I have been stuck at 242.5 since mid-March and today I weighed in at 236. Woot! I know some will come back after the fast, but that’s okay, I feel terrific knowing that fasting is the way to get the needle to move for me.

Jason Fung likes to say that hunger diminishes after the first couple of days. That has not been my experience. I had very mild hunger for the first few days and then strong hunger yesterday evening that would not pass until I had some bone broth with cayenne and ample salt. That did the trick.

The taste of death in my mouth remains. Yuck! Otherwise I feel great.

Hope everyone is having a great day!! KCFO

(Susan) #189

Congratssss this is awesome. Certainly an encouragement for the rest of us, I really don’t feel that I could do 6 days like you have, but I am so happy that it broke your plateau!


You might feel differently after several months of building up your “fasting muscle”. You’re doing great with 72 hours this week, which is awesome considering how new you are to this!!

(Susan) #191

Thanks =), I am very happy for you though, and you (and others on this forum) keep me going, and inspire me so much!

(Graci) #192

I experienced something similar with hunger growing after about 70 hrs in instead of diminishing last fast…

(Carol) #193

That is happy news @andesite!!

Checking in at 78 hours and counting. Happy fasting everyone. :slight_smile:

(Susan) #194

I forgot to post on here, I made my goal of the 72 hours, and finished at 73. Our scale is broken, says “ERROR” when anyone steps on it, so I have ordered a new one from Amazon.

I broke my fast at 7pm today, I am very happy that I made my goal.

@grats at BeStill on your 70 hours =).

@damgal --grats on the 78 and however long you plan on going.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #195

Yesterday I drove with eldest to NC almost 300 miles for an interview. She wanted to fast till the interview was done. So we broke our IF at 3 pm and then eventually drove part way home and had dinner at ~6:30. So essentially a 20/4.

We are home now and I will be going to work at 1 pm for a critical meeting. Will probably eat at 4 pm and then again at 6:30. I want to get sufficient protein today since yesterday was a little lite.

I’m hoping to get in some 68+ fasts the next several weeks starting Sunday evening.


Checking in on Day 7 and down another 1.5 lbs! My plan is to break mid-day tomorrow, so that I’ll have 7 full calendar days of water fasting. This has been such an encouraging experience. My only complaints are that it’s boring af and constant taste of death in my mouth. Otherwise I feel normal and hunger has come and gone mostly like it does on feeding days.

Having this community, and especially these monthly IF/EF threads has been critical in me choosing to try this fast. For months I’ve been reading up on folks doing 4, 5 … 14 day fasts!! Seeing others do this helped me to realize that I can do it too. I can’t thank you all enough for being here :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: Special call-out to @Herb_Martin for being one of the most inspiring fasters I’ve met.

(Susan) #197

Does brushing your teeth not help for this?

Congrats on the additional 1.5 lb lost, you are doing great!

7 days to me is spectacular, I was really struggling near the end doing the 73 hours I managed, I am very impressed with this feat you have accomplished, and it certainly encourages me for the future myself too.


Brushing offers temporary relief because the problem isn’t bacteria on the teeth, the problem is ketones wafting up from the lungs.

I’m really proud of you for your 73 hour fast! The first time I did a 72 it was a Herculean effort!! It really does get easier as you practice practice practice!!

(Susan) #199

Thank you! It is lovely people like yourself that motivate me =).

(KCKO, KCFO) #200

Completed my 36 hr. fast this AM. I just calculated my GKI and it was 2.01, so I got the results I was looking for plus just that short fast took me off of the 3 lb. bump up I had after the holiday eating I had done over the 4th of July week. Didn’t get over my goal weight, but I like to stay under it and I did do that so getting even lower feels great today.

I’m seeing some awesome reports in here this month, keep it up.
Happy fasting everyone.