July 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Some find it easier to sleep through their tougher times whilst Fasting, for those times they find it harder to get through, but this can also be used to get to a set-point as well? … So if you want to make it to 30 hours as you say, you could always time it so you get to about 22 hours just around when you plan to sleep. So this way you can simply sleep through the last 8 hrs., which most find helpful. :slight_smile:

:+1: Yep, most do this just out of curiosity alone, but there are a few who just don’t like to read food mentions, so we still do this. And if you didn’t know, you can blur food images as well. :slight_smile:

I find this to be a good time-frame indeed. At most you’re not limiting food intake for more than 120 hrs. and this can help with simply missing eating a good meal as well. :slight_smile: … But no matter how many days I Fast, (2, 3 or 5, etc.) I always put at least two days of meals in between, with two meals each day. So at least 4 meals consumed between Fast. They don’t have to be huge meals, but enough to be satiated.


I think it hits a max rate (something like an estimated 300% increase) at that point, but it does keep going at that rate after that. So you do continue to get the benefit.

I don’t really do much fasting beyond two days, myself, usually about 65 hours. I think this puts me at the highest rate of autophagy that I’m going to get for 12–18 hours.

(Graci) #63

About 66hrs in now, was planning on ending it this morning, but to horror only lost 1lb between yesterday and today, thought I would drop 2-3 for sure :thinking: maybe my body is rebelling from the fasted workout the day before…now I feel compelled to give it until tomorrow morning lol, I want to see a new lower number if I haven’t eaten in days… I don’t think it’s too much to ask!!!

(Susan) #64

50 hours, and I am feeling so light and good. 167.4 lbs, down exactly 2 lbs from yesterday. I don’t feel hungry at all. Just black coffee and water so far. This fast is different in that I am not planning what to break my fast with yet. That is a good sign.
Of course the challenge comes when I go to work tonight and am tempted by carbage. I was tempted by a can of baked beanslast night but managed to overcome it. I will throw a can of salmon in my bag right now so I have that if absolutely necessary. Insurance, but i hope it is not needed.
Give me strength.

(Graci) #65

I was wondering if anyone else feels more calm mentally when fasting? Had some work stuff earlier that would have sent me into a tizzy before…instead of that crazy physical response (racing/pounding heart, etc), I just didn’t have the energy or something to even care past just letting it go, knowing my flipping out would accomplish nothing :grin: I guess this is a NSV in the fasting realm!

(LJ) #66

Definitely. I feel it most during morning walks and runs, which are all fasted now, almost meditative.

Can’t say it helped me as completely as you with work today, but suppose could say I more calmly envisioned strangle holds… :grimacing:

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #67

47 hrs. Gritting my teeth some. I get this sometimes where fasting. Is that the ketones. Had 4 hr training this morning that left me with a headache there was so much information. Normally I want more info not less. But I had a nice chat with a fellow that works for me about all of his friends and relatives that are going keto. He is spreading the keto message in the ethiopian community here in Richmond, in Washington DC, Seattle and back home. He credits me with the inspiration and the getting started knowledge.

BG 79 mg/dL
BHB 1.4 mmol/dL
GKI 3.1
BOZ 56

Not idea. I had 3 seltzers today. I’m wondering if that is messing with my blood levels.

Down 5.8 lbs. Was cold last night and today. I get cold in my arms when I fast.

I’m so glad to be fasting again. Will decide in the am if I break this in the morning or at noon.

Happy fasting team ketoforum.

(LJ) #68

So cool!

(Paul H) #69

Almost 20 hours in and just felt my tummy growl… After last weekend I expect a rough 48 hours.

Lost almost 2lbs
BG 131
BK 1.1…good for me.
GKI 6.62 so back in ketosis…got a 12+ yesterday.

I was real bad over the weekend but, seem to still be creating ketones… Does that mean I am fairly well fat adapted?


Sometimes I barely lose anything on a fast (I only lost 1 lb. on my 2-day fast that ended this morning). As soon as I think it’s turned into an ongoing issue I’ll suddenly drop 4 lbs. on the next one.

No. Just the opposite. I have trouble focusing sometimes.

(LJ) #71

Today was not a 20:4 IF success. I let a really sucky day on deadline… that didn’t really deadline but instead gets to slide into tomorrow get to me. Bad stress response habits are getting lesser, but not yet gone. For some credit, stayed in keto carb ranges…but also set myself up for 3days of white-knuckling through hungries as the diet soda works back out of my system.

Accountability posting that I’m closing my window now for a 16:8. Tomorrow is a new day. Focus will be solid keto aiming for minimum of 14:10.

(Mame) #72

@daddyoh awesome low BG number Eric!

Nice to see people are getting those fasts in. I only did IF 21hours but at about 16+ hours (at work) I was freezing cold, goosebumps all over my arms!

Now tonight I feel like I did kind of over eat (all completely keto) I am uncomfortably full. I think planning food for various lake/guest weekends was encouraging me to just think about food too much. Or it is a drive to eat more the day I exercise hard. Not sure yet what to do to fix that but I will ponder.

Oh well, as noted by someone else tomorrow is another day to start over.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #73

Happy Wednesday people. 57 hrs in. Slightly better sleep. I wore warmer clothes and that helped with the cold. I dream a lot most nights but when fasting it seems more vivid.

BG 83 mg/dL
BHB 1.7 mmol/dL
GKI 2.7
BOZ 49

If anything I’m consistent in the am with BG and BHB. I’ll be off to the gym at 5 am and then I’ll decided when I break this fast when I return.

Today’s rotation in the gym is some brief HIIT, walking and stretching. No resistance today. I’m not fully into the HIIT yet. I’m more motivated with resistance training.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #74

51h fasted.
a little bit of a dirty fast, but hey, I stick to water and black coffee all day and some cacao butter, almond butter, phsylium husk fat bomb in the morning or in the evening as needed. I found it helps me not get too much of the “Detoxing effect” that causes some dehydration and headaches for me.

I will however try to slowly drop the crutch again, but right now I feel fine with it.
I am not really hungry but I also don’t want to feel deprived to the point where I go crazy. (happened often enough lately) Life is still very chaotic and stressfull right now.

(Libby) #75

This is my second fast and am 37 hours into it.

Yesterday hunger did not come in waves. It came as a constant low level “hum” underscoring all activities. It was annoying more than compelling. I did allow some weak iced sun tea (caffeinated.) I don’t know if that made it better or worse. I don’t use sweeteners.

I usually don’t eat in mornings so I feel normal and good now (at 0530.)

I’m flirting with the idea of going til 4 pm which will make it 48 hours which seems sufficient for second fast. I’m writing this to motivate myself to do so. I had really good results (4 lbs that stayed off even after re-feeding) from that first one but then birthday week and extended visitors blew my diet out of the water. (I blame THEM. Yes, I do :wink:) Back to it now, alone in my fortress of solitude. I haven’t even weighed for a week, just don’t want to know. So no starting point to measure from.

Happy fasting y’all!

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #76

Wishing for you peace and stability.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #77


48hrs would be great for a 2nd fast. I hope you can achieve that goal. But if not there is always next time.


Presently at 37 hrs. and not sure if I will break tonight or tomorrow? … Planning on stopping by the grocery store on my way home to pick up some stuff for a meal I’m looking to make. So I probably won’t get home until after 6pm or so, & not sure if I feel like making anything since I don’t like to eat that late.

Happy Fasting Folks… :+1:

(Brennan) #79

12 hours in and most of that was sleep lol! Just getting started here and not putting a time limit/target on this one. Last week’s 106 was the best fast yet I’m really looking forward to going longer this time!

(Paul H) #80

I am 32+ hours and am having like a runner’s high of which I have had before while running. Amazing energy and clarity for a geezer… lovin my fasting.