July 2019 - IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Susan) #201

Congrats on your results @collaroygal

(Graci) #202

Starting my ext water fast today, going to take a tech hiatus at the same time, last time my mental hunger led me to browse recipes and then I started feeling crazy physical hunger…I would love to stick with this fast into One-der-land…if I am successful I might not be back for a couple of weeks :pray:

(Susan) #203

Okay, @BeStill

We will miss you, but want you to succeed, so wishing you all the best with the extended water fast.

(Mame) #204

I have been doing my daily tre/if but nothing longer than a day. We found out yesterday our tripod dog has liver cancer and I am doing a lot of work on not comforting or muffling my emotions with food. I am concentrating on regular portions and 1-2 mad. And feeling really sad. sigh

However I am cheering you all on and hopefully next week I will be feeling more stable. I still have a goal this month of beating my latest low by 3.5 pounds.

sprinkling easy fasting vibes as needed

(Susan) #205


I am so sorry to hear about your dog. How did he/she lose their leg? The poor dear must be in a lot of pain. I know these times are never easy, our pets are part of the family. Hugs =).

(Carol) #206

More congrats - you’re killing it!

@cervyn I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I know how hard this must be, my animals are everything to me.

So, I’m at 102 hours. I love fasting. Today I had a boat load of energy - you all should see my sparkling house. I will see how I feel tomorrow and may take it a full 5 days because I have 2 big projects I’ve been putting off. My morning walk sometimes slows the process. It was 98 degrees at 8am. And, no, I can’t get up and out any earlier. :smile:

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #207


Sorry to hear about your dog.

(Kristin) #208

40% through my first 4 day fast. I’ve done one 3 day, a few 60hrs and a few 48s but haven’t been able to fast more than 24hrs in over 6 months. Feeling really good this am! Glad to be here with you all! A social place without hunger triggers!! :slight_smile:


I’m at 7 1/2 days and I’m ready to break. I’m down 7 lbs from the plateau :hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus: I have been thinking a lot about how to break and I’m going to break with a little bacon and half an avocado. I’m also having some coffee with butter and cream. I’ll have more of a meal for dinner if that feels right.

I have been laughing over this for days and I would like to report that I’ve planned my outfit today accordingly with some old and ill fitting underwear and pants, just in case. :flushed:

Yesterday I felt a little off all day. Not ill, but a little like I was having an out of body experience. That having been said, I think 7 days was the right length of an EF for me at this time, today was the time to break.

Thanks again to all of you for being amazing cheerleaders!! You all are the best! :purple_heart::man_dancing::boom::heart_eyes_cat:

Good for you!! My first 3 day fast was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. @Momof5 just recently finished her first one. You’re well on your way to your first 4-day!!

@cervyn, please have a hug. It’s heartbreaking to nurse a sick fur-baby. Have courage. :tulip::purple_heart:


Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this. :heart:

Wow! Great work–both on the EF and the 7 lbs.

I’ve been mostly eating this week, an odd mix of some OMAD days and regular TRE days (not “feasting” though). It’s a bit weird: I’ve been fasting so regularly that I’m used to it now. Yesterday, I just got to this point where I felt like “Enough with all this eating, already!” I fueled up yesterday and started another fast after dinner. I’m planning on going at least 42 hours, but hopefully until Sunday. I’m going to get another pitcher of ginger tea going to carry me through.

My weight has fluctuated up a bit from my fasting low last week (to be expected), but the high is under what I seemed to be stuck at for a while, so that’s progress!

(Susan) #211

Want to visit me and help me clean? hahaha -sorry could not resist =). I can hardly wait until I get these bursts of energy, has not happened to me yet! But fingers crossed =).

(Susan) #212

You can do this @Kris3

I just did my first 73 hour one and I am ready to start another one soon, I keep thinking, go away fat, go away fat, hehe =).

@andesite Congrats on the 7.5 days and the 7 pound lost, breaking your plateau, an amazing inspiration and encouragement to us all, very very nice!

I am on another 72 hour fast atm that I started yesterday at 5pm , so just past 30 hours so far.

The difference this time is I am doing a FatFast: Eating tablepoons of coconut oil or putting MCT oil into green tea, both have 0 sugar or sweeteners and 0 carbs, it is mentioned on Dr.Jason Fung’s video.. We will see how this goes! If it goes well I will do this again on this Thursday-Sunday coming. If it doesn’t I will still be Fasting with you all but will do Friday-Sunday instead, as I need to be functional when going out Friday night’s grocery shopping with my 3 year old grand daughter =).

(Carol) #213

I do this sometimes but I add collagen for my old bones. (Do I need to blur that? Is it too tempting? lol) Actually, that’s how I broke my fast today which I ended at 113 hours. A tidal wave of hunger broke over me and wouldn’t leave so I figured it was time. Looking forward to regular meals tomorrow!

(Carol) #214

Oh dear, I did try to post Susan’s blur as a blur but apparently I’m technology challenged. Sorry.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #215

There is research I have heard mention a few times on podcasts that states that collagen’s ability to improve ligaments and tendons improves significantly if you consume some ascorbic acid (vitamin c) at the same time. So I usually take a vitamin c supplement when I drink bone broth.

(Kristin) #216

One day and 3hrs left on my 4 day fast! This is the longest I’ve ever done.

(Susan) #217


Well done, Carol, on 113 hours, Bravo!!

Great going, Kristin, you can do this, good luck =).

Update on my Fat Fast, it has made me feel really ill, like I want to throw up illso I am breaking it at 5pm today for a completion of 48 hours and doing another proper Water/green tea/herbal tea on from Thursday-Sunday coming up with the group =).


Thanks for that bit of information, Eric, that is good to know.

(Carol) #218

Really? I’ll toss in a vitamin c supplement along with the others I take with my coffee, collagen and coconut oil. It can’t hurt. Thanks!

(Kristin) #219

Coming to the end if my first 4 day fast. Feeling good too! I welcome ALL advice on how to break it. Please share anything that works. I haven’t done one this long before. I’m thinking of 2 cups bone broth and then 30 min later a small meal. Then the next morning another bone broth and small meals all day. When could I resume my normal eating patterns?


That sounds good. After the first meal you should be in the clear, just eat when hungry. There’s no need to force yourself to eat be you think you should if you are not hungry.