July 2018 ZornFast

(KCKO, KCFO) #181

Well I only made it another 20 hrs. So will be fasting all day tomorrow with the live stream keeping me busy.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Remember, this is just about fasting and giving support doesn’t matter how long or if you break up your fasting times. It is all about the LOVE and support. KCFO My Friends.

(Jane) #182


I lose some of my mental clarity when fasting so I can relate!!!

(Lonnie Hedley) #183

I have moments of both clarity and fog. Definitely a balance the longer the fast. I’ve been leaning heavily on coffee this time to get me this far.

I’m laying in bed being super restless because I want to eat so bad. The sooner I fall asleep the sooner I can eat.

(Lonnie Hedley) #184

What a difference some quality sleep makes. Feeling much better this morning.

85.5 hours, down 6lbs. Will break fast around 90.5 hours (1 pm).


Great tips, I’m joining


Well, I’ll be breaking my first fast in just 2 hours from now. (10:30am) - Breaking it at (72 hrs. 3-days) To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how this might go, but was pleasantly surprised that it went very well and I found it actually quite easy. … I didn’t have any issues, other than some minor leg cramping during the second day, but I also didn’t start taking KetoAide until later into that day. I didn’t have any headaches or no real desire for food. … And found it a bit odd that the third day appeared to be the easiest as well? Even now I feel that I could simply continue with no problems. But I want to end this first fast now, and didn’t want to break during a work week either, not knowing what issues may arise being my first time? (hopefully none)

I also just did my weekly Sunday morning weigh-in, and I’m now officially down a total of 40 lbs. - Yesterday marked 8 weeks into the Keto Lifestyle, so I’m really enjoying it! :smiley:

EDIT:Not sure what happened with the post above? Clicked on reply, but page wasn’t responding? Then showed as deleted…

(Lonnie Hedley) #188

I often find the longer the fast the easier it seems. At least in the morning. Evening can sometimes be a little rough if I start thinking about food in the afternoon.

Congratulations. Some might say this is a sign you’re fat adapted.



I have moments of clarity when fasting, along with moments of MORE clarity. I love fasting and usually find it nearly effortless.

HOWEVER… For some reason, I now need to supplement by taking in some added fats…if my fast lasts more than 48 hours or so. But, I’m happy to report, that doing so on this month’s Zorn Fast has enabled me to really enjoy Extended Fasting again…at least that’s my initial impression. I’m closing in on hour #72, and feel like a million bucks.

(Lonnie Hedley) #190

I’ve tried adding fats. Just causes me to lose control. Only coffee, water, and salt this time and I’m at 90 hours. Starting to prep my lunch so I’ll break around 90.5. I’m calling this month an incredible success.



See, your experience makes me wonder if I must be making another, unrelated mistake during my last 2 fasts that ‘failed’ short of my goal.

I must try another water fast…with more caution with my electrolytes.

I’ve fasted many many times in my past…for far longer without ill effect.

Much more to learn, no?


(Double post above, sorry)

(Lonnie Hedley) #193

Broke a little over 90.5 hours.

This was the goal I set, and although there were some times I wanted to break sooner I persevered.

Good luck to everyone who is still fasting.

(KCKO, KCFO) #194

You have lost a lot of weight. Remember Richard’s article on why some people have more difficulty fasting? He built a calculator to tell you how much more fat you might need in addition to what your body is able to access.


Done! As it turned out I was on retreat where they only serve vegetarian/starchy food - so I have found it easier just to avoid all offerings and fast. Wednesday evening to now - will wait 20mins just to make it officially 96 hours and then break. Hoping this will set me up well for alternate day (36-42) fasting so I can push through to getting closer to goal. Seems that I’m at that stage where I can maintain ok - but having to start ‘mixing it up’ (to quote Megan Ramos) to get through the last leg of the journey of the weight lose aspect of the journey. So grateful to have found keto/fasting as a sustainable way of living. It’s coming up to my one year mark on keto and cannot say enough about how I feel and all the positive results I have realized.

(0bea154ea5cfba4371ad) #196

I finished up my fast yesterday at 61 hours. Had to ease into it before a family lunch. Got my ketones to 2.4. I also felt amazing and like I could go longer. Lost four lbs. I had gained last week. Ready to do it again for sure! This is the fourth extended fast in have done and am ready to push past three days. Need to look at my schedule to fit it in.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #197

I didn’t have access to the forum over the weekend, I stopped at 43 hours. I felt like I was missing out with my family and wanted to go out for dinner. Tho I could have kept going and I’m a tad annoyed I didn’t @mtncntrykid


@collaroygal that is a GREAT resource!

Thanks for the re-post.

And yeah, I am down to around 30# of fat stores, and if the info that a maximum of ONLY 31 kCals are made available per pound of stored fat is actually correct, no wonder I have to supplement with some fat.

I had a DEXA done a while back and I still have some fat to lose to get into low double digits of fat stored. I’m probably clocking around 140# of lean mass out of 170# total, with 2200 kCals needed to meet my daily caloric needs. All these numbers are approximate, except what I actually weigh. Oh, and I’m 64.

I’ve already told you more than I know!!

Once again, thanks!

(Lonnie Hedley) #199

I may have overdone both the length of my fast and my refeed. Feeling pretty miserable today. Sore throat. Tired.

(KCKO, KCFO) #200

I finished up with 95 hrs of fasting since Wed. The first 51 hrs. was water/ketoaide & salt ,except for 1/2 cup of coffee w/dash of HWC, 12 hrs. in, which I didn’t finish. Just got the idea in my head a real water only fasting period would be good to try. Haven’t had coffee since then. I did do a re feed meal Fri. and started another 43 hrs of fasting after it.

The Ketofest feed helped me finish that part up.

I feel good and slept well last night after my refeed meal. So I am thinking I might want to do a week of ADFasting. So I will eat today, and skip tomorrow to start that off.

Even if you didn’t hit your original goal, fasting helps no matter how short or long you can go. I hope everyone is feeling good after the fast and found the love and support here helpful to get you through the night as John Lennon would say.



@ collaroygal, I’m winding down a Fast 96 myself, and waaaaay ready for a re-feed. I drank some Chicken Stock (store bought, Costco) (SHEESH!..) with added salt and think that’s a good thing.

I almost forgot to use the spoiler!

I have not been making Ketoaide, but for next month’s Zorner, I will give it a try.


Sorry to hear that, Lonnie. - I actually felt fine until 15 minutes after eating my meal. Had some stomach issues for the next hour, but still felt relatively good, just empty.

I’ve since been told that maybe eggs or nuts are not a real good source to break a fast with. Will definitely try something different next time.