July 2018 ZornFast


Hang in there, Lonnie, those first 24 hrs are definitely when I feel the most hunger too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I started Monday after dinner and Tuesday was a bitch. Much better yesterday, plan to go till at least tonight for 72 hrs. I’ve never been able to break 72 hrs, it has always been a mental game for me. I’d like to say I’m going to do it this time, but I’ve said that before…

(Lonnie Hedley) #102

Yeah, I’m good. Not my first rodeo, but first time eating to an extreme calorie surplus the night before. Will be drinking lots of water and eating plenty of salt. I have almost no fat reserves so even though 90 hours is the goal, I’ll accept at least 48 unless my body says I need to end sooner.


Hi guys…feasted on bacon and cream cheese last night for my last meal around 7.00pm…lots of it…feeling good so far!

(Jane) #104

43 hours - no hunger, feeling good.

Didn’t sleep as well last night as the first night. Up a lot to pee and just more awake.

After I thought about it I decided I better go have part of an omelet and bacon Friday mid-day to break my fast since the boss’ bday party starts at a bar.

I haven’t read on here anyone who broke a fast with a glass of red wine but I bet it would knock me on my ass! :open_mouth:

(KCKO, KCFO) #105

I’m 14+ hrs. a lot of muscle pain, IT band flared up on me last night and my newer heavier weights for body flex class have my chest and triceps aching like crazy. I really don’t need this extra body generated stress, so I called and lucked out getting in for a deep tissue massage in about 3 hrs. from now. I would really love to not break up this fast as I have had to do lately. I’d love to just go straight through for 72 hrs. this month. I made bone broth in case I needed that, hopefully I won’t.

So I am sipping on ketoaide, eating salt and reading lots of forum post I would have skipped over normally.

Wishing everyone well

(Sandra R. Case) #106

19 hours in and I feel fine. The first day is usually pretty ok for me as long as I sip on water all day. Had one cup of weaker coffee, black. I am hoping my fat fasting yesterday was a good move. Planning to end the fast Sunday at 5:45 pm and maybe not till the next morning as I usually don’t eat much for dinner…

Wishing everyone well…KCKO


Ate my last bite of food at 12am pst last night. I’ll probably break my fast Sunday evening. Seeing as this is my first extended fast; besides heart arrhythmia, what are other signs that I need to stop? Or will I just know?

(Sandra R. Case) #108

I mean KCFO!

(Ellie) #109

I know it has been mentioned earlier in the thread, but there are a couple of posts here talking about breaking the fast, or pre fast feasting ,with this food or that food. Please can people use the blur spoiler if mentioning food on this thread. As @brenda has put in the first post of the thread, this is supposed to be a thread where people don’t have to worry about being tempted to break their fasts.

(Ellen) #110

Such as? :wink:

(Ellen) #111

Woot! First ZornFast, hadn’t realised it was that time when decided to try a proper EF.

(Kimberly Lee) #112

20 hours into my 66 hour fast and I am now hungry (thunderstorm tummy hungry). I typically eat OMAD, so I can push past this. Hoping my normal dinner time tonight is either busy, or I will just go to bed early and sleep through it all :smile:. I have been having upper back spasms when lying down, so my sleep last night was awful. Been bumping up my salts in case that is what is causing it. So going to bed early might be a good thing - to get caught up on sleep lost.

(Jane) #113

cue water boy voice


(Lonnie Hedley) #114

Suggested this yesterday and it fell on deaf ears.

(Jane) #115

Almost to the 49 hour mark, so made it past the first 2 days… whew

Had a bit of a headache a couple of hours ago and put some salt under my tongue and upper my water. It faded.

Going to have to break a few hours earlier than I anticipated tomorrow but still will be 66 hours if all goes according to plan and I am happy with that!

(TJ Borden) #116

I hear that a lot :joy:

(TJ Borden) #117

Wanker, for one. @Alecmcq blurred bugger the other day too. You silly Brit’s :rofl:

(Ellen) #118

Ah ok, personally I’d blur those just for the delicate people, but our (my) favourites (yes there’s a U there) are much more definitively swearing.

(Alec) #119

The whole blurring thing for me is just hysterical. I love it and I love doing it. I think we are catering for the most delicate 2% of the population here, and 98% just get on with swear words like it’s just a means of expression.

I had this argument with my father in law a long time ago. A swear word is just a word. It is the receiver that interprets good or bad or ugly meaning in the word. So, it’s not the sender that is actually swearing, it is the sensitive receiver that is actually swearing in their interpretation of the word their brain.

I think I am right. But my FIL’s point was that that was all just meaningless mumbo jumbo, and the effect was something you don’t want ie someone being upset. Therefore, don’t do it if there is a risk that the receiver could be upset. I think this is what the blurring is all about.

But I am with you: who doesn’t want to know what the word is underneath the blur??

(Lonnie Hedley) #120

I agree with all this. Although I’ve definitely scrolled right on by blurred text.

I don’t personally need “help” fasting or sticking to Keto, but I enjoy the community. As such, the intent of this particular thread is to provide support to those that need it. So it’s just nice to blur food for those who might be tempted.

Otherwise I don’t give a fart.