July 2018 ZornFast

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In one of Megan Ramos’ podcasts, she says eggs can be a problem. She personally does a small, side salad with lot of oil on it to break her fasts, then waits 30-60 mins. to have a normal meal. Some of us do use nuts, I do, but others have reported problems, it hasn’t been for me. But I think Megan’s advise is a good suggestion for a fast breaker without issues.

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I’ve heard nuts are ok, but to avoid eggs. I’ve never had issues with refeeding with eggs so I don’t think that’s my problem. I’m thinking it might be because the weather is cooling down and I had my windows open last night.

Completely unrelated to the fast or the refeed. Unless, again, if I fasted for too long which compromised my immune system. More likely this is just from leaving my windows open with the cooler weather.


Thanks, Patreon. I will give that a try.

I actually did eat 6 olives and one deviled egg first, then waited an hour before eating an actual meal. But something surely didn’t agree with this. :slight_smile: Thanks again

@hedleylo - Yeah, that very well could be. I know my area has cooled down quite a bit, due to all the storm activity that been coming through, and still is. At least couple more days.

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My husband started running a fever and feeling bad after his first ever water fast and I had him drink a ketoaid and he felt better almost immediately. I didn’t think about it for many hours after he was feeling puny. He supplemented with ketoaid while fasting but stopped once he started eating again.



HA! I read your post about eggs, QUITE LITERALLY as I was eating my BREAKfast meal of 3 hardboiled eggs, slathered with melted butter.

Such is my timing.

I feel okay though, 4 hours later and hope to keep feeling okay. My usual re-feeding procedure is (unintentionally) to eat 'til I’m disgusted with myself, and feel all icky.

I. Hate. That.

And I’m determined to break that cycle.

My usual ‘long’ fasts are much shorter these days, say…36 to 48 hours…and I’m even prone to over-indulging when breaking one of those.

No Bueno…

I usually do some version of that type of fasting 2 or 3 times a month, with my normal, daily feeding window at about 4 hours.

July’s Zorn Fast has been one of my better ones, since losing that initial 140 Pounds last November. I’m now @ 170…15 pounds lower than that weight (185#) which seemed like “The Impossible Dream” (la la la) back in December of 16.

My all time high was 333. YIKES!

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