JanZC --- No Plants! Smaller Pants!

(Laurie) #322

Kellyn, you are doing great!

I hope the planner works well for you. I checked it out on Amazon.ca, but it’s not available at present.

I have a daily checklist for developing habits. Mostly exercise, but also other things such as practicing Spanish, taking Vitamin D, and even opening the window for fresh air.

When I had a home business I kept track of the long-range stuff, like how much marketing to do per month, etc.

(Kellyn ) #323

I like your list. I have not started exercising yet. I am walking my dog every morning and walking on my lunch break, but that is as much exercise I am getting these days. When the weather gets warmer, I will move my walks outside on my lunch break to get some vitamin D. I probably should add stretching to my daily routine. In fact, I think I will write that down as a goal.


Thanks Bob. :slight_smile: I’m the night owl in my marriage. Yoga teacher wife is up before the birds (apparently). One good thing about earlier to bed is there are no nighttime food cravings to deal with.

(Laurie) #325

A sunny day. I got to eat outside. Costco sliced roast beef (no preservatives) with homemade yogurt dip; Cambozola cheese.


Back on plan today.

3 large egg omelette with smoked salmon and mixed cheeses. Black coffee with NO HWC!

Last night was scotch fillet steak (see NoCarbvember for the picture) with 2 fried eggs and 5 large prawns cooked in butter.



I had my second(?) food dream in my life that I remember. For some reason I never had any before carnivore… They never make any sense. The first one was about carby food. This one was about various meat I usually eat, lots of it, too much, from too long ago and they started to SPOIL! Even in my dream, I thought about the cats as they still could handle it at that point. And most of the meat was old but still okay, yeah, roasts spoil very reluctantly but they did something unnatural in my dream, I remembered they were made long ago…
Stupid dream.

Yesterday wasn’t carnivore but it wasn’t too crazy (for my standards, in this January and for a single day…) and I didn’t eat much (I tried to be careful with my whipping and sour cream consumption and the same for cheese). As far as I can tell (not very well) without tracking. I had pancakes with head cheese, among others, it’s my new favorite. I never knew I can buy slices head cheese but it exists, it’s nice enough (nothing like the best head cheese from some good farm, that’s something else but it has the disadvantage that I only can eat once from it :slight_smile: at least if I meet it after years. I can’t help eating it up) and it’s not even expensive.

I had my midnight eating again but I ate little during the day anyway. I had 3 eggs and a piece of pork shoulder roast and finally a slice of cheese (I try to avoid that but I needed something more, quick), it was wonderful and I slept well afterwards as it could be expected after such a nice meal.

Today I mostly will eat eggs and pork roast. Maybe I do the spicy fried thing with the chewy beef membrane (but it has a little onion and I am determined to make this day as strict as possible). I liked it with ground pork skin too so it should be okay. Alvaro would have fed it to the cats but I can be creative when it’s about my precious food. They quality checked it though and approved (big surprise… my cats aren’t choosy except random cases because they are cats, they can’t be predictable. but I doubt they ever said no to carni food. still, I see if they thinks it’s edible, good or GIMMEMORENOW! poor membrane only reached “good” but I would put it lower all alone. that’s why I mix it with other things).

We have sunshine for the… maybe 5th? day in row. All day. Wow. I will be able to go outside and crack walnuts for a while, poor chickadees and parrots barely have any sunflower seeds left (we buy some tomorrow). I don’t even have tallow now just some lard full with seeds but the birds are into sunflower, it seems. They never like the random seeds I have in the house.

We got some more snow (still little) but it probably will melt as the weather is sunny and not really cold.

(Vic) #328

Ha, funny, I also dreamed about meat last night. But than I didn’t eat for 4 days and went to sleep realllly super hungry.

Broke the fast at lunch, this was my first meal:

Couldn’t decide on fishfish or meat, so had a bit of both.

(Vic) #329

How do you make the dip Laurie?


I really like such decisions :slight_smile:
I actually need to stop eating everything for almost every meal, I try that nowadays.

I had a super early meal again. Maybe I shouldn’t be in the kitchen a lot especially when Alvaro has his quite early lunch before noon… I waited until noon at least.
I thought I should try one of my eggy plans again (I had a lot and practically never did them. occasional egg day, only eggs outside of my main meal…), only eggs for a too early lunch. But 2 eggs (with bacon. 15g as it’s me. I eat bacon in moderation especially those tiny cubes) obviously wasn’t enough so I had some cheese and a little pork too. It was a super tiny meal looking at it or feeling it, just a few bites.
It’s around 1000 kcal. Sometimes I can’t comprehend how people eat not much more per day… Whenever I focused on the numbers, things seemed quite impossible to solve. My energy need is about 2000 kcal. This amount is very nice for a meal but somewhat less is enough. But I usually need multiple meals. Now what.
I don’t think much about this, I ate well before somehow, I am not the type who plans and enforces it anyway (I plan sometimes, that part is okay. I never ever eat according to plan), my body tells me what to do, to a great extent. And my mind uses knowledge like fatty pork and beef and mutton is GREAT at satiation. Eggs are good too but less so. I think. It’s not like I can get satiated with eggs even though they satiate me well as I would need more than 10-12 under normal circumstances to get enough energy (fatty meat can’t avoid that either, it’s general) and I get bored earlier (or if not bored, I get tempted to eat something else. but maybe that is my mind or body getting bored). But one day I am determined to try. Just for fun, it has not much practical value, eggs with some nice meat are the reasonable way to reach satiation. Or meat with meat but only if I am not into eggs at the moment.
Only eggs requires a bit too much work anyway as it takes huge variety to broke my 12 eggs for a meal(?) record. I never went higher for a day either as far as I know. The biggest amount of eggs I normally am able to eat using the same dish is 3-4 but it’s often lower. Ice cream (pan)cakes may have a slightly bigger number… But I don’t feel a physical desire towards them so my curious “but if it would be fun to try” part is shot down.

I wanna try pork with chicken and pork alone to see what happens. My hypothesis is that chicken can satiate me just not all alone, that never worked.

I will experiment and take notes.
And try to keep my dairy in check.


yea that can happen to us. I had it too. Just weirdo pain like ‘inflammation’ feeling and it can annoy us for sure but mine always left but I did get that a few times.

Great post, it sounds like you are gaining back control and doing great thru it!!

off carnivore and your carpal tunnel came back with a vengenance? that is interesting cause I would think that would be more of a physical situation vs. like a food involved situation but that is very good you are getting improved results like that! Hope it gets much improved for you!

thank you so much for your link! I ordered 2 Ts. Got one in black and one in purple. I appreciate your posting that link. Carnivore Queen, will enjoy wearing that Tshirt :100:

-----------January is flying thru and we are ticking down the days.
I for one am happy the distance from holiday eating times are happening for me! My mind has flipped off holiday food stress and back into normal zc eating.

food yesterday was

1 lb. NY Strip steak
2 sausage patties
1/2 lb hamburger patty

All settled, eating is well. Nothing rough to report on zc…back in a calm quiet zc mode :slight_smile: Just where I like to be!!

(Kellyn ) #332

I believe it is the inflammation as when I was carnivore before my carpal tunnel went away. Inflammation can do some crazy things in our bodies. My hands are slowly getting better again. Less numbness at night.
Another thing I noticed this morning is that my teeth are getting whiter since cutting out coffee. :grin: This is a nice surprise that I didn’t really think about before.

Today we are getting lunch catered in our office from this place in NC called Red Radish. The food is divine, but usually not carnivore. It is going to be a major temptation. I may have to just avoid the kitchen today. I brought some brisket that I found in the grocery store that is already cooked and just needs heating in the microwave so hopefully devouring that will keep me from wanting the catered food. Wish me luck!


sending good luck to ya!!!

remember one thing, if you see that wonderful food…think one thing over and over…with that food comes numb hands. Comes inflammation. Comes sugar into our bodies that rot our veins slowly!

you think stuff like that, you won’t wanna put it into your body. Think of all your victories and how much better you are feeling…just keep repeating that over and over, it helps.

and think of ME…standing next to that catered food saying, NO NO NO and another NO ---- :rofl: see that what support threads are for…to help us thru a crazy meal situation, we got your back here :hugs::partying_face: you will be fine!

(Kellyn ) #334

LOL…I will try that. :rofl: You are the best, Karen! Thank you for your support. I may go ahead and eat the brisket before they bring the catered food so I will be full and less tempted.


yea it is just training yourself KP as I had to do thru the years. So many say you can change a habit in 30 days, heck too me way longer than that. Food is a habit and one we must actually partake ya know, so we need those ‘other factors’ to come into play for us.

Also keep this in mind, even if you eat and think I want more…when you get home…what fab meat do you have and if you are on that fence of what to eat at home, omgosh just say to yourself, I will stop by the store and buy XYZ as my zc treat to me!!

Any and all tricks to flip the mind are priceless and I bet when ya come back later and say how it went, you will score big zc points for today cause you held your ground on what you want out of life.

food is control to us…no doubt, but in the end, darn it, we only allow it to control us. we do and always will have the final say in it all :sunny:

(Kellyn ) #336

I’m currently stuffing myself with this brisket. It is so good and I am so glad I bought it. I found it at Ingles. I will definitely buy it again as it is so easy to warm and eat.

(Karen) #337

Had this sauted chicken with cheese yesterday and today.

These were the leftover pork livolnshire sausages oven cooked on tuesday and ate them cold yesterday. Wiped all that dripping up with them and so o nice.
This beef brisket i slow cooked overnight. Started it at 2pm for an hour on high then switched it to low and left it cooking all night till 9am this morning. Thought I might have over done it but it is just so tender and tasty and just like pulled beef as i carved it.

Enjoying canned corned beef as my new go to instead of cheese. It is so nice I went and bought 6 more cans today at Lidl.

(Karen) #338

Hopefully this will load properly


oh boy that is the best part of it all K as we know…the drippings…everyone fights over that goodness LOL great eating!!

and that picture of that big old hunk of meat…stellar! and I am drooling ya know :sunny:

(Laurie) #340

@Carnivoor The yogurt dip is for added fat, and also to provide moisture, as cold food can seem dry. With the esophagus problems, I want everything to go down okay.

Ideally I make the dip from 10% fat yogurt, a blop of avocado oil mayonnaise, and 42% fat mascarpone cheese. But sometimes neither high-fat yogurt nor high-fat mascarpone are available. So I’ve also used cream cheese and 14% fat sour cream; I prefer not to, as both contain some questionable ingredients.

I season it with whatever I have or feel like using (e.g., curry or Mexican). I want to get out of the spice trap – I say “trap” because you can end up with a whole wall full of spices.

I also add ascorbic acid, collagen, and magnesium. Maybe salt and potassium chloride. (I dislike salty flavors, but some say you need this stuff.)

I kind of cringe at writing all this on the zero carb thread, but there you go.

(Vic) #341

Thank you Laurie :kissing_heart:

I can get the main i ingredients in higher fat versions, so I’ll go for those.

We have spices in the house to give it an exotic taste, like curry or oregano.

Will pass on the supplements, don’t need them, plenty of it in the wide variety of carnivore food I eat.

I’m planning to do a raw carnivore week, yogurt dips fit in nicely.