Just broke a 46 hour fast started after I got back from vacation.

It did a good job of kicking things back into the old working routine (was doing 3MAD while traveling) as I feel really full now from my breaking lunch. Also helped me out while taking prednisone for an issue, which temporarily raised my blood sugar.

(Allison Straker) #42

Started an EF Monday night… so technically haven’t eaten this year. Lol. Just hit 100 hours. New personal record :slight_smile:


I’d rather not do EMERGENCY FASTING, but that is what my fasting regime has morphed into.

I splurge, eating WAAAAY too much Keto-Clean items and then fast to fix it.

Aaaaaand it has also become "Which came first: The Chicken or The Egg.??" I never know whether I’m fasting so I can feast, or feasting…causing the fast later.

I pretty much SUCK at maintenance, I suppose…BUT I’M NEVER, EVER GOING BACK TO 330+ pounds, and if I have to fast to maintain my current weight at under 170, then I certainly will.

Welp. That’s the place I find myself, yet again.

See, I lost my mind over the Holidays, and even though I’d built in some wiggle room, (163# prior to Christmas) I blew it, BIG TIME…and this morning I clocked-in @ almost 175.


And that’s AFTER fasting 51 or so hours. So I’ll probably fast again today and tomorrow, breaking somewhere around 96 hours.

Whatever was broken in my head to get me to 333#…is STILL broken,…in my 64 year old head.

I know fast-feast-fast-feast CAN be a good plan to aid Autophagy, but I mostly do fasting for a band-aid, to undo my undisciplined behavior.

(Doug) #44

Fasting spirits, I turn to you in need. It has been months since my last visit. The holiday season is behind me; thank goodness, and that’s about all I have to say that’s good right now. Need a lot more time - 9 hours already and it’s just a relief to be off food, to be away from so many considerations surrounding it.

(Claudia) #45

reaching 16h of fasting hoping for 36h, after having a little carbage slip about 40h ago. mild carb withdrawal headaches. looking forward to burning off the glucose left in my muscles in tonights workout.

Finally back to my fitness class routine. Starting the fasting routine as well, lets undo some damage…

(Jane) #46

You don’t realize how much of your time is spent shopping for, preparing and eating food and cleaning up afterwards until you fast :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck with your fast and getting the carbage out of your system

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #47

You got this, just remember lots of us are also fasting this month. And when you do eat, eat strict keto to get the hunger back under control. That is the part about higher carb food stuff I can’t stand, it just makes you want more.

Hang tough!

(Doug) #48

Thanks, @Janie, @collaroygal - never have felt so good on a fast, although it’s not even a full day yet. I reckon there’s some “rebound” effect at work where the holiday excesses mean I’m as far from feeling hungry as I can be.

I’m wondering too - can we ‘muscle’ a fast by affirming our need for it, giving ourselves pep talks, rejoicing in the minimalist freedom, etc.? Can we make a fast easier by sheer force of will? There are good arguments for listening to our bodies, being patient, etc., but our brains use 1/6 or 1/5 of our power; how much does our attitude matter?


Doug, I often feel great during a fast. But these last few months, fasts longer than 2 or 3 days have been harder. So I do what I call “dirty fasts” beyond about 48 hours, and yes. I stole the term.

It just adds some healthy fats, mostly cream…and trying to stay between 200 and 300 calories. I’m really almost LEAN nowadays, and It helps.

How far do you have to go, DOUG?

(John) #50

Of course you can. Easily 80%* of the battle with eating choices is psychological.

*I made that statistic up.

(Doug) #51

Goldwingnut, it does vary - 3 of my last 4 fasts have been relatively “hard,” even as I get better at fasting overall, the more I do it.

I’ve got a good 100 lbs. of fat to lose, so I’m lightyears from where you are. Have to let the future play out, of course - but right now I feel like I can go a long time. Moreover, today, for me, fasting is mental health.


Ha! No argument there. Anymore, I wonder what true hunger really is - have I ever felt it? All I can say is that some day I am going to get there.

I’m wondering if by mental effort we can actually alter how we feel, physically. Whether it’s meditation or yelling at myself like a drill sergeant, can the brain make things so that perceived discomfort, cravings, etc., become less? If so, it would be a good deal - the brain itself is using a lot of energy, so to put forth some mental effort and be repaid by an easier fast would be sweet.


Oh yeah. I get that.

Well I’m a fan of fasting and during the lion’s share of my 160+ pounds of fat loss, fasting was a BIG, BIGGGGG part.

Best of luck to you, my friend!


(Rahim Miah) #53

Wow amazing go for it

(Rahim Miah) #54

We are the same i run a business too, its a curry house called curry leaf. What about yourself ?

(Jane) #55

Cool. I don’t run my own business but I do run large projects as an engineer and have to take visitors out a lot on my expense account and vice versa get taken out myself. So I have to work my fasts around my business schedule.

Eating out has become easier once I started fasting since I don’t have to be as strict. And most men don’t pay any attention to what you eat or how much you’ve eaten (or pushed around on your plate) - they are too busy telling stories LOL

(Claudia) #56

38h in.

just a “dirty fast” (hcv in coffe when needed 1-3 times a day)
but feeling good, Main goal is to get my bloodglucose stable again, so I am fine with that.

I plan on going until tomorrow morning, (around 60h) because I really don’t need the “detox effect” during my driving test on thrusday morning XD

(Rahim Miah) #57

Well done keep it up, if u get hungry you can always talk to us about it nd we will help u wait it out looool

(Rahim Miah) #58

On dates im usually doin more listening than speaking lol i dont speak much. My insulin sensitivity has gone normal so like urself, i dont have to be strict. Carbs dont make me gain weight anymore its great

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #59

Well I was trying to go a 48 hr. broth if I need it fast. After having the broth, I wanted to eat all the things in the house. It turned into a OMAD experience.

I plan to do just coffee/hwc and water fast from after dinner Wed. night to whenever on Sat. I am feeling like the mental part is not working well for me right now. Since I am in maintenance, I want some autophagy, so this one hopefully will work out better. I continue to fast because I want to keep my weight within a 3 lb. range and short fasting protocols are very good at that for me. I hope to never have to battle 10+ lbs. again. I am sick of that war.

(Bob M) #60

I gave up on broth a while ago, as it caused hunger and sometimes heartburn.

I lost 4.6 pounds (2 kilos?) in one day, since starting my what I hope to be 4.5 day fast. I’m always amazed at how quickly scale weight comes off and flies back on. Some of that has to be not eating, as you’re “saving” the weight of food you would have eaten that would be somewhere in you getting digested.