(Jane) #21

Whichever one you want to… or BOTH!

This one runs all month. @Brenda does her Zornfast once a month and there is great support on her thread for fasters.

(Jane) #22

20 hours in. Been unusually hungry all day but ignoring it. Made a beautiful batch of soap today! It will be ready by Valentines Day.

BG: 81
BK: 2.0
GKI: 2.25

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #23

Either or both if you like. Brenda is doing a series of 5 days of fasting, two eating and she put up the thread so some of us can follow along. The regularly scheduled Zornfast starts the 3rd Thursday of the month.


Now 22 hours into a new planned 72-hour water fast so a lot of time to go. After 10-days of eating this first day, as expected, has been a bit rough but still hanging in there. Hours 22-26 and then 46-50 are the two hardest four-hour stretches for me even when I’m used to fasting. Those are normal eating times.

We all need to pull together. This is going to probably be the most difficult fast of the year.

(Jane) #25

23 hours here and I agree with @GentleBen - this fast has been tougher than previous ones. I only need to make it to bed since I will be breaking tomorrow between midday and lunch.

BG: 67
BK: 2.4
GKI: 1.55 (under 2!)

(Claudia) #26

14h over here, after a gross binge attack yesterday.

My rational part of the brain was doing everything it could to not let me slip.
the emotional part was “f%&* this, I feel lonely and empty and just will eat everything in sight”
At least I was able to keep it mostly low carb…

I feel bloated and gross and can not wait to reach 48h and some happy fasting hormone production.


Started last night after dinner. 13 hrs. presently…

(Jane) #28

After fighting hunger all day yesterday I really hate to break it today since all hunger gone… but I agreed to only fast when my husband is fasting when I am home since is such a treat for both of us.

I have 2 weeks in Ft Worth coming up in a couple of weeks that I can fast as long as I want to.

36 hours for me and breaking it with a BPC. Will have proper food later.

BG: 80
BK: 1.9
GKI: 2.34

(Rahim Miah) #29

Whos still fasting? Im 11 hours in to a 504 hour fast. If i get hungry im definitley going to come here for support

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #30

Just pasted my 36 hr. goal, not hungry just sipping coffee at the moment… Will break sometime later today unless I am still not hungry. I like to ride those waves out, even if it just results in a few more hours, sometimes, they turn into days. So I ride them out.

(Claudia) #31

21 days? that is killer… :astonished:
had to restart aufter 17h— so back on 4h currently…

(Rahim Miah) #32

Im rooting for u, keep me posted if that helps

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #33

Went past the 40 hr. mark on this 36 hr. fast. So I have eaten a few chicken wings to break the fast, will do shrimp with cauliflower mash and the rest of the blacked eyed peas that were lef tover from new years day for dinner tonight in a couple of hours. I’ll eat a couple of strict keto meals over the next couple of days and do another 36+hrs. after that.

Hope everyone is doing well this new year.

(Jane) #34

How are you doing @Silverakh ?

You should be coming up on close to 24 hours if I read your post right.

First day always the toughest. Sometimes day 3 for me as I start to feel a bit depleted, but could just be psychological. Longest fast I’ve done is 104 hours, so a little over 4 days.

I can’t imagine 21 days!!! :scream:


Coming up on hour 49 and those darn hours 44-47 were tough as usual. Should be Ok through noon tomorrow. Then will probably shut down at 70 hours. Not sure yet.

(Kristin) #36

Stopped just 6 hours short of a 3-day fast.

Huh…I think that was the same as my previous fast. Must be the magic number for me. Lol

(Kate) #37

At 37.5 hours. I was going to stop at 36, but I didn’t feel any urgency to stop. I will see how I feel at 40 hours, that will be a record for me.

(Ethan) #38

I’ll start my monthly 5.5-day fast Sunday evening… looking forward to it. I’ll have enough time to refresh before testifying the 22nd to city council

(Rahim Miah) #39

I broke it due to lack of sleep. Holiday season got me sleeping at around 5am. Ive noticied sleeping late increases my hunger . Ive restarted my fast and hope to sleep on time from now on.
Thank you for asking about me. What about yourself, hows your fast going?

(Jane) #40

I’m done for now. When I am home and fasting with my husband I only do 36 hours because that is all he can do.

When I go to Ft Worth in 2 weeks I’ll start a 3-day fast the first week and a 4-5 day fast the following week. I have too many business obligations that involve food to fast any longer than that at one time.