(Claudia) #61

a lot of it is water as well, especially if you overdid a bit on the carbcount the day before. (like me this sat)
i lost 7 pounds in 30h, and was still having hwc on my fast.

(Jane) #62

Funny some people can extend their fast with bone broth and some it makes them hungrier.

I am wanting autophagy also but have a hard time with black coffee.

I switched from HWC to butter or ghee in my coffee because of the lower protein in hopes of not stopping autophagy. I just put a fraction in of my normal non-fasting amount to cut the bitterness (plus a pinch of salt) and hope I am not slowing my autophagy too much.

I only had bone broth once while fasting and it was after a brisk 2-mile walk in Ft Worth’s 100+ degree heat under a full sun and no breeze. I had to have something when I got back to my office - I felt weak and shaky. Bone broth fixed me right up and I kept on fasting.

(Bob M) #63

This is probably my tenth or so 4.5-5.5 day fast. To me, they don’t really get easier. I know Dr. Fung says they do, but I find each one pretty difficult. They do get easier by day often (the 4th day is typically easier than the second), but to me, they are always difficult. I always think to myself, “Maybe I should do a 4.5 day fast to start every month!”, and then I do one and say to myself, “What about every 6 weeks or maybe two months?” :hushed:

(Doug) #64

Entering Day 3, cruising on East Street.

Bob, how much fat do you have to lose?

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #65

When I was losing weight, I could use bone broth to get me into the 100+hrs. range. But now over a year of maintenance, it isn’t helping. I plan to just use it as base for soups/stews now.

I don’t think the amount of hwc I am using contributes to the hunger. So I will continue to use that until it looks like it is confounding my efforts.

(Claudia) #66

broke my fast at 54h. in the middle of the night. with some Phsillium husk in water to calm down my ramping gut.

Also I slept very poorly and was awake for about 1.5 h in the middle of the night.

Had zero carb breakfast and zero carb lunch. adding some dinner and trying to go for another 36 - 48h.

(Bob M) #67

I’m not sure how to answer that question. I currently weigh 204.0 according to my scale this morning. To not be “obese”, I need to be somewhere around 198 or so by BMI. What would I like to weigh? Well, when I was in my early 20s (and on a super low fat diet), I weighed about 165, which much, much more muscle mass than I have now (former pseudo-body builder). I have no plans to get near that weight, but I wouldn’t mind being 180, maybe go down to a 34 inch pants size from my current 36 inch pants size (and where I hit at least 43 inches at my highest weight).

Unfortunately, I may have hit my “Phinney weight”, as I’ve been at this level for 2+ years. I have, however, gained muscle and lost fat in that time (according to DEXA scans), but my scale weight has changed little.

It seems if I go below this level, I bounce back up. I hit below 195, but that was fasting multiple days and also before shoulder surgery, when I could not lift weights or really do any exercise, so my muscle mass was very low. After shoulder surgery, my scale weight kept going up, and I could not determine why, so I started getting DEXA scans, which showed increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass, but a near zero overall loss.

I may have (1) caused my metabolic rate to decrease because of a ton of fasting; and/or (2) an issue with iodine. I’m trying to reverse both.

I am certainly more muscular, more fit, and better looking (body-wise) now than I was before, but the scale is insidious.

Does that help answer this question?

(Bob M) #68

By the way, both my wife and I had to bail out after 48 hours. We were both unusually hungry. Someone at work made something that smelled great, and it was all I could do to not go take it from them.

(Doug) #69

Yes, Bob, good reply - and it makes sense that fasting is harder, per se, the leaner we are.

:slightly_smiling_face: - 180 lbs wearing size 34 pants - exactly what I used to be. Someday…

(Bob M) #70

That makes sense. When I started fasting, I was heavier and could fast 4.5-5.5 days while exercising a few times that week. Now, I don’t even attempt that, limiting my exercise to after these long fasts.

I was fasting 36 hours twice a week, and working out while fasted 34-36 hours. I will likely go back to that next week, and may try one of those this week.

I’ve been taking iodine, and it does seem to help with no longer being as cold during fasting as I once was. But I also ate more, so I’m not sure which is helping. The problem with iodine is that it’s supposed to be taken as part of a protocol, with other vitamins, to help with the removal of bromines and fluorides. If I fast, I don’t take these (or iodine), as I can barely take them on a full stomach, let alone with only water. So, do I increase my iodine uptake and eat, which might help with getting cold while fasting, or do I fast and not worry about iodine? It’s a quandary with no good solution.

(Doug) #71

Last night I felt really warm after going to bed, from the shoulders to the top of my head. ~53 hours into a fast, and I’d recently brushed my teeth, despite having had only black coffee that day.

I’ve been ‘hot’ before, at times, while fasting or eating low-calorie keto, like 400-600 cals. per day, but those tended toward a normal, sweaty feeling. Last night was different - it was very comfortable, to the point of being pleasurable, like a real “glow” was in effect. “Whoa, something is going on…”

(Rebecca) #72

I’ve started doing 22hr (or so) consecutive fasts. Basically OMAD. Last night’s numbers (before supper): BG 54, BK 3.4, GKI 0.88!

I’m thinking this pattern is going to work for me!

(Allie) #73

I wish I knew that warm feelingwhike fasting, I just get cold :slightly_frowning_face:

You’re doing great @OldDoug


Allie, I get cold too.

I dislike that, but not enough to stop fasting!! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Doug) #75

I think that’s a good practice - it’s listening to our body and being patient, and very often hunger will go away - it’s mostly always rising or falling anyway.

Past the 3 day point, and somehow that makes me feel like a fast is an unqualified success, no matter what. Had nothing but a cup of black coffee and water the first 2 days, so poured some salt into a bottle of water and shook it up and drank it this morning. Made no difference but wasn’t feeling bad anyway. Onward…


Well, didn’t know after posting this, I would end up Fasting over the next week, having surgery, etc. :slight_smile: … But as it turns out, I ended up going into the Hospital Fasting, and it was around 135 hrs. before eating anything solid.

Though I did not plan any of this, I do believe Fasting throughout this entire process really helped overall. Laid up in the Hospital for nearly a week, not hungry in the least, helped things go quite smoothly. Not to mention I spoke with just about everyone there about living a Keto/LCHF WOL/WOE, as well as Fasting. To which most were really interested and had many questions, so we had some good conversations. :slight_smile: … But, I think with the stomach issues now on the mend and needing time to heal, it may be a little time before I get in any Fasting in. Think I will do OMAD, with some second meals thrown in here and there and see how things progress. :slight_smile:


I hope you recuperate quickly and well!

(Kate) #78

I’m struggling this evening. I did a 40 hour fast on Monday/Tuesday, and I’m at 22 hours for my second planned fast of the week. Monday was a breeze, tonight I’m itching to break my fast. I’m trying to ride it out but this is the hardest yet.

(Bob M) #79

My problem with getting cold was that my hands got so cold I could not touch myself or anyone else. Even today, I’m trying a 36 hour fast until tomorrow, and I’m cold. I used to not get cold until several days into a fast, and now I can’t make it a day.

I do think iodine seems to have helped, but not cured this.

It’s difficult to know whether to follow one’s body or power through. I’m not good at that. If I break mentally, though, I break.

(Allie) #80

The cold feeling always makes me break too. Extra layers and regular hot liquids helps a lot, but I’m still reluctant to go more than 24 hours until the summer is back.