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Since it is 2019 already for some I will start us a new fasting support thread for January.

Best wishes to all the fasters out there!

7 Day Water Fasting Buddy
(Allie) #2

@cindyyy there’s a new topic like this every month where fasters support each other as much as is needed. This one will be the first of 2019 :blush:

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #3

Thanks for kicking this off Janie.

I am watching this currently:


Will probably crank up a new 72-hour fast at 8 pm Jan. 1. Need to shake off some holiday crap carbs and lingering queasiness from food poisoning.

(Cindy Tan) #5

Gonna start my 7 Day water fasting today. Wish me luck!

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(Allie) #7

Good luck @cindyyy

Remember fasting is like a muscle, you can increase its strength by working it but you need to rest sometimes too so if it gets too much, stop and restart when you’ve had a break.

You’ve done four days already which is great so you will get where you want to be when your body is ready, be sure to listen to any signals it gives you.

(Cindy Tan) #8

Hoping that I won’t quit this time hahaha

(Allie) #9

If you do then it’s no major drama as you can just restart.


OK, it’s 8 p.m CST and as promised myself I just launched into a new 3-day water fast after a week of holiday feasting.

Today was the worst of the lot but it was not cheating — I knowingly chose to eat and drink a lot of those sugary carbs.

Would make no sense for me to list and then blur all the goodies I consumed and there was a lot of them. I enjoyed them but they were not all that great. And it will take a good 24- to 36-hours of fasting just to flush the glycogen and reboot ketosis.

Hardest part won’t be the non-eating, it will be the mindset because I’ve let my guard down. I dread the “getting back into it” part of the discipline involved.

Got down to 195.0 at Christmas and now right at or below 200.0 — just what I predicted. So here we go, off to a new year and a new start.

180.0 here we come.

(Jane) #11

Starting my 36 hour fast with my husband

(Irian) #12

Is there such a thing as „lazy fasting“? A bit like with tracking macros I notice I am getting just a tad anxious tracking fasting hours and setting goals like that … So trying a similar approach of just not eating until I really need to (meaning hunger that won’t go away even with water, salt, and waiting for the wave to pass, or not feeling well, or a social occasion I can’t get out of). My body is so happy with the prospect of no food right now it’s ridiculous. It’s been clamoring for longer fasting windows for days but then there was all this social stuff so never got beyond 16 hours. I have never been so happy to get back to work and my own rhythm!

(Michelle) #13

As one of my resolutions I’ve decided to do weekly 42 hour fasts beginning Tuesday after dinner. My family eats together every night except Wednesday when church for my son and me overlaps with hubby getting off of work and my teen coming home from horse lessons. Since my young son and I usually eat separately and he doesn’t care to eat alone, I figured Wednesday will be a good day to give up family dinner on a weekly basis. I have about 40 lbs to lose (lost 44 since May 2018) and hope to do so through fasting and being more strict with my keto diet.

Black coffee :coffee: cheers to you all!

(Michelle) #14

I feel the same way! However I stay at home and nanny for a couple of toddlers. Still, hubby has been home since Dec 14 and the kids since Dec 20. Their constant grazing and dirtying of the kitchen has been a distraction from my routine. Plus social stuff. I was so glad for my husband to go back to work this morning.

(Jane) #15

I think so!

(Jane) #16

11 hours in and just finished off some black coffee with a bit of salt added.

Going to make a batch of soap and cut some more pieces out for a quilt I started last year and never finished. Got to keep busy!

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #17

I’m 12 hrs. into the first 36 hr. fast for this year.

I know how you feel. I have to pull out some projects to keep myself out of the kitchen area. Too many eating cues there.

(Kate) #18

I’m starting my first fast of the year this evening. I’m new to the forums, but not new to keto - but adding in fasting IS relatively new for me. I started alternate day fasting in October 2018 after having a revelation reading Dr Fung (previously I’d thought it too hard, not for women… Etc.) - and felt brilliant, the weight was finally starting to shift…

…And then Christmas happened. I’m not going to say I fell HARD off the wagon - I didn’t go mad - but I certainly wasn’t eating keto.

I’m back in ketosis, and I’m keen to get back in my pattern of 24-36 hr fasts.

It’s interesting how mainstream keto/fasting is becoming - talking about it with family over the holiday my sister in law said “oh yeah, it can reverse type 2 diabetes” - and my Dad said he didn’t know what IF was, but he knows a guy who doesn’t eat on Tuesdays and Thursdays… yeah…

(Bob M) #19

Wait? There’s a Zornfast thread and this one, both for January? If I plan on doing a 4.5 day fast beginning on Sunday, January 6th, which thread should I post in?

(Rebecca) #20

I had surgery on Dec. 27th. After I stopped IF and just ate whenever. I still did my best to keep it LCHF, but you’re the protein for healing.

I’m ready to get back to IF. Now if only I could get the same ketone levels (around 2.3) that I had the day I got home from surgery (it was an outpatient procedure).