January 2017 Zornfast

(John Spanos) #81

Hmm… In-laws just invited us to steak dinner. I haven’t exactly told my wife that I’m fasting. I see an interesting dinner conversation ahead.

(Larry Lustig) #82

Oh what a tangled web we weave. . .

(I’m in a similar situation).


I’ve never fasted during a social thing like that. Let us know how it goes!

(Mark) #84

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #85

Yep. He’s 32 and he and his wife gave me 4 grandkids so far. Lol

(Joel Abdul) #86

One time during a fast, kids and wife were having soup and I snuck in a bowl of bone broth instead of the chicken noodle. It was pure genius. Lol

(Joel Abdul) #87

I blame He-man and the incredible hulk for the reason why I started to lift weights. Later in life I blamed The A-team, Night Rider, and Dukes of Hazzard for my (poor but fun) driving abilities.

…Sorry completely random. :laughing::blush:

(Mark) #88

Very funny,I still want to be Chuck Norris when I grow up

(Charmaine) #89

Had to take some butter thanks to being weird (hyped) in my workout this morning. Blood glucose was 67 around noontime. I’m good, tummy is noisy but just juicy sounding. LOL

Not feeling lethargic, but it’s cold and rainy here, and people are being weird about today, and all I wanna do is learn about steak cuts to see if I can feasibly do the steak challenge.:eyes:

(John Spanos) #90

39 hours in… Daughter just made bacon… Had a fierce growl in my belly. I’m not hungry, but wow that smells good!

(chris.coote) #91

Am in at the 20h mark. First wave of hunger was at the 16h. Made it through by keeping myself busy…

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #92

Hour 41.5
NOT enjoying this atm

(Charmaine) #93


(Alissa Davis) #94

First time doing an extended fast. Not as painful as I thought it would be, or at least not yet. Tea and coffee do wonders when hunger hits. Super stoked!

(Stephanie Hanson) #95

19 hrs. Pickle juice is my friend.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #96

I like to eat pink salt right out of the salt grinder

(Stephanie Hanson) #97

I’ll lick it off my hand too. The pickle juice I’m using has added potassium and tastes good. I’m pampering myself a little since I’m in the tough hrs now.

(Joel Abdul) #98

Come on Miss Zorn…How about some bone broth? :innocent::grimacing:


I started feeling super cold so I’m going to try eating some coconut oil. I usually just tough it out when this happens. It’ll be interesting to see if it warms me up at all.

(dawn.hakala) #100

189hrs in & I’m out. Was going to try to go thru the Zorn fast to make it 10 days again but I think, while @ work, my bs got to low. Heart palpitations, shakes, anxiety feeling and a couple sharp pains in my chest made be think that was it… Got home, checked bs and it was a little lower than it should’ve been which is why I think that’s what happened… Not upset for breaking it… KETO ON ALL!! can’t wait for next month!