January 2017 Zornfast

(Mark) #61

Just had a nice cup of matcha tea myself for “Dinner”

(Osama) #62

I’m in ! Will be my first 3 day fast, only done 24 hr fast before this.

(Joel Abdul) #63

Man, I love Zorn fast and all the participants! I started my stopwatch when I ate my last meal. Im not sure if I’m on the same timeline :grin:


Oh, I love the idea of the stopwatch!

(John Spanos) #65

Down 3 pounds from yesterday morning to this morning.

(Charmaine) #66

12+ hours in. I was waffling between fasting/not fasting, but decided to fast. I had allergy issues which led to sinus issues, but I’m good; so I’m still in!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #67

I want a stop watch too! It would motivate me to see an analog like that on my arm.
33.5 hours in and going strong. Coffee is my friend.

(John Spanos) #68

Planning on going for a bike ride after some morning meetings. I’ll be pulling my 4 year old daughter up some hills around here! Bring on the burn!

(Joel Abdul) #69

It does! I usually do 16 hour fasts and eat dinner at different times. It’s fun to compete with my self to see how long until I feel like eating.

Congrats! Same here. I was surprised considering I’ve been pounding water (with pink salt) like crazy.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #70

Fasting does wonders to eliminate inflammation. The weight dropping fast is mainly any glycogen stores being used up though. At least at first. For me it happens around the 22nd hour. Something something science about molecules of water attached to the glycogen and when we burn it the water is no longer needed science science.
Anyone good at reciting that info? I love the details. Just don’t ask me to recite it. Lol

(Joel Abdul) #71

Yeah, yeah and something something about burning fat and and kidneys needing (or dumping) salt to get rid of some molecules science science.

It’s in Dr Fung’s book…That’s all I know. :smile::joy:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #72

That is hilarious! @richard ! Look! We’re science-ing the shit outta this fast!

(Joel Abdul) #73

48+ hours in, my BG is 68 and feel great. Wish I had some ketone testing strips. I’m curious what the number would be…Pretty sure it’s over .5 :blush:

(Lucrecia) #74

I am getting labs done on Monday, so I’m keeping things stable for now. Curious to see what’s happening with my blood. Good luck with your fast sister. Will have to wait for Feb to join you.


34 hours down and I feel fucking awesome! :sunglasses:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #76

I started 11:30 pm Wednesday night.
36 hours in and I know I can make it till Sunday. I already miss eating. Not hungry, just miss it. I have to keep distracted.

(Stephanie Hanson) #77

I use an app called T-0.

I jumped off my fast at 164 hrs last night. Had a refeed then jumped back on for Zorn Fast. I’m doing an n=1 to see how fast I can get to GKI <1 with different parameters.

(aircraftwelder) #78

I’m in.


Still here, 3 days ahead of you guys. But going strong on day 4.

(Mark) #80

We started at the same time but I’m on the west coast so you got a head start on me, my first Zornfast feeling good