January 2017 Zornfast

(Thao Le) #41

Thanks @Brenda! Really looking forward to this fast.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #42


(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #43


(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #44

Freeze it you goober. Lol

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #45

Stopped eating last night at 11:30 pm. 12 hours in and all is well.


(Larry Lustig) #46

Thanks. I find it really is helpful to know other people are doing this at the same time as me.


Been on a 100% fat diet (also known as fasting) for 60 hours now. Fantastic weight loss so far… that’s may fav part. Hope to get BG below 100 to get out of the pre-diabetic range, that’s the important health part.

(Jenn W) #48

That’s what this day was set up to be!

Guess who had to teach the cooking class at work today??
Pure carbage! I held strong! Just kept sipping away at my drink…

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #49

That truly sucks ASS.
I’ll never forget baking sweets on day 4 of a fast. Also for my job. But I felt like a rock star when I succeeded keeping my fast!!


(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #50

I started a bit early. It’s fairly open though. Glad you joined us!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #51

Fasting Strategy
Are YOU ready?
1/2 tablespoon of grape, lemon, or cherry flavor magnesium citrate mixed with 1/4 teaspoon Morton’s Lite Salt and 24 oz of water.
This provides:
Magnesium 75 mg
Potassium 350 mg
Sodium 290 mg

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #52

Every time I fast I buy a new tea

I have a cupboard FULL of teas. Lol

(starlite74us) #53

After today’s ravenous pig-out at the buffet table, I know I’ll be feeling the consequences of my food choices tomorrow… Fasting it is!

(Gaby Abed) #54

I’m in, accidentally, as I just finished eating at 8 as I saw your post. I’m also back to the gym this weekend with a trainer and HIIT on Sunday…wheee!

(John Spanos) #55

20 hours in and no problem so far. Not hungry… A little bored with no dinner to make though!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #56

You and me both! I’m using my extra time to distract myself by catching up in the forum.


(eljay716) #57

I’m going to do it. My window is closed now so I might as well!!

(Larry Lustig) #58

Still had to make dinner for the family.

@Brenda Turns out to be good starting a day early, I forgot about a dinner party Saturday night. Out of town tomorrow (will have to pass up free lunch at a client, but oh well).

(Martha Stone Schueler) #59

I’m in–to celebrate a good health outcome delivered today! Here’s to our health!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #60