January 2017 Zornfast

(Keith Frentz) #21

Thank you! I had previous searched the forums for a recipe but it was before you had posted.

(Charmaine) #22

@Abrane, one Zorn Fast, I did a test run of alternate day fasting. Maybe since you aren’t able to go beyond 24 hours that could be an option to help you build up your ‘fasting muscle’? You could start early and still get in a total of 3 days of fasting, just not consecutively. What do you think?

(Charmaine) #23

I’m in!

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(Richard Morris) #24

(Alex Dipego) #25

I think it’s a combo of lifestyle and BF% for me. That or it’s that jump I just need to get past.

I’ll practice this month as I’m already doing 1 24 a week plus my regular 18~20/6~4 window. I think I need to plan that hiccup closer to bedtime rather than the middle of my day.

(T) #26

I’m in! :slight_smile:

(Charmaine) #27

Understandable. If you decide to jump in, we’re here to support. :grin:


Have you tried to plan it so that hours 18+ are when you go to sleep, getting you to 26 hours?

(Jenn W) #29

Oh! Oh!
Me too!!
I’m in!

(Alex Dipego) #30

It’s hard to with my work schedule but trying to make it work.

(John Spanos) #31

I’m in. First fast for me. Trying to break a stall!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #32

I’m changing my strategy. This is my 12th monthly fast. The last few have been harder. I still have plenty of bodyfat, but even without a DEXA image, I must be depleting my visceral fat. That is a good thing!!! And likely why fasting is more challenging.

My strategy is to make sure I am asleep at the 24 hour mark (my most difficult hour).
In order to do that, I am going to eat all the way up until midnight tonight, and be sure I am asleep well before midnight tomorrow. This has worked in the past. Then I plan to fast through Sunday afternoon.

(Scott Shillady) #33

I’m in, finishing some chocolate pb cheesecake mousse before i turn in and plan to go til Sunday evening as well. I’m going to fire up my smoker Sunday morning and feast on ribs pulled pork, and if i can find a good deal, brisket. going to work on designing a keto rub as the one I used to use had a lot of brown sugar


I’m already fasting. What are you guys waiting for?

(Larry Lustig) #35

Today’s Wednesday. Are you a day early?


I actually Started Tuesday night… I always like a head start.

(Scott Shillady) #37

how the fuck am i supposed to fast when i have pb chocolate cheesecake mousse left?

Besides I like to copy Brenda, cuz she’s like awesomesauce and stuff.

(Jenn W) #38

First long Fast and I know it’s gonna be bumpy! Figures I still have a touch of the plague going around work! Lots and lots of liquid is my game plan. I can do this!


Oh! I missed this post! :frowning: Usually I get a head start cause it’s way easier to fast during the week for me. Oh well, starting now! Actually started last night without even knowing since I haven’t eaten yet today. :slight_smile: Going through Saturday morning, so only 56 hours. Woo! Zornfast!!


I’m out. Last month I was not feeling good after 3 days so I’m skipping this month.

Have fun without me!