JAN 2022 - Monthly Group Fast (Jan. 19-22)

(Robin) #21

@Shinita, you are a 2 second roller coaster ride! Love going along for the ride… wheeeee!

(Jane) #22

21 hours in and coasting along. Mild hunger, but nothing I couldn’t ignore. Looking forward to tomorrow when there will be none.


Only 17 hours. Oh stomach growling in my satiated period, it was so long, it was very common though. I usually get it over 24 hours when I start to get hungry too…

I am unsure how long my 2 last small meals will allow me to continue but in the worst case I will do OMAD today as well. It’s only noon so I have several hours until my potential mealtime.

I don’t miss food now but imagining not eating all day… Is odd. Oh well, if I will feel good, it’s borderline possible, I guess.

Now I am reading about stomach/gut growls. I already knew it’s not hunger (and I experienced it zillion times anyway) but I still didn’t know enough about it. I fear I know less now as the article thinks it’s hunger or disease, basically. Nope, it’s not how my body works. And one is supposed to get it a few hours after a meal. It was always odd to me as I never have it before, like, 16 hours but it’s rare before the 24th… And 2 minutes from every hour until we eat? :smiley: That would be inconvenient! I know some people work like that, poor souls. Nope, I have 2-3 seconds.

But the same site has worse articles. Like our guts wants fiber, fruit sugar (even if we can’t tolerate it well) and as many colors in food as possible (yeah, that makes so much sense. I don’t eat orange or green things, it’s horrible for my guts :D). And no fatty food at all (because of diabetes and cancer).

My guts would have a few words with the author…

20 hours, after walking and shopping (I needed carbonated water). A rare thing happened, my stomach actually notified me about its emptiness. I am not used to that, I usually only feel it if I focus hard, it’s a completely irrelevant thing, I never use the info for anything. I couldn’t care less about the state of my stomach unless it has problems but it never has.
But I got somewhat hungry too. I wondered… But nope, 3pm is my old lunchtime and I tend to get some tiny urges around there but if those are subtle, they pass. So I am waiting, it’s way too early even for my OMAD anyway. My appetite is below zero, that always help, I can’t eat in that specific state, no matter the seriousness of my hunger.
I am fine too. I am quite hopeful my body will be more cooperative this week as yesterday, after 27 hours I was merely definitely hungry, not the usual panic from my body with weakness, brain fog and temporal loss of vision or balance (it likes to get its daily food a bit too much). It tends to do that around about 23 hours after my previous meal, not always the full set but they are all easy to trigger on an EF attempt. I respect hunger a lot but mere hunger is easy to ignore for a while. Feeling totally awful is not, I don’t even try. So if that doesn’t happen… I have better chances. I still like to eat when hungry since some time.

Not the greatest photo I could possibly do but I have this now… My current rocks, I haven’t worked on them since days (well, on the owl, the others are ready since some time. the alien critter could have better colors but I lose interest after some time. I am still not good with colors). I am still a beginner but critters are so easy to paint. A gradient is loads harder but I start to get the hang of it.
I use 3d paint for the eyes and some other things (ears, tail, even the beak of the owl has a little but it’s not noticeable). It’s VERY useful for little rodents, they are just not good enough without their black pearl eyes!
I draw (with pencil and digitally, mostly) since decades (with big breaks, not well etc. but I do have some skills, that probably matters. But rock painting is new to me and brushes, oh my, they are tricky! But they can be super handy as well. Traditional painting has some benefits over digital one, most things are the same and there are quite big benefits of the latter too. Both are very hard and takes ages to master. Or just having some limited nice skills. But I don’t want to write about this forever (I could).

Oh, 21 hours is close… We will see, we will see.

(Jane) #24

38 hours in and mild hunger gone this morning. Will fast all day and break tomorrow midday.


(Tim Cee) #25

Fasting since 19:30 last night

(Jane) #26

Yay - finally a fellow faster! :smiley:

(KCKO, KCFO) #27

@Janie, glad you have joined in.

@Shinita, love your rock art. That large one in the middle reminds me of galas, a lovely bird from Australia. They have some grey as well, but the pink is what hits you when you look at them. The green one reminds me of a poofer fish.

@Tim_Cee, I started last night as well.

I am only 15 hrs. into my fast. Hope to make it till dinner on Saturday this round. But all fasting is a good thing for me.

KCFO everyone.


23 hours 40 minutes. Hunger wasn’t fun at that point, I never could ignore proper hunger, it’s on my mind in every second unless I focus like crazy on something. I was somewhat hungry for almost 5 hours, it was okay first, though… I think I did well enough.
I had a proper sized meal this time :smiley: So maybe tomorrow has a bigger chance? It’s great I lasted this long with a small meal, such small that I only have a few days like that per year and I easily get hungry early in the next day, something I rarely do normally.

Tomorrow is cooking/baking day (today I needn’t to do anything). Workout too. And I really should play with my rocks as well…

@collaroygal: Thank you! Oh I will look up that bird! The green thing is supposed to be a frog :smiley: I mostly have these round rocks and tiny flat ovals… I thought about making my “rocks” myself but last time I used my favorite play-dough recipe (it’s smooth and nice and cheap and simple and dries out nicely) it became a Non-Newtonian fluid, multiple times. It was fun, I never made that but it was completely useless for what I wanted to do with it.

(Robin) #29

Cute little family of creatures!

(Tim Cee) #30

Sad news. I didn’t make it 24 hrs. Went home and felt tired and hungry from all the business and drug the wagon into a secluded meadow and ate the whole thing, spokes and hubs and all—but key toe.

(Jane) #31

No biggie! You did right listening to your body…… sometimes it really needs food and will tell you when it does.

My hubby hasn’t been feeling well but fasted with me anyway. Last night I tried to talk him into breaking because his stomach hurt but he is stubborn. This morning I heard chopping in the kitchen as he chopped up stuff to put in his omelette.

I am at 61 hours and passed on sharing any with him (dog was happy with that!). Going to break today at lunch as planned.


It probably will be 21.5 hours as I am hungry but we will see.

I did an about 17 hour water fast… As I drank my first tea around 2pm and my last coffee yesterday at 9pm (plain ones, of course). For some reason either food or coffee isn’t as natural to me at night though I had both many times, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes I fancied it for some reason but when I do things right, it doesn’t happen.

I am very firm about not drinking coffee before sunset this year unless I will have a very good reason to do so… I surely will make exceptions, I am not a disciplined one but it sounds great as default. I am good with certain type of restrictions and the time is ripe for this. As I almost did it lately on most days.

I cooked so much today, it’s one of those days. And as so often lately, my perfect satiation stopped when my SO finished his lunch (at 19.5 hours). I wonder if it’s the time or my presence there, probably the latter has a factor. I was in the kitchen since 3 hours at that point, cooking, baking very pretty - and carby - things (am I diligent enough to dig out the “what you didn’t eat today?” thread I wonder… but I made a photo), cooking both carby and carni food, making and drinking hot water and tea and whatnot. I tried to do my workout but my muscles disagreed. Tomorrow then, no excuse there.
(I wrote vague things so I didn’t use blur but if someone has problems with it, tell me and I will do in the future and even edit this one).

And I need to make my own food if I wanna eat… I try to postpone it, I don’t feel energetic when hungry and I am so fine here, next to my heater… I didn’t hang in my own room today yet.

Oh first stomach growls at 21.5 hours…

It seems I just can’t pull off EF yet. But I still can wait a bit :wink: I feel okay apart from the hunger and the strange tiredness that typically comes with hunger but this is quite recent, the “I could eat” feeling that came at 19.5 hours progresses very slowly. But it’s not a nice feeling at this point. Coming from a hedonist who considers a small bellyache very serious :slight_smile: So nothing bad yet but I prefer feeling better so in 2-3 hours I always have enough even more progression.
I haven’t had very strong and annoying, borderline painful hunger since ages. Okay, I need to be willfully away from my home without any access to food for long to have it and I very rarely do that. One day I will get super curious and will wait longer. Maybe tomorrow, who knows? I really wish for a fasting day but it’s quite hard for me being firm enough when my body isn’t cooperative and gives me hunger signs. It’s not THAT important.

(Tim Cee) #33

Restarting 7pm yesterday

(Robin) #34

You are not a cyborg. Hence…

(Robin) #35

Way to go!

(Tim Cee) #36

…I can’t be plugged into a wall.

(Doug) #37

It’s possible but rarely advisable. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good luck to the participants. I have been OMAD and pretty strict keto since Jan 1, I am preparing to go to 3 36-hour fasts per week starting Feb. 1. The hope is to get back to fat-adapted and then kick it into high gear with the fasting.

(KCKO, KCFO) #39

Well, I had to take meds, really bad headache and stomach was crazy. I broke my fast after only 22 hrs. But after I took meds with a light meal, I started over again. I don’t think I will need dinner tonight, so far I am feeling much better. So I now 24 hrs. into the second fast. I would be ok doing OMADs, but if I can hang in there, I will try to do a much longer time.

Some months, this fast is easeypeasey, others, it is a real struggle and I have to stay flexible.

KCFO everyone.

(Jane) #40

Broke yesterday at 63 hours and no issues refeeding. I will take a break from fasting for a couple of weeks. Traveling to Ohio on business next week with a colleague so can’t fast next week anyway, but would take a break regardless.