It’s Keto 80% fat? What fat choices do you enjoy?

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I read a study that said 90% of study conclusions are wrong (possibly including this one).


I guess my ‘fat of choice’ this week has been butter. Thanks to @Alecmcq and his posting of the dude eating butter at his desk…I ended up doing just that when I was short on time one morning this week. Felt kinda weird, but it was an incredibly effective tool for satisfying the hungries.

Also, grabbed chunks of butter here and there all week, for snacks.

Then, I melted 2 TBS of butter in my coffee for a quick fat-fix before work today. That was at 745a. And, it lasted until 330p when I finally had the tummy grumbling for lunch.

Other fats I use are coconut oil, olive oil, an avocado oil Meat fat source is primarily beef…since we raise grass fed beef cattle.

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No, not turned. Clotted cream is the cream equivalent of evaporated condensed milk. (But unsweetened.)

(Sexy) #44

Maybe but I’m butter fan anyway. Have no loyalty to the oils. However I am starting to like avocado oil.

(Alec) #45

Excellent! Butter is an excellent source of fat, it’s cheap (you can get 5000 calories for a couple of bucks!!), it’s tasty, it goes with many meals as a side, and it doesn’t have dairy problems like milk or cream can have (reason: no casein).

[This is a message from the Butter Marketing Board, who have had it tough for the past 50 years!]


That’s in a SAD (standard American diet_ context, not LCHF/keto. But even in a SAD context, up to 2 tblsp of coconut oil a day provide a healthy dose of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) which provide ‘coconut ketones’ via boosting ketosis, and enhance brain immunity & functionality! The work of Bruce Fife CN PhD on this pertaining to how coconut oil’s MCTs ketosis enhancement to address autism is fascinating.

I aim for at least 1 tblsp of raw coconut oil day myself, usually in my morning tea, in addition to HWC. Then there’s also Ghee, butter, bacon fat, chicken fat leftover from frying chicken, avocado, extra virgin olive oil - depending on the cuisine of the day. :grin:

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There! All fixed, lol. :grin:

(Sexy) #48

Bacon Fat and Butter best flavor…I do lol

(Alec) #49

Not turned, still tastes creamy and sweet, but has a caramel nutty flavour as well.

My family holidays when I was very young was going to Devon. In the car on the way home we would stop to buy some clotted cream and Kitkats. Absolutely gorgeous. We stuck the kitkat stick in the cream pot, and it was a game to get as much cream as possible. No consideration of health in any way, either the fat or the sugar. Just pure indulgence! Yum! :scream:

(Patrick) #50

I try 75% Fat 5% Carbs 20% Protein. Sometimes i up my protein even to values such as 50%. But i usually try to stick to that, not that i count every single calorie to get to that percentage but i always try to reach something similiar to those values. I also up the proteins when i am cutting. Bone Broth is my favourite source of sodium, potassium i really like to get from Chimpagnon Mushrooms(i think they are called that in EN), my fat and protein sources: butter,pork,beef,lard, giblets like livers,hearts, obviously of various types, i do not carb up for now instead i eat saturated fats before training, avocado rarerly, tons of eggs, obviously some cheese sometimes, sour cream, sometimes almond flour breads with butter and some keto stuff on it, i eat literally everything, sometimes when i miss some crunch i buy toasts(CiaoCarb),pork rinds or some speciall stuff from keto online shops. For now i am experimenting with everything and i think i have more various food choices then when i wasn’t on keto. I also don’t avoid saturated fats like some people do, they are best source of energy on keto in my opinion.

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DITTO! love cooking with ghee also.