Interesting post re substantial weight loss with no loose skin


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Hey there, Im aged 69, been on keto for 22 months or so now, dropped from 140 to 110 kgs. I have little to next to no loose skin on me. My weight is now fairly stable. Im not sure if giving the following info / activities gives any ideas or suggestions why my skin is not loose. ( I love getting my shirts off to flaunt the new me !!!. )
I do bodybuilding 3 times a week for long 2 hour sessions, a mix of weights and cardo. Im on TRT ( testorone replacement therapy ), never smoked at all, only light alcohol. I don’t normally eat breakfast except if I have an absolute burning desire to do so. Im still very active ( the TRT absolutely helps ) and still doing big home projects ( ie self mixing / pouring whole concrete drives, landscaping etc… I get lots of sleep, frequently have an hour or two in the early afternoon with aircon ( live in Qld, Australia, the days are 36 to 40°c, in late spring ). I spend lots of time in the sun ( lots of vitamin D ),and in the heat.
I eat lots of meat, cheese, seafood and few berries and veggies. A few carbs only .

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Nice taper. Well done!

(Wendy) #43

I’ve got a conflicting question. How many people use butter in their coffee when their intermittent fasting? Is it okay to? I have read conflicting articals. Please let me know your thoughts??
Should I? Or not???

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #44

I don’t ever put anything in my coffee fasting or otherwise. When fasting (EF or IF) I don’t consume anything but water, tea (green or black), coffee and salt. I do take some supplements but some I don’t take unless I’m eating.

Mentally, in my mind, what is the point of fasting if we spoil the fast. For example I just fixed a lunch to go for my oldest and had some garlic butter on a finger. I wiped it off. Nothing but coffee, tea, water, salt goes in my mouth.

(Wendy) #45

Okay my husbands thoughts also. Hes been on keto for 1 yr. Weightloss #65 I will take your and his advice. Thank you!!!

(Mame) #46

Just to add another perspective – I use any fasting crutch I need to get me through a fast. (butter, broth, HWC in coffee, an olive, pickle brine) Not always but when needed I don’t hesitate.

I do measure my blood glucose and ketones. If I have a gki <1 post fasting crutch I figure it is doing me no harm.

However everyone is so different. There is no one right way, only the way that makes it work for you! good luck

(Bunny) #47

Eating protein everyday will do that loose skin thing, cycling protein and just eating veggies even if your not fasting would help also, it’s what I do.

(Wendy) #48

Thank you so much! I Love everyone’s experiences. I figure, I do better with additional .5oz butter in the black coffee. I feel better. And seem to be able to lengthen my fast. Please continue to share!! We all are different, and different things work for everyone. But with similar results.

(Wendy) #49

I kind of startled when I first read that as 5oz of butter instead of .5 oz. :grin:

(Wendy) #50

Alittle coffee with your butter! :rofl:

(Marianne) #51

Wow, I just read this article and am amazed by Robert’s transformation. He has a new body! Hard to believe that he lost 200 lbs. from how tight and beautiful his skin is. Very encouraging.


@Wendysue1960. if you want to have butter or cream in coffee, go for it. but once you do you are no longer fasting. fasting is the absence of food. By eating butter, you had a very small meal. the butter breaks your fast and if you slap on a CGM , you would see a change. if you were getting fasting blood work done, black coffee would be allowed, butter coffee would not because its not fasting. . if you get wanted results from a cup of butter Joe in the am - awesome. not every meal has to be a big calorie filled plateful. Jason Fung had some interesting recent comments on that you can find online or at their website.

(Wendy) #53

Thank you! Love your example of the fasting bloodwork! And Jason Fungs interesting comments on the web!

(Vic) #54

Ive seen pics of people who lost 100 LBS and have skin to their ankles it cheeped me out to the point has been in the back of my head that I would rather be fat then look like that

I have 150 lbs to lose and I have decided to do all I can to stop the loose skin from fasting to collegian pills

If I can avoid the loose skin I wont go all they way down Ill lose as much as I can without that happening

I dont mind some I am talking about the extreme cases I cant live with that I would rather be fat any day


I don’t want to be insensitive to people who are concerned about loose skin. But your number 1 goal needs to be getting healthy, and living a long happy life, and not just improving your physical appearance. Besides, thinner people are more attractive.

The simple truth is most of us are going to die of one of the big three killers, cardiovascular disease, cancer, or neurological disease. None of them are pleasant ways to go, and obesity is one of the leading factors for developing these conditions earlier in life. Do you want to be chronically sick in your 40s 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, or do you want to lead as active and as healthy a life as long as possible? Would you prefer to go ahead and get the suffering started earlier in life, or perhaps put it off as long as possible?

Would you rather spend your middle-age, and retirement years enjoying family, friends, and activities, or do you want to fill your dance card up with doctor’s appointments and hospital visits?

I’m in my 50’s right now. I get a physical once a year and have labs run twice a year. I take zero prescribed medication, and I don’t suffer from any of the chronic illness my dad started to suffer from at my age. By my age, he had already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and already had his first major heart attack. In his late 50’s had another heart attack requiring open-heart surgery, and his diabetes had advanced to the point where he required both glipizide and daily insulin injections. In his early 60’s he developed cancer and more surgery along with chemo and radiation therapy. Then in his late 60’s mild to moderate dementia robbed him of the ability to drive.

I’m happy to report that next month dad will celebrate his 81st birthday, he still suffers from mild to moderate dementia, but his cognitive decline seems to have halted. He’s off all his diabetes medication. After his cancer surgery, he made some radical shifts in lifestyle and diet (keto and fasting) and exercise. He dropped his BMI from 31 to 24.

In July he will attend my son’s, his oldest grandson’s wedding and he’s still enjoying life. Hopefully, he’ll be able to meet his first great-grandchild. My father is healthier today then he was at 60.

Loose skin? …so what.

(Paulene ) #56

Even thin people in a skin bag?? I’m with @Vic0628 - I’d rather be overweight than thin in a skin bag.


@Paulene I understand.

Everyone’s goals are different. My goals are primarily expanding my healthspan and longevity. But I also don’t have loose skin, well other than the fact that I’m in my 50’s now, so there’s that. :grinning: So I don’t know what kind of emotional impact loose skin might have on someone whose primary goal is aesthetic, and who is also extremely overweight.

I looked up a video I came across years ago that I thought was pretty inspirational. Here’s a link.

YouTuber reveals loose skin after weight loss

I thought the young man was much more attractive thin than he was when he was carrying around 160 lbs of extra body fat with “tight skin”. He did the video because he always filmed himself clothed, and he looks great. So he wanted to let people know that everything wasn’t perfect.

At 50 I’m not too worried about attracting people at the beach. I’m also married, so the only person who gets the pleasure or pain of seeing me naked is my wife. And since we’re going on 26 years together there are no surprises there.

But for those that are truly concerned about loose skin, there are a lot of variables. Some people who lose a lot of weight don’t have a lot of loose skin. Some do. Genetics and age are the biggest factors, I suppose. Our skin naturally loses elasticity as we age. Also, after losing a lot of weight and maintaining it over time your skin may bounce back some. Doing things like exercising and strength training helps too.

All I’m saying is I wouldn’t let the fear of loose skin hold you back from becoming healthier. For me, that’s what this is all about.

(Paulene ) #58

I’m also 50, married 30 yrs, but it’s not about who sees me. It’s about how I feel about myself. Having lived with a skin apron from a less than neat emergency caeserian, I know that having lots of excess skin will effect me mentally. So I’m doing all I can to avoid it, even if that means maintaining higher than desirable weight for a bit until my body catches up. Fortunately, I am not diabetic nor do I have any major health concerns to manage while trying to lose weight.


@Paulene of course it’s hard on a forum to interpret emotions, I find that often people on forums can and do misinterpret intent. So, to quote myself just so we are clear on this point

Everyone’s goals are different. My goals are primarily expanding my healthspan and longevity. But I also don’t have loose skin, well other than the fact that I’m in my 50’s now, so there’s that. :grinning: So I don’t know what kind of emotional impact loose skin might have on someone whose primary goal is aesthetic, and who is also extremely overweight.

I wouldn’t even begin to try to debate you on the topic of YOU.

(Paulene ) #60

No debate here. I’m just talking about my goals and my perspective, as you have done.