Interesting post re substantial weight loss with no loose skin



I found this guy’s story (on Diet Doctor) rather impressive, as did Dr Jason Fung, who says:

Third, the point about excess skin is very interesting. I have no proof other than anecdotes, but many people have found that fasting helps their loose skin. Remember that skin is not fat, it is protein. During fasting, there is a period of time where protein is being catabolized (broken down) to burn for energy. This is not a bad thing. In this case, it is very good. Obese individuals have an estimated 20-50% more protein than lean people. This is all extra tissue that needs to be removed. In the IDM program, we’ve had people lose hundreds of pounds, just like Robert, and we’ve never referred anybody for skin removal surgery.

I’ve been wondering if a fear of having lots of leftover loose skin has in some way been putting up a mental barrier to my success in pursuing any kind of fat-loss program. I think somewhere inside I have a deep-seated attitude of ‘why bother - your body still won’t look any good anyway’, which I really need to work on. Yeah, I know … health markers are more important, etc, but when you’ve spent your whole life feeling fat, the dream of looking and feeling normal weight is powerful.

Success stories like this one are something of a motivator to give the IDM-style protocols a try, intimidating as they may seem (well, to me anyway).

If you have any encouraging loose-skin-conquering stories of your own, please feel free to share.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #2

Thanks for much for sharing this inspirational story! I didn’t have much to lose, but still, got a bit wrinkly in the process - hope I can tighten things up a bit.

(Connie Ortz) #3

Interesting! One more motivator to try fasting. I’m a year in, and in my “ketoversary” post, commented about looking like a shar-pei. I’ve not successfully fasted for more than 24 hours. Maybe this is the motivator I need to do it!


I loved the shar-pei comparison! :grinning:

(Running from stupidity) #5

Same, I was LOL when I read that in the original :slight_smile:

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(Pete A) #7

Just keep going. It will tighten up. Thanks for sharing this story.

(John) #8

Well if I go from “I feel bad and look like crap without my shirt on” to “I feel great and look like crap in a different way without my shirt on” then I will choose option 2 and keep my shirt on.

I’m over 60 and not expecting appreciative stares in the first place. :slight_smile:

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #9

I’m 65 and feel the same way. KCKO


Truth! It doesn’t pay to be a perfectionist (another thing I need to work on :slight_smile: )

(Pete A) #11

I have these problems too haha Im disgusted by the W under my belly button. I look great shirtless but not nekkid. And it’s not only skin, there’s some fat. And YES it is tightening up…


I did some googling on htis a while back, and saw lots of fitness personal trainer type sites banging on endlessly about how you MUST eat LOTS of protein when losing weight, to keep your skin in good condition.

Very ironic, if Fung is right, and they are all wrong.
But then I guess that those sites are all trying to make a living out of convincing people to take protein shakes, aren’t they?

(Janet) #13

I was amazed by this success story also. Note that he eats Keto when not fasting. I lost 60 pounds on Dr Eric Westman’s Clinic diet and saw a Duke Medical esthetician after that. She said people who have lost weight with lower carb have far fewer issues with loose skin, sometimes none, than those who lose weight through bariatric surgery, a forced calorie restriction. It may be that the Keto diet just naturally adds longer periods of IF because you are not hungry. Many in the local support group only eat 1-2 meals/day. Anyway, her advice as you start the diet is “dry brushing”, many how-to videos on-line, followed by moisture oils…she liked the Palmer’s body oils…I use straight coconut. I’ve got bat wings but heck, I’m 67, definitely not worth surgery…it is major, not a simple nip and tuck.

(Wendy) #14

I’ve heard of the dry bruising. Does anyone know why that is suppose to make a difference? Is there any science behind it? I’m curious if it works.
I hadn’t really noticed much extra skin until my last 10 or so pounds. It’s mostly just like slightly crinkly skin on my belly. I sometimes use a bit of oil with collagen in it, just incase it helps. It’s nothing horrible but vainly I hope it will go away. :grinning:
I’d still take this way over my body 65 pounds ago. I’m 53 and know I’m just not going to look like I am 30 anymore. Darn!

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On the chance it would help I’ve started eating primal collagen powder from Mark’s daily apple, it tastes amazing which certainly helps although a little pricey i recommend. I dont have lose skin, I believe they are fat pockets that will reduce as I get leaner. we’ll see :slight_smile:

(John) #16

I have started working out again (after 9 years of not) so hoping to inflate a muscle or two to help fill out the deflated skin bag as I go.

I have a long road ahead so I just focus on that next meal and next workout and will let my future career as a retiree speedo model take care of itself in due time. :slight_smile: I’ll give you all a 10% discount on the first calendar.

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The Duke Medical Esthetican I spoke with had years of expereince working with the various Duke diet programs, she had seen them all and decades of patients. It was her #1 recommendation…better to start it as you start the diet, still has benefit even if you have already lost the weight. Reasons:

What are the real health benefits of dry brushing?

The mechanical action of dry brushing is wonderful for exfoliating dry winter skin. It also helps detoxifyby increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. Dry brushing unclogs pores in the exfoliation process. It also stimulates your nervous system, which can make you feel invigorated afterward.


I did buy a brush for dry brushing a while back, but I’ve been rather lax about using it. Should try to get back into the habit - it feels rather nice, and it can’t hurt anyway, so I might as well.


Loose skin looks a lot better than excess body fat.
If you don’t believe me, ask others.

(Karen) #20

Yes, but I’m a bit vain.
Dry brushing, check.
Collagen. Check.
Additional exercise. Check.
Autophagy, Check
Hydration, checked.
Showers that are not too hot. Or too much bathing. Check
Botox, no way.
Improved sleep, check.
Continue keto, check, check, check.