Interesting post re substantial weight loss with no loose skin


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Your asking this question reminded me of a father-son conversation we had back in February of this year

Since then, my skin has tightened. At 55, I’ll take it. My son hasn’t asked since then, but I chalk that up to teenage onset surliness syndrome. I skip meals but I don’t do extended, i.e., past 24-hour fasting. Other than remain adamantly LCHF, and my standard morning routine, nothing else extraordinary.

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Thanks for the morning routine and all the intelligence I can unpack from your comments.

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Kyle, Thanks for the laugh about teens…and for sharing your morning routine. I am also a very early riser but not good about hitting the gym, those are my own quiet hours reading about LC and chatting on-line.

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Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha. I am on the floor


@weoclo, don’t confuse all fasting with extended fasting. I’m fairly certain that intermittent fasting includes things like eating during only a 6-hour window during each 24 hour period. Once you become fat-adapted, you might be truly amazed to see how very easy that is as your hunger just disappears if you’re handling the macros correctly.

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Yes, exactly.

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I have the theory that the fat comes off first leaving the skin a bit baggy - then the skin slowly realises and s-l-o-w-l-y tightens up. And if you are old, it is likely to be even more s—l—o—w—l—y.

I am not sure if keto helps directly with the tightening (although the autophagy explanation is plausible). I do think a large part of it is that keto weight loss is more likely to be long term, unlike cico where 96% of people regain weight probably before skin can adjust. I think the skin adjustment is part of the long term-ness.

When I’d lost 15kg I was developing a new belly overhang of a skin roll and a wobbly neck pouch. However, now I’ve lost another 10kg (which has been slower), that overhang/pouch is about ThreeQuarters gone. I’m 55 and am not expecting miracles. However everyone keeps telling me I look fantastic which is really lovely. I think skin change is just a matter of being patient.

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I think people are afraid I have cancer or something. I’ve lost ~48 lbs and people for the most part of said zip. A few friends have asked. coworkers zip, boss zip.

A friend who was a cardiac nurse who is retired scoffs at my approach. But you can’t deny my cardiac risk is lower with my BG under control.

I’m 65 and in the last two or three weeks lots of folds and droopy skin. I told my wife the good news I’m getting significant thinner. The bad news is I’m going to look like an old man with tons of loose skin.

You know what? I’ll take loose skin with dramatically lower weight and improved healthspan.

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Yep, same here. I am more interested in my quality of life than loose skin. It has held onto fat for me for years so of course it is stretchy!


Good, good! Thanks for the confirmation! Am doing these shorter fasts virtually every day, and may (or may not!) work toward longer. Have on my to-do list to read/listen to some Dr. Fung stuff. Autophagy is a very cool concept.

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Thanks for sharing this story. That really lighted a spark with me. I too have felt uneasy about a skin removal procedure. Now I can ease my mind and keep on doing keto and not worry about tomorrow. And I can make prolonged fasting a regular thing.

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I agree with Jill on this. I also am encouraged from Robert’s story of losing 200 pounds and the fasting helping his loose skin. Being healthy is more important, but this is very neat if we can get rid of it by fasting too is all =).

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I think their are 3 things that play the biggest roles with loose skin.

  1. How big a person was to begin

  2. How old the person is

And 3) Personal genetics.

I lost 125lbs, and my skin got really loose around my mid section… Fortunately, not quite loose enough to fold over itself, but close.
After being that thin in the waist for 5 years, it got about 25% tighter, but was still kind of lame. My biggest disappointment. Had it not been for my back injury, I’d have probably had surgery for that by now.

But I looked great with a shirt on :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. Sometimes it also depends how long had they been fat. Had they been fat for five years or for 30 years?

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Re - Getting Old… Hey, dont think like that, I’m nearly 69, and I get stares and I love it ! Why get old, I started bodybuilding at 67!. Im also on the bottle ( washing the grey away ( in the beard ) , the rests natural !!) Forget about any stigmas, we are crashing the 70s barrier soon. Get the most out of life !!!

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Ohh I so hope you are wrong, as I’ve been fat for decades…:smiley:

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She’s not though. Being fat for a long time definitely makes a difference… That, and how fat… I mean, 300 lbs ? Or 600 lbs ? Big difference. And again, genetics. Everyone is different.

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I should add, about 11 years ago, my gut about 6" above my belt line, was 56". In less than 1 year, I had it down to 33"… and it looked pretty nasty. Never quite folded over on itself, but it was close ! It continued to tighten a little for maybe a year afterwards, But it would have never been washboard tight, without surgery. Again though, I looked great in a tank top :slight_smile:

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You would be amazed what Autophagy can do to get rid of saggy skin from weight loss. I cannot speak from this yet, personally, of course as I have over 120 pounds to shed still.

But… there are a lot of people on this forum that can attest to this! They fast a lot even after getting to their desired weight and their saggy skin is like gone!


also how quickly they put on weight. with slow weight gain the skin grows right along with you. with fast gains, it stretches resulting in stretch marks and cross linking. that kind of damaged skin isn’t as resilient or cooperative.