Instant Pot Recipes Please!

(Wendy Rushton) #41

There are tons of pressure cooker recipes on pintrest too.

(jketoscribe) #42

Don’t need to thaw.

(mwall) #43

You will NOT regret it! :yellow_heart:

(Chris Bair) #44

The 8quart is still on sale at Amazon

(G. Andrew Duthie) #45

We’ve only used our Duo60 once, and I’m already wondering whether I’d have been better off with the 8qt vs the 6qt.

Something for folks to consider if they’re looking at buying one. 6qt isn’t small, but I’m thinking I may have to do bone broth in multiple batches.

(mwall) #46

Broth for two in the 60 is working out pretty well here. I rotate my sacks of large cubes and for the larger containers for cooking soups or stews I use a combo of those and the broth from whatever I cook at a particular time to stretch the elixer.

(ketohealthclub) #47

It’s big!! I love it. I made the most amazingly tasty ribs in it last week. Even the bones were infused with flavor.

(Boston_guy) #48

Great 1-2 minute time-lapse videos from DadCooksDinner - Very visual and great way to get ideas -

(ketohealthclub) #49

We have the 8 quart and even that is small for broth because the bones take up a lot of space. But it’s worth it. You could easily sell your Instant Pot on Craigslist or give it away as a prize!


A little late posting this, but Nili has some great videos!

(Dave Miscavage) #51

Can I ask which recipe you used?

(What The Fast?!) #52

How do you know if they’re breaking down? I threw some frozen bones in just now and set for 120 min, wondering if I need longer since they’re frozen.

(jketoscribe) #53

Don’t worry about the timing for frozen food. The pot won’t come to pressure until the right temperature is reached. It will take longer to come to pressure but it takes care of itself.

(Tim) #54

So happy I found this thread!

The newest InstantPot Model was my first purchase with the money I saved from fasting.

(What The Fast?!) #55

Oh awesome! Thanks!!

(What The Fast?!) #56

Guys…I wish you could watch my bone broth wiggle. (I took off the layer of fat once it chilled and have it saved for feasting days.)
I tried uploading a video but this pic will have to do. It’s a big tub of gelatinous goodness.

(Tim) #57

Also, just a heads up, but Instant Pots are on sale on Amazon right now.

(LJ) #58

An IP Keto-friendly blog I like:


Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered one:)

(Tim) #60

Sale just ended. Back to 119.95 as opposed to 95.96.

I’ll try and let everyone know when they go on sale next time.