Instant Pot Recipes Please!

(What The Fast?!) #61

Heyyy!!! Couple things and a question (or two)!

  1. Costco is carrying a pressure cooker similar to Instant Pot and it’s super cheap - $70.
  2. I’ve only made bone broth with beef bones so far. I do 120 min on high pressure. When the bones come out, they still have some ooey gooey bits. I have no idea if it’s fat, collagen/connective tissue, or a combo of the two, but it’s delicious. Does anyone know if all the fat would have been broken down at that point and it’s more likely connective tissue…or not?
  3. I don’t know where I saw this idea, but I poured a bowl of it, then added a Tbsp of heavy cream…HOLY DELICIOUS CREAMY SOUP!!! Please do this, you will be so happy. (Oh - and I haven’t skimmed the fat off the top yet, so it’s fatty and creamy. Does everyone chill it, cut the fat off and use it as beef tallow?)
  4. How much should the bones break down (for beef)? Also, for chicken, do the bones break down ALL the way?


(jketoscribe) #62

I think the brand that Costco carries has a non-stick pot. I would not buy that because you’ll eventually end up eating the non-stick coating. Yum, yum–NOT. If they have a stainless steel pot it might be ok. IP has a lot of features but I mostly use manual, steam, and yogurt functions. Got my IP Duo 6 qt on Prime day for $69.


I like to cook my chicken bones for 4 hours in the IP and the broth is a rich brown and the bones are soft. I can’t remember how long I cooked my beef bones, I think it was 6-8 hours before I got a broth that looked as rich as my chicken broth. When the beef was done, I added more water, salt, etc and cooked them again and the next batch of broth came out just as good. I ended up cooking them three times. I found a blog somewhere that said you can keep cooking them until they are soft.