Instant Pot Recipes Please!

(Connor L) #1

Hi all!

Love the forum! So easy to use. :smiley:

I just got an Instant Pot for Xmas from my sister who sent me recipes for mashed potatoes and oatmeal…

She’s great, but I need to find Keto Instant Pot recipes. Resources? Favorites? Hacks? Thanks in Advance!

We're getting an instapot! Any Keto feedback?
(AnnaLeeThal) #2 She is a big Instant Pot fan.

I make bone broth in mine. Just bones, water, and a little ACV. Set for 120 min on high pressure. Give it another 120 min if the bones aren’t breaking down yet.

(momzbusy2012) #3

Congrats! I love my Instant Pot! You might want to search keto/low carb/paleo slow cooker recipes and then look on Pinterest on how to convert these in your Instant Pot. I do that with regular family meals that are non-keto but it’ll work just the same.

(jketoscribe) #4

I adapt IP recipes for Keto/LCHF. I make cheesecake and custard from standard recipes for the IP. I simply substitute alternate sweeteners and skip the crust on my cheesecakes. I use coconut cream instead of HWC, and alternate sweeteners for the custard. Nom Nom Paleo has a bunch of IP recipes. They aren’t nominally keto but most are keto friendly.

(shawnkuplin) #5

These recipes are provided in links to recipes from sites that have additional low carb/keto Instant Pot recipes. Some need to be be adapted to lower the carbs (less onions tomatoes etc) They include Nom Nom Paleo, Predominantly Paleo, Myheartbeets, and some of my go to sites for Instant Pot recipes that are keto or that I modify.


I love my InstantPot! I have made and I also found tips on how to adapt crockpot to instant pot on kitchenstewardship and I have seen some recipes on peaceloveandlowcarb. I will definitely let you know if I find some other yummy ones!

(Karen Parrott) #7

My absolute favorite is Nom Nom Paleo’s Mexican Beef. I’ll be making it tonight.

(Roxanne) #8

You’ll love it once you get the hang of it. In additional to bone broth, I use it on the yogurt setting to make creme fraiche, and one of our favourites is Kalua pork (pulled pork) such as this one:

(mwall) #9

I’m a big IP fan too. I make a LOT of bone broth in it. I love hot wings using it and turkey breast with gravy. I don’t really use recipes but I’ll definitely try to participate in the thread!

(Connor L) #10

This is all wonderful! Thank you very much. I wanted to post this facebook group link for other IP Keto people: It is a Low Carb/Keto IP group.

(Meeping up the Science!) #11

Her cookbook is totes gorgeous, too!

(Jacquie) #12

I don’t have an instant pot but after reading this thread I’m starting to think it might be a useful tool in the kitchen. I love to cook but don’t collect a lot of ‘gadgets’. My favs are a blender, food processor, burr grinder and espresso machine. :slight_smile: I’m keen to hear your thoughts, both pro and con.I’d be cooking for just hubby and myself.

(Connor L) #13

My limited understanding is: the Instant Pot is probably the ultimate kitchen device for Ketonians. It can cook meat very quickly, and it is supremely customizable. It has a ton of presets, and it can cook meals both large and small with ease. It also has a lot of resources. Many recipes have been written specifically for that device and brand.

I think it’s worth it to at least keep and eye out for a sale on Amazon.

(Roxanne) #14

For the past few years, Amazon has offered it at a substantial discount ($85 instead of $150 in Canada) on Black Friday. I set a calendar reminder for myself to check this past year, and they did, so I bought them for my kids (I unfortunately paid full price the year before). Very useful and replaces slow cooker, rice maker and yogurt maker in addition to being a pressure cooker.

(mwall) #15

here’s my 2 cents:
brown your meat before cooking
boil your liquid to thicken for sauce and gravy
brown, cook and simmer all in one
cook to tender MUCH faster than using a stove or oven
go from cooking to extended warming for no fuss creations while working
easy clean and care
watch for it to go on sale and do not settle for less than the lux60
you can compare models and features on their website…just google instapot.

(mwall) #16

They have actually put it on special sale several times (at least six I’ve seen myself) this past year. Following Nomnompaleo’s blog is a great way to keep up with when because she watches that and announces it regularly since all her cookbooks include sections just for this method of cooking :yellow_heart:

(Diane Allen) #17

Any particular IP recommendations? I’m actively searching for one to purchase.

(mwall) #18

The best advice might include your reviewing the website. It’s AWESOME and here’s a link to part of it with some comparison of features.
Instapot Website

(mwall) #19

It’s Instantpot, not instapot… sorry :wink:

(Jacquie) #20

@roxanne. I’m in Canada. Already checked out amazon and there’s a huge price range. High end is up to $300.CDN. Nothing is on sale. :frowning: