I'm disgusted and could scream!


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I am down to around 30-35-37 now for about 2 weeks give or take.
Haven’t lost one pound.
Not one.
Was easily up to around 80- topping out at 100.
Not sure how I haven’t lost one pound.
It’s insanity
Thank gosh I am equipped to enjoy the food, and prep. It’s like breathing.

Since I am adapted… There is NO question about that…gonna just keep going at 30-35 perhaps dropping to 25-27.
I believe it’ll come off, just gonna be slower is all.

Been doing it this long, why not just keep going.
I enjoy it and feel accomplished at the end of the week.
So… I think because I’m adapted it’s gonna take longer. I will not exercise so gotta stop the foot stomping and just be grateful I only have me to feed and I enjoy the lifestyle

Thank you so much for your post

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Ok you described my first year doing ketosis. I picked one.
Ketosis no exercise.
Still felt horrific. I stuck it out for about six weeks.
Up to 30-35 feels amazing but obviously no ketones. Which really makes S L O W
Gotta be in for the long haul if you’re doing it without ketones.
That much, I do grasp, however it really stinks.
Lifestyle… That’s mentally where I stay.
You know exactly how it feels. It’s awful


No, it isn’t. Very low-carb doesn’t guarantee fat-loss, why would it? Many of us don’t automatically lose on keto even if we have fat to lose.
People experience even gaining way lower, there is nothing odd about that either.
If you can’t lose fat even after several weeks, your eating must be off (or your body, possibly but it still takes a good woe to fix, usually). It’s not all about carbs.
Change something else.
And be patient, 2 weeks are almost nothing, you can’t necessarily figure out if you lost some fat or not.

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I get muscle cramps when I haven’t had enough salt, mostly at night.

I believe you and @MG1, really need to look into electrolytes. There are many discussions here on the forum. Many. :laughing:


Thank you, Edith.

Unfortunately, tweaking electrolytes helped (a lot!) with the cramps, but didn’t solve the problem of my feeling weak.

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If you’re feeling weak, how much protein are you getting?

Also, how long have you been eating keto? The return of endurance generally takes six to eight weeks, but for some people it can take longer.

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@Corals Just throwing this out and if it helps, great! If not disregard.

4 years on keto and 99+% of that time in ketosis. Fully fat adapted, but very thin and don’t have a lot of BF to work with. So rather than just start self-burn seamlessly when the exogenous energy is gone, my metabolism tells me very gently that it’s time to eat. I don’t have normal hunger/satiety signaling. The signals I get to refuel are feeling cold, tired or weak. If I ignore those signals or just don’t bother to eat, my energy level returns to normal within the hour as endogenous fat burn takes the load.

Feeling cold, tired and/or weak suggests that your metabolism is not switching to endogenous fat burn when you run out of ingested energy. That in turn suggests you’re not fat adapted. That in turn suggests that you’re not consistently in ketosis. You can certainly burn fat without being in ketosis, but it’s not as efficient. In my opinion, ketosis is the best place to be. In and out not so much. You don’t get the full benefits of continous ketosis, but still get the negative side effects of transitioning to/from carb burn.


I appreciate, @amwassil.

We’re all different and something that works for you (WOE) may work differently for others. I think this WOE fits you to a T, but isn’t totally adapted to me as I’m doing it now. I think I’ll eventually, by trial and error, find ways to tweak it better for my needs. I try lots of things. I’ve tried carnivore, I’ve tried 30g of carbs, I’ve tried switching veggies, etc. I’ve tried eating right before exercising, then 1h before, etc. Eventually, I’ll try something that will work for me. I keep trying.

I think it makes sense to eat when weak/cold. However, I’ve tried that, too. I eat to satiety.


About 1 year keto.

Protein varies, around 110g/day. Fats, about 130g/day.
110x 4= 440 Kcal
130 x 9 = 1170 Kcal.

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Have you weighed/measured to determine where ‘satiety’ occurs? Maybe it’s no more reliable/useful for you than for me. If you’re athletic/muscular your ‘satiety’ signal may be kicking in too soon.

PS: Yes, keto was the best thing I ever did for myself. :sunglasses:

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How long have you been following keto with carbs at 20-30 grams and therefore feeling week?

I’m wondering if it’s just the normal adaptation, muscles feeling weak and lethargic because they haven’t “learned” to utilize fat effectively. I was 51 when I started keto. It took me almost two months before my muscles started to feel less lead-like. Unfortunately, it’s not a switch. It’s a gradual increase of energy. I would say I had a good 2-3 months of lead body.

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Many thanks I started that, I’m waiting for my pink salt, and potassium to arrive, I’m solid around 30-35 carbs a day now
Once my packages arrive I’ll drop down to 15-20
Thank you so much

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Paul I began to drop down from my 50-80-100 tops
A little over two weeks ago. I fast and only feel the need to feed once a day. Typically I need a snack.
Since I dropped back down here… I have zero craving for that cup of keto ice cream that I had to have when I was up higher.
I just don’t want it.

Cravings absolutely disappear when you drop down. My snack last night was a four carb soft tortilla slathered with real butter and a tablespoon of 3 carb peach Smucker Jam. Rolled it up. It was incredible!

Appetite has really started to drop this last week. Saturday I had to force myself to feed.
Just a little salad because I didn’t want to wake up at 11pm starving.

I know I’m not into ketosis because I’m not sick but appetite is really diminishing… it’s getting better


For about one year in total. For about half that time, I was strictly below 20g, then I allowed more to deal with the severe muscles cramps I was experiencing. About.


Perhaps you are in ketosis, but now your body doesn’t feel sick anymore. Some change could have solved that problem (of feeling sick).

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I get muscle cramps if I don’t have enough salt. I think I mentioned that above. If you are only eating 1100-1200 calories daily, that could explain the low energy. Have you tried increasing the amount of food you eat?


I eat a lot more than 1200 Kcal a day! Let’s not hijack this thread anymore. @amwassil has created another thread.

I’m really, really sorry for the hijacking of this thread.

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You’re not hijacking this thread. Not in my opinion. Because someone views something or gives their knowledge diffrent doesn’t mean you’re hijacking a thread.
ANY knowledge to me, is fantastic knowledge.
With this lifestyle it all leads back around.
I am thankful you posted. Knowledge is incredible and makes ones feel like others understand them.

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Read it! Totally agree! This is a science. No question in my mind, now that the community is expanding to levels never seen,
Perhaps the medical community will step up their game.
I’m in a top ten hospital nationally (UPMC)
I love them and am blessed, however lobbying to locate doctors and nurses who have this lifestyle finetuned is difficult.
I really have specific needs with addictive thinking, recovery from hepatitis C, my age etc… It’s brutal to find a doctor who address both let alone all three.
I have individual doctors for individual needs.
If a group of doctors decided to open a clinic that specialized in
Perhaps recovery and addictive behaviors (millions upon millions of us )
Along with specifics in low carb /ketosis /general practice/diabetics etc … They’d be on the forefront of a massive market.
They’d be one of a kind.
Now unfortunately we have to have a nutritionists AND doctor, AND shrink. Bwaha
We don’t have that here.
Thanks for your post

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I think if you look around, there are lots of places like that, but they are of the concierge flavor, catering to the very wealthy and particularly celebrities. They don’t take insurance …

The current medical establishment already has a massive market, throwing drugs and procedures at diseases fueled by malnutrition… Why should they give that up?
There’s no money in treating addiction and eating disorders - at least not from the masses who couldn’t afford the treatment.

The medical profession would become like teaching- something that requires an expensive education, is in high demand, but nobody wants to pay them for it because the masses want it for free…