I'm disgusted and could scream!


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So then what do I do? I get your point but what should I do? I was going to start to push into ketosis last night and got so worried I’d get sick this morning. I have to watch my grand baby.
I can’t drop a pound above 21-25 carbs. That’s when my own body gets into ketosis.
I tried to drop this extra fat at 30. Won’t budge.
My PCP can’t really help because he is totally unfamiliar with ketosis and the lifestyle. He grasps it, but admits it’s not his speciality.
I tried locating a doctor who is and it is difficult. They send you to a nutritionist, who in turn isn’t a doctor.
My doctor did say he believes my body is comfortable and healthy at this weight which is why this machine won’t budge
Something about the body not willing to work with you if it’s healthy and strong at the weight you’re at???
He also said the body holds on to excess weight for survival in famine etc…
I plateaued. And it’s not moving from this weight.
Example :
Dropped down in last ten days from 50-80
Carbs to easily 27-30 (so I don’t get sick)
NOT A HALF A POUND came off! Not a half a pound. 11th day at that count. Not one stinking pound.
How is that even possible?
Bottom line if I wanna do this I gotta risk perhaps feeling sick because above ketosis without exercise, I’m done. Nothing will move me below that 20 pounds.

People say you live on 30 carbs a day? I’m like yes… Their like and you can’t lose weight???
Nope! People unfamiliar with keto can’t grasp that. I can’t either.

Thanks for replying back

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I read that before but never implemented it because I was just so sick I had to stop.
Someone said salt too? Like… Salt??? I read that somewhere as well.
So is what you’re saying is you too were sick in full ketosis with similar side effects and took the potassium? Did it help? How long did it take for you to feel better?
Did you stop ketosis start the pills and then go back into ketosis?
Thank you so much.
What about this salt thing? Ever hear of that?

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Robin… I’m 22 years out of heroine addiction. You have a valid point! Hugely valid.
I am a addictive behavior kinda girl! No question. I’ve pivotted it in the right direction however still in therapy to this day to keep a grip. It is obsession. It’s not for vanity, or for even health… It’s tough to admit but yeah I think it’s beating me and I wanna kill that last 20. You absolutely see me. It’s true

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You said salt!!! I did deep research for specifics. So hard to find a good doctor who has a specialty in ketosis.
I would cross reference, go back, take note, cross reference etc etc…,
Based on my own blood panels which I am blessed to be able to get via my doc. Whenever I request it…
Based on my own body specific numbers and side effects… I’m concluding,., it very well could be the salt factor for me.
Weird before I read your comment, I just said this to someone who responded to me on here.
So any quick advise? I wanted to start to get into ketosis yesterday on my one and only feeding.
Chickened out, I have my grand baby today.
What’d you think? How do you think I should begin implementation?
Thank you so’ much

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Several folks have mentioned salt, so does Ekberg in the videos I linked for you. Salt is necessary to maintain electrolyte balance, but maybe not enough by itself. Ekberg also mentions the importance of micro nutrients. My recommendation for both is to use either Redmond’s Real Salt and/or Himalayan pink salt. Both salts are packed with micro nutrient minerals.


But why would someone lose fat at 30g carbs or 10 or 3? it’s not about carbs…
It’s all about calories for me. Of course I never lose fat on keto if I eat much. it’s very complex and not exactly like this for everyone but you really can’t expect fat-loss JUST because you eat few carbs or eat once a day or whatever.

People in famines, in the other hand, well they always slim down as they must use up their bodies. Starving is still bad for metabolism but if you don’t eat, you inevitably lose fat (and muscle) in the end, there is no other way. Even if you eat 100g sugar a day. Energy is a serious thing.
There are unfortunate folks whose body acts like there is famine even if they just eat a little below their energy need. We normal ones simply lose fat without problems (if eating little isn’t considered a problematic thing to do). And there are the ones with bad metabolism and I don’t know what that means exactly but it’s not easy to lose fat on ketosis for everyone.
And there are the magical ones whose bodies waste energy (okay, mine does that too but only if I overeat, it can’t help me losing any fat).

And indeed, when we are normal just a bit chubby, it easily can happen that our body stops cooperating with us, it’s common.

Keto isn’t a miracle fat-loss diet… Ketosis alone isn’t enough for fat-loss at all, it never was for me and I was somewhat careful with my food intake especially regarding added fat.
But I had problematic items I got out and it helped tremendously.
I probably wrote it a few times in this thread… As I am a big believer of the right food choices. And right timing may be important but mostly the food choices.

Electrolytes are important. Some of us just eat our food and all is well, others need supplement some of them.

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I think everyone that can, has shared some ideas with you.
You have told us a lot about what didn’t work, so it’s time to try something else…

Did you look at the videos amwassil posted?
It looks like Dr, Ekberg has some more interesting topics out there.
Have you looked at any of the fasting information from Dr. Jason Fung?


As for electrolytes, this may help:


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I love when we meet others who understand our path, our fears, obsessions, addictions, demons… whatever. Just keep plugging away, kiddo!

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BTW… I too am an addict of booze and cigarettes. I’ve been clean for maybe 5 or 6 years. (can’t believe I don’t know!) I have always said that if I get a terminal diagnosis and have 6 months left, you will find me chain smoking and drunk. I probably don’t really mean that. But I can fantasize.

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@MG1 There’s a lot of very good stuff in this video:

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@MG1 I just posted a video as another topic here. The comment at 17:46 of the video made me think of your trials and tribulations:

There’s a whole lot in that video you will likely find helpful.

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Thank you! I agree I’m almost 55 with a bad right knee.
Not making excuses… Really I am not.
However, losing that massive 80 and my body going back pretty well after being that massive…, kinda leads me to believe I can do it without it. I have massive desires which I achieve.
My shrink said it’s better psychologically not to do it if I know deep down… I won’t continue.
It’s much better to be honest than to fail.
I’ll tweak this last 20-30 if it kills me. Then I can help all those millions who struggle with the same feelings about physical excercise.
Lots of women and men struggle with this… Push because it’s ingrained psychologically and fail which sends them into not pushing forward with good healthy clean living and losing weight.
I was one of them.
I would rather see folks lose weight than to try to do something they detest and fail at both.
It’s kinda why a good doctor will tell you to pick quitting smoking first or weight loss first but do not attempt both at the same time.
I left that ship a long time ago which is why I’ve excelled to the level I am with health and weight loss.
I ain’t kidding myself anymore.
Been there done that.
Excercise is amazing however it’s not for everyone. No one should ever be ashamed of that.
Be true to thyself. :purple_heart:
Thank you for your post.

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You do know… You’re amazing right? :heart:

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Metabolic flexibility?

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #36

You could start here if you’re interested:


The ability to flip flop between fuel sources without all the hell. Eat Fat, burn it for fuel. Eat Carbs burn them without feeling like you’re hungover afterwards. Realistically they way we should be.

You’ll find many mixed ideas on it (here) but it’s pretty popular and should be. Purists think it’s all about being able to cheat without the carb hangover, but it’s not at all. We talk of how our metabolisms are so screwed up that we can’t burn fat for fuel anymore which is the case for most of us when we start. But then we do super strict keto and keep carbs out for so long that we recreate the exact same problem just with carbs. Our metabolisms are designed to have multiple fuel sources, so why it’s ok that we always have to have one of them basically damaged is crazy, at least to me. Took me a while to think of it that way, I was at one point a card carrying Keto cult recruiter.

What’s different when you’re flexible aside from the obvious is If I eat near keto all week, then my kid wants a pizza, I used to either eat something else or eat my own homemade concoction or a fathead or something, clearly not even remotely as good as the real thing. But the “payback” wasn’t worth it. I’d feel hungover the next day, retain tons of water aside from the glycogen reload etc. Now If I do that I eat the pizza and that’s it. No payback, no pain, no water, no nothing. The next day I’ll be making ketones again once I burn it off. Not some drawn out long term thing waiting to get “back into ketosis”. It just happens. If I eat a super fatty meal there’s no upset stomach or an hour on the toilet, my body just deals with it.


I share some of these problems. My lack of energy has progressed to the point I’m exercising a lot less than I used to. I jog, instead of running. Today I started to jog and fell so weak, I went back home to take my bike, because cycling is easier than jogging. I’ve never felt so weak in my life. I get off the couch and my heart races like I’m going to faint.

I also struggled with severe muscle cramps, but I’m much better now, since I’ve tweaked my food.

I hope you find solutions to your problems.

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I understand this and you’ve been very successful in your own right, doing it in a way that works for you. For me, exercise hatred is mental. It’s based in this idea that it’s all or nothing (I put the clothing on, I commit to a time frame, I follow the heart rate recommendations, etc) and I’ve always been a teenage rebel at heart. Don’t tell me how to do it, I’ll figure it out myself.

As for doing things I think I may fail, if I didn’t I would still be an opiate addict, or eating beloved donuts daily or too anxious to go to the store. That’s me, though. I get where you’re coming from.

I had a hospital event last weekend involving my liver. Now I have fear as a motivator and it proving to be more hearty than vanity and I’m thankful for that. Do let us know how you tweak and make it happen.

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Bwaha thank you so much.
I started uping the carbs because I was disgusted!
It’s my addictive personality… Can’t get what I want so I take a tantrum… I’ll show you! :rofl:

Stupid I know but self awareness is key in my opinion.
I guess I stumbled on “flexibility” by accident. However I’d never do it as an experiment. I think it sucks myself.

I much prefer the structure and accomplishment of losing and feeling physically so good.
I kinda don’t with this extra weight I still need to lose.
So knowing I guess I have this flexibility is amazing, however I’d never choose to utilize it for any reason if I still need to lose. No way… Glad I didn’t gain but trying again.
I’m down to around 30-35 a day and feel incredible I’m back on and structured.
I do well with rules and structure today.
Thanks for the insight