I'm disgusted and could scream!


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Haven’t been here for a while because I jumped back up to around 50-80 carbs a darn day.
Totally cognizant of it, and there is good news…
Thank gosh.
However, this initial 20-30 that I really need to drop (which is why I got disgusted and jumped back up )
Is really really really really one of the toughest things I have ever done.
Don’t get mad if you don’t lose fast… Because remember when you get to that last 20; it’s gonna be brutal!
What is the problem with this last 20? The entire keto experience was INCREDIBLE!
I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t have to really work out. My micros were so incredible, and my body response was so magnificent, I didn’t even worry about the scale anymore… My body wasn’t losing on the scale, but those BEAUTIFUL sizes were just dropping off! Plop plop plop…, I’d not see anything on that scale but wow… Those jeans and my dimensions were totally changing before my very eyes! It was incredible!
(Avocado! Drenched with avocado oil and lime! Lots of it )
That’s what really moved me when I’d get stuck.
My entire body proportion changed.
Anyway…, I’m back now needing to ketosis this AGAIN!
I prefer low carbs but gotta do it!
How am I going to drop this last 20? What is going on? One year! I’ve been fighting this last 20 for literally… Years! I’ve had it.
My job is physical, not a work out girl and unafraid to admit it. I hate it.
Ketosis makes me so physically sick guys.

Please help me! Please! I have to do this once and for all.
I still intermediate fast (thank God that’s a no brainer to maintain )
Please help me

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Curious. In what way(s) does ketosis make you physically sick?

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Mike, I get so tired! I can’t move, no motivation. My entire demeanor is altered and I changed psychologically, it’s the lack of energy. I get so sick at my stomach.
I attributed it to dairy, then fat, then perhaps the awful lack of energy. I’m chasing my tail with why?
I’ve tried to change and alter but below 20 I mean come on… You can only change and alter so much.
I vomit every single morning. Soon as I go back up to 30-35 I’m perfect! Back to normal in 48 hours. Not keto flu.
I think it could be and for me I just can’t get out of keto flu.
So everything is gone in the house… Ready to drop back down… Gone is the sugar free smucker peach Jam. Gone is the Edamame… My favorite… All gone. Fridge filled with nothing but healthy keto products.
Don’t know what to do at this point.


So you tried to change your keto as much as it’s possible for you and it’s still bad?
I would think keto isn’t for me now. If you feel that unwell, that’s a serious problem, I wouldn’t force it. Eat 30-35g carbs then. I ate even more in the beginning, it didn’t help with fat-loss but I needed that phase. Now I eat 5-10 on my good days, soooo much better! But it’s me, you probably need a bit more, it’s not necessarily a problem.
I ate some carby favs of mine on keto too (I am a hedonist), just in moderation. But it’s very easy not to eat some favs, I have so many! And we can learn to enjoy another woe. BUT we should feel right, your case is sad and no good…

There are very few people who lose the last 20-30 pounds slower than me (I went into the right direction without success at fat-loss in the last 9 years. well a bit gain on my worse times. good thing I am patient and fat-loss isn’t my most important goal. I definitely got benefits and learned about myself).
So I can’t help with losing the last 20 pounds though I know how I can do it (dairyless carnivore-ish on most days and an acitive lifestyle). But you are a different person.

What was the problem with a bit more carbs?

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That’s wonderful thank you for the amazing post! A bit more carbs keeps me stable. It could of been worse, I could of gained. How blessed am I to know I can go as high as 100 carbs a day, and maintain.
I know folks who would give an eye tooth to have that info.
The sweet spot is tough to find.
I can comfortably maintain at 50-100. That’s awesome. I’m blessed…
Just Cant figure out how to drop the last 20 (with 30 off to giving me wiggle room )

I think for me its the fight. I fought so hard. I lost a lot.
I think I’m obsessed because I just can’t stop till I finish. Tough spot to be in. Thank you for your post.
I just can’t lose weight at 30 carbs. Can’t do it.

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Just curious.
What are these healthy keto products.?

" Keto " is not a type of food, it is a way of eating that includes foods that support ketogenesis.
This way of eating should limit foods ( carbohydrates ) that don’t support ketogenesis.

The only way to sustain ketogenesis is to limit dietary carbohydrate so that the body uses fat, preferably body fat, to provide energy in the form of ketones.

You may need to limit dietary fat so that the body draws more on stored body fat if the goal is to lose weight by losing body fat.


It’s nice to have super easy maintenance but I feel it a curse too. I was used to not being able to gain quickly and maintaining with very much carbs and even more fat… So when it came to losing, it was tricky. I started to eat WAY less and still didn’t lose as I still ate too much for that. And I still feel my energy need super tiny in food form… (I actually lost fat at 80g carbs and not on keto when I had less to lose, it’s nothing special. My SO always loses fat eating HCHF. Not comfortably though. I comfortably lost.)
But yeah, I guess it’s good that we can relax without gaining a lot :slight_smile: I appreciate it sometimes. Though I would have better motivation to eat right if I couldn’t afford a worse method…

I am sure everyone can lose fat at 30g carbs but I can imagine it’s not healthy in some cases. We can’t make energy from nothing but it’s possible to have starvation symptoms without normal fat-loss. I don’t know why some people are like that…
I don’t want to believe that you need to feel BAD to be able to lose, it’s too tragic! I would desperately try to find some better options…

Can you fast longer? What happens then? 0g carbs is the ultimately low and the ultimate elimination short term…
It’s possible you just can’t do that without feeling bad, extended fasting isn’t for everyone and even I get hungry, I just don’t feel super bad if I still skip days (but I don’t do that, normally). But I am fine anyway.
Maybe you still eat something that isn’t good for you when paired up with very low-carb? I don’t know but it’s troubling that you have so bad experiences and you have other problems with higher carbs…

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Well keto products are not Edamame and sugar free Jam.
Brussel spouts,
Meats of all varieties
Almond flour
Coconut flour
Zantham gun
Sugar alcohol
Sour cream
Heavy whipping
Cream cheese
Eggs bacon
Keto bread
Keto tortilla
Cheese (not already shredded )
Etc etc
Keto food is nothing over a certain amount of carbs that you can mess up on.
In a pinch I really can’t go wrong. Keto food

I’m pretty familiar with the way of life… I’ve lived and breathed keto and low carb for almost five years. :rofl:
I was 251 at five foot three.
Last 20


I’ve read many times sweeteners messed with someone’s fat-loss (or other things)… I don’t know how that works, I am nothing like that. Carbs mess with me and raises my food intake so I can’t lose. But I can overeat using fat or cream too.
I wonder if some very low carb would be better than 20g… One can never know. When I went lower with my carbs, first it got easier, then harder, then impossible… And below was my ideal woe (especially after spending enough time higher).
But you may be something very different. Maybe you do need your 30-35g carbs (for now, at least) but with different food choices.

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Since you know how this works, the take-away from my last post would be that if the fat you are eating is supplying your energy needs, there is no reason for your metabolism to draw upon your body stores and result in weight loss.

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Maybe you need to break up with your co-dependent last 20 pounds. Break up with CARING about them. You know how to do this in a way that works for you, and you are lucky in the amount of carbs you can eat! (Unless they cause cravings, which is my issue so I stay low.) Your body proportions and clothes are screaming SUCCESS! Forget those 20. It could take years or it might never happen. Who cares? Remember where you came from! You got this!

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You might be feeling fatigued for any or all of the following reasons: (1) you might not be getting enough protein; (2) you might not be getting enough calories, (3) you might not be getting enough salt and drinking enough liquid, (4) you might be going through fat-adaptation again.

As far as the nausea is concerned, you might be getting too much polyunsaturated fatty acids. Avoid the industrial seed oils (soybean, safflower, sunflower, corn, canola, and the like) and switch to butter/ghee, lard, tallow, and bacon grease for cooking. If you absolutely cannot life without oil in your life, use the fruit oils: avocado, coconut, and olive. Their PUFA content is much closer to reasonable, although too much of them will still give you nausea.

Lack of fat loss can have many reasons, but the top three are (1) too much carbohydrate, (2) not enough calories (fat), and (3) insulin-resistance is still high (which requires cutting carbohydrate even further).

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This is a plausible hypothesis on the surface, but I think the reality is more complicated. There are documented cases of people who ate enormous caloric loads on a low-carbohydrate, high-fat ketogenic diet and still lost fat. We are talking 3000-5000 calories a day, here.

On the other hand, a DuPont executive who lost a goodly amount of fat on a low-carb, high-fat diet in the 1960’s was written up in a case study, where it was mentioned that a single extra apple would cause him to put on weight.

Moreover, and for what it’s worth, one study I read demonstrated, by using radio-labeled foods, that it was the dietary carbohydrate that got converted into fat and stored, whereas dietary fat got metabolised.

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I also hate exercise. I’ve written posts about it. But unfortunately this body doesn’t care about my feelings. I also have a physical job and quite honestly I find it unfair that I ALSO have to work out when my feet are sore and my back is tired after a long day of work. That being said, I understand my heart rate didn’t go up or stay up. So for me, sit ups and walking on the treadmill is all I’m willing to do and it helps tremendously. Best wishes.

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Your comments are well taken… I think I may have oversimplified my suggestion which as you say sounds plausible.

I also agree it is certainly more complicated than that, and as variable as there are people.

However, I think people can sometimes be misled about the amount of fat they can eat when “ketoing” to lose weight.

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You’re right about that. No one should be choking down fat past the point where their hunger is satisfied. It’s not an “all you can eat” diet but and “eat what your body tells you to” diet. But I do think we worry more about calories than is necessary. As Prof. Bikman points out, the human metabolism is variable, and the body has ways of wasting energy when it wants to do so.


Sounds like you gained some metabolic flexibility and was just burning through them. 50-80 is still very low carb when you remove the keto word from the equation.

You job is just your job, your body is adapted to it and it’s not working for you in place of a workout. If being in Ketosis makes you physically sick, don’t do it, plain and simple. I’d argue your diet log would explain why that’s happening but at any rate dont’ do it if you don’t enjoy it. It doesn’t take Ketosis to loose weight. But never working out isn’t good either, it’s healthy. It good for your body and metabolism. Do you track what you eat?

I’d much rather sleep in on weekends than be in the gym at 6am, I’d also rather go straight home after a long day at work rather than go in, even if it’s to sit on the couch or pass out. But I also like having muscle and being healthy and never want to be obese again. So what I want doesn’t really matter. I need to pick what I want more, my goal, or whats easy/fun. I used to constant choose the easy/fun. I lost over a decade of my life to obesity thanks to it.

Seems to me the EASY thing is to start cranking everything down and do what you gotta do, if you’ve been trying to loose 20lbs for years, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t forget the definition of insanity!

Good Luck!, you’ll do it!

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You may also find this of interest:


For me, the feelings you describe are usually an electrolyte problem. I just take an extra dose of my potassium pills (I’ve needed to supplement potassium for decades) and have some egg drop soup with some sea salt added.

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I am 22 years clean. I had hepatitis c for around 25 years… I cleared it totally two years ago. Officially cured. You may have a valid point here.
Never even thought of that.
They say it takes about two years after you’re cured to actually have the liver up and running correctly.
I wasn’t sick at all with my hepatitis because the doctors believe getting it, and actually getting clean around the same time without even realizing it…, probably saved my liver tons of damage.
When I get into ketosis if I don’t get sick then your point is more valid that you may think.
Thank you so’ much!