I'm becoming a carnivore, not zero carb though, yet ;)

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I’ve never had that @PaulL but you can be sure I’ll be checking out the best I can afford. I will look into getting The Joy of Cooking as well, I’ve heard of it so it must be pretty famous :wink: and no more Soy. That sauce had been in my fridge for awhile as I rarely used it.

Thanks to both you guys for helping me out :grinning:

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One thing that I have learned which surprised me was that I (in fact we, as my wife is semi carni) like cheaper cuts of steak more than the expensive cuts. Here in Australia, that means rump steak at around A$18/kg, vs the more expensive stuff like porterhouse A$26/kg, or scotch fillet A$40/kg.

I started with the expensive meat and soon realised that I actually prefer the cheaper ones. I think because it has more fat in/on it, and that creates great flavour.

I am no chef; my cooking basically consists of getting a slab of meat out of the fridge, salting it up, and either cooking it in the air fryer (steak takes approx 10mins) or the oven (pork/lamb joint takes approx an hour, but can take longer if I want to slow cook it).

No plants has made meal prep incredibly easy. If I am hungry right now, I get a steak out and ready in 10. If I am well prepared and have lots of time (usually the weekend) I try to cook a nice pork or lamb roast. For whatever reason, I generally haven’t done beef roasts, and just stuck to steak for the beef option.

We regularly do meatballs, and that is about as fancy as we do: ground beef or lamb, cheese, one egg for binding, salt. Tastes fantastic!

I have also made some great bacon and egg pie: eggs, cooked bacon, grated cheese, cream, salt, cook. Fantastic!

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Hello Alec, This all sounds very good. What I am hoping for is healing my body, and maybe preventing pain. I’ve read quite a lot on red meat actually taking away different types of pain, arthritis being one I remember reading.

Have you or anyone here that is Carnivore found relief from pain, and possibly healing? I know we have to age of course, but if I can grow older with more quality of life, I want to. I know I’ve mentioned this earlier, and many won’t understand my particular issue, but I’m weaning off a long-time drug they gave me and I do believe it has caused so many of my issues, when it was given to help me, it no longer does. I’ve been offered a larger dose a few times and always turn it down since I found out myself how horribly addictive it is, and I had a withdrawal symptom that scared hell outa me.

So that’s maybe, the main reason for truly pursuing better health including preventative means for my future. Nutrition I believe is best, and exercise of course :wink:

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Hmmm… I started to say this WOE has eliminated my arthritis and joint pain and greatly reduced inflammation in those areas. But it’s probably equally the amount of weight I lost.
But you don’t need to lose weight. I hope you find your right answer.

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That may be true, but cutting carbs does have an effect, unrelated to weighing less. I find that, if I yield to carb cravings and overdo things, even if it’s just a little bit of extra carbohydrate, I am creaky, sore, and stiff the next day.

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Oh yeah, Paul… that’s true. I forgot that my joints ached when I stepped out of my low carb lane… and they reacted quite quickly.
So, there is that!

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I hope you never experience what I have Robin. But you probably won’t unless you stop taking the clonazepam, which for whatever reason, I did. I think it first happened because I ran out and just thought, oh what the heck. Big mistake and that was 10 years after using them. I was having a nightmare but was wide awake walking through a Walmart.

This thread needs to stay on track and if it offends anyone I am very sorry, and if it’s inappropriate, or against any rules here I won’t mention it again?

No, I don’t need to lose weight now, just keep in as good a shape as I can. There are many reasons we can get sick, and everyone is different.

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I rarely eat too much carbs but I know I’ve experienced healing with Keto, as you know Paul, the first was basically going into remission from T2 Diabetes :wink: I’ll never regret that decision, or, coming by you all here on the forum.


Hi Denise. I naturally gravitated from keto to carnivore too. I lost interest in the plants/carbs, fruits and vegetables. I discovered all I wanted to eat was meat, and dairy. I remember my heavy whipping cream phase. So incredibly sweet, like a dessert. But it was ultra processed and caused digestion issues and bloating so it had to go. Same with conventional, pasteurised cheeses, and butter. These days I drink raw grass fed milk which I get from a local farm. I drink two glasses a day. It is very beneficial for my gut as it contains friendly bacteria and enzymes that pasteurisation kills off. It also contains the enzyme lactase which is destroyed in shop bought milk, and which allows even supposedly lactose intolerant people to digest raw, untreated milk.

I don’t see carnivore as a ketogenic WOE by the way, I believe in eating a lot of protein for muscle preservation to avoid sarcopenia later in life, and I eat about 500 grams of ground beef or lamb a day. I eat till I’m pleasantly stuffed and don’t track or care about macros. I am 5.2 and weigh 112 pounds. If a WOE could heal you inside out, in particular heal the gut, then that becomes more important to me than staying in ketosis. I believe in an animal-based diet, eating animal flesh, in my case ruminants like beef and lamb, eggs and dairy. What I don’t believe in is labelling everything.

As to raw milk versus heavy whipping cream, the cream is sweet for a reason. It’s only 30% fat at best, and there’s plenty sugar left. When homogenised dairy is consumed, I can well believe it causes both inflammation and weight gain. It just isn’t my experience at all that raw milk has that effect, it simply does not appear in any way to be fattening. Though we’re all different. If I could eat cheese, cream and butter I would, for sure, but all I can get my hands on is pasteurised so it’s not for me.

Anyway, if you’re naturally gravitating towards carnivore Denise, because it makes you feel better, you just follow your body’s cues.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:Our bodies are smarter than us. And our tastes and appetites changes so much over time on our deeply individual journeys. I just eat what my body wants me to eat, it tells me and I listen, and it thanks me.

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Thank you @never2late, what a good read. I am pretty good at listening to my body, and sure when I eat something a bit different which is rare, I notice real quick. I don’t experiment too much because I don’t want something else different. Basically same foods for these first 2 plus years so far. I eat mostly meats/fish/some dairy (yogurt/butter/cheese) All come in packages but I try for the best, or what I believe to be the least processed I can find.
I like the variety you talk about as I thought I’d be strictly red meat, which I do plan to keep eating more of. This is a small town, but we are lucky to have a lot of dairy farms, fresh beef from ranches, things like that I can figure out how to spend more but make it last. I bought a Food Saver which has been one of my best purchases ever :wink:

How do you feel about nuts as I go for them as snacks if I need a bit more protein, but at a real minimum. I’m lucky I’m not the type to have a bag etc. and have to eat it all, I do portions only, still measure, and weigh things out. Just got in the habit :wink: I also love to sprinkle some seeds like Chia Seeds and Flaxseed on my eggs in a.m., or really more brunch I eat so late. I love nutritional yeast I think you’d have heard of :slight_smile: Denise


Surely nuts work for some. I have heard from many that they don’t find them satiating (it isn’t necessarily a problem, of course). I am like that and as I tend to overeat, I better avoid them most of the time.
It must be a lot of nuts that noticably helps with protein and that brings lots of fat (fine if one needs that) and more or less carbs as well. I only depended on oily seeds on vegetarian keto. I went for flax whenever it was good enough (not the tastiest one, after all but not bad, per se) as it has almost zero net carbs. I used sesame and poppy seeds for extra calcium (and taste)…
But I swapped them and my vegs for meat since.

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I guess I’m getting some benefit even though with the Flaxseed, chia, and nutritional yeast I only eat a tsp of each a day for a.m. breakfast. I just got used to it all and don’t really notice the taste except the nutritional yeast on popcorn is yummy imo.

So you are saying it fits in with Carnivore diet? I just want the healthiest most simple diet I can eat as I get tired of cooking plus I grew up with the average 3 course meals, meat, potatoes and a veg. :wink: so I thought I always had to do that and was still doing it, no potatoes of course :wink:


Hi Denise, nuts and seeds I lost interest in a good long while ago. It just seemed so pointless, I would eat 10 or 13 almonds in the morning, it was more of a habit than anything, and it just wasn’t doing anything for me. The seeds I lost interest in even faster, back when I was still doing keto and clinging to my idea of variety. Back when I was also clinging to my 1 daily square of 90% dark Lindt chocolate, lol. Feels like a lifetime ago. I am a moderator, not abstainer, but I just lost interest in it all. But that’s me, this is such an individual journey. If you feel good eating those nuts and seeds then by all means, I feel grand drinking my grassfed raw milk. If the body is happy that’s what matters. I don’t know much about yeast to be honest, it’s something you take to improve absorption of food? I find the raw milk helps me to digest all food better. And I read it helps you to digest fat better. It’s intetesting.

How wonderful you have farms around you! That is such a blessing. I am lucky in that too, I live in a fairly rural area and there are farms, fields full of grazing cows and sheep​:slightly_smiling_face:As to the variety of meats, I started off absolutely mad for pork. Then, one day I went off it, and didn’t like the taste of it anymore, same with chicken and fish. Now all my body appears to want is red meat, beef especially and lamb, I honestly don’t know why, but I just go with it. Red meat tastes better to me than anything else on this planet, including eggs and dairy. No other food compares. But again, that’s me, and if you love a variety of meats, fish and seafood, you go for it, follow your body​:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I have read Mikhaila Peterson’s story and what she went through was such a tough journey to find oneself in so young. She strikes me a strong and intelligent young lady who really came out on the other side. But unless you have auto immune diseases you are attempting to heal, then the lion diet is probably not neccessary. A more relaxed carnivore might be better to include foods you are already comfortable with. I have auto immune diseases or conditions, such as roseaca (facial and occular) blepharitis, dry eye, macular degeneration, and Reynauds. I also have lipoedema and lymphedema, as well as muscle weakness and daily fatigue, not helped by the Tamoxifen. My body has been feeling so, so much better since carnivore that I hope I can over time heal all these conditions, and get off my medication even. My quality of life is already so much better. And really, these auto immune things, well there’s some research pointing them in that direction, I don’t know, - are all managable and small in the grand scheme of things. Apart from the macular degeneration. But I spoke with two doctors about it, one was convinced I had it, the other one wasn’t. It was back in my mid-twenties the first doctor diagnosed me with it. So I remain hopeful. I don’t know what your health is like Denise, but yes, listen to your body, enjoy the food that nourish you the most, life is too short not to treat our bodies like the precious gifts they are, and it’s whatever feels right to you.


Of course plants don’t fit the carnivore diet.
I can’t do carnivore, I am merely trying to stay close most of the time. My nuts happen on my off days but they are mostly harmless. I noticed that staying close is good enough for me (as far as I can tell, of course I can’t have an idea what could happen on longer term carnivore but I am unable to do it). Some need to be very strict, even avoiding lots of carnivore items while others can add extras without noticeable problems. Of course, extras may bring other problems, I stepped on slippery slopes quite a few times… Sometimes it’s mental, not physical. A little nut never triggered more carb eating in me.
I still don’t justify it for myself on a normal day. But it’s me and my complicated relationship with my chosen default woe.

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Dangit Shinita :rofl::joy: you are on here I assume you are a carnivore, but you obviously know something about it!! How come they say nut-meat then if they are just a plant, LMBO!! I am totally losing it today and please know I am only joking with you :joy:


I have finally read enough about dairy to persuade me to give it up. It is my own fault for vigorously researching nutrition all my available time (it’s a hobby horse and a passion) and now I finally feel I have the knowledge to push me over the fence (been sitting on it for a long, long time) regarding dairy. It was like that with coffee, until I felt I had sufficient knowledge to persuade me to give it up. So that’s it for me, no more raw milk. I have been listening a lot to Dr. Paul Mason, and I was still on the fence. But I’ve since come across a couple of articles that I felt explained it a lot better. But then I always prefer reading to listening to podcasts and watching videoes. Anyway, I am closing the dairy chapter. Will be posting the links I found later. If I was feeling great, Dr. Paul Mason (who planted the seed of doubt in me regarding dairy) combined with those articles would probably not have convinced me. But … I have been getting aches again, my joint ache creeping back up. I blamed it on everything else, caffeine withdrawal symptomps, my bathroom cleaning sprays, but my skin has flared up since reinstating dairy (like a christmas tree) and my face is, well … visibly inflamed.

I am beginning to really see the problem with dairy now, especially milk, even raw milk. I think I understand more what Dr. Paul Mason has been saying all along. So that’s it. I’m convinced. And when I’m convinced about a food not being beneficial to me any longer, it is very easy to give it up. Just like with the coffee. This leaves me with beef and lamb, eggs, salt, fat (beef tallow) and water, currently. The only thing keeping me from the lion (strict elimination) diet are my precious eggs. But if I still notice joint pain after eating eggs, they might eventually have to go too. Dr. Paul Mason lists 6 foods as potential auto immune disease triggers to those susceptible to auto immune diseases. These are (1) Dairy (2) Coffee (3) Fish (4) Seafood (5) Pork and (6) Eggs. Luckily nothing tastes better to me right now in the world than beef and lamb, so if I had to give up eggs too it wouldn’t be the end, though I’m still seeing my eggs as beneficial, for now. Even if it ended up being just beef and lamb, I would still feel blessed with this nourishing food because when I eat it my body seems to say it’s all it needs.:cow2::sheep:


My aim is staying close to carnivore most of the time (very tiny extras are fine and probably needed - mostly mentally - for me). I probably never will be carnivore but I can imagine having longer times on it in the future when I finally lose all interest in my less fortunate off day items.


@never2late I would very much appreciate reading the articles you mention. But please only share those with scientific references to back up statements, since literally anyone can promote anything on the internet these days. There has to be some standard for credibility — beyond being a YouTube personality, for example.


Hi Wendy, here is the link to the article. https://novoslabs.com/why-milk-accelerates-aging/#:~:text=More%20precisely%2C%20milk%20contains%20various,receptors%2C%20making%20cells%20age%20faster.

The article could be biased, but I was surprised by the depth of information in it. It does provide references to back up the statements, links to studies, and the information was, well … both complex and interesting, and it supports what Dr. Paul Mason has been saying regarding milk but goes into much more detail about why it’s not beneficial. Before coming across this information I was only aware of the inflammatory effect of dairy, and it does appear inflammatory to my body, even the raw milk. But milk being inflammatory is just one component according to the article. It goes into great detail about the many other ways drinking milk will not lead to a good place healthwise. And the thing is, well … I had been discovering worse fatigue since drinking raw milk, but blaming it on my medication. And old joint aches were flaring up, well I blamed those on caffeine withdrawal symptoms. I was so addicted to dairy, or shall we say fond of it, that I was making excuses for drinking it whilst fervently hoping my body could handle the raw milk and grassfed butter. But I was only thinking about the inflammatory component …

The article is well worth a read, even if in the end you don’t agree with it. I believe in the importance of arming oneself or equipping oneself is a less negative word, with knowledge so as to be able to make informed choices for our health, we’ve only got this one life after all, one body.

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Where does Paul list those 6 foods, please?
I am in Sydney and he is one of my doctors.
I have auto immune issues… and there are things on your list he has never mentioned to me, is why I am interested in the reference.