I'm becoming a carnivore, not zero carb though, yet ;)


I totally agree with everything :smiley:

Oh I haven’t seen this diagram (?) since ages… I am either in the relaxed carnivore part (on my super rare pure carnivore days), normally I have that and a tiiiiiny plant extra… But I never do the meat-based or normal keto. Me and limited protein intake :smiley: Well I do try to keep it below 200g but I wouldn’t call that limited (and regularly fail anyway).
And very few carbs (usually below 20g a day) is on my pure carnivore or carnivore-ish. My keto has a lot. But emphasis on animal products, I have that. My tiny extras are very carby though.

Isn’t a diagram with zillion other circles? :smiley: Okay, I don’t need that, it would be confusing…
Oh maybe what I see in anime about games, many rays, all for some factor and we immediately see how powerful the player is, with which strength. I would have 3 spikes on it, egg, dairy, meat. (Not actual spikes if they would be neighbours…)

It’s not pure fat, it has water and that should bring some sugar… But maybe they can get that out.
So your cream has no sweetness at all? (Ew. I love and use the sweetness of my cream, can’t even imagine it without that!)

I know you made it up but I was curious :smiley: I don’t care about the practicality of the knowledge all the time, I love it for itself quite often!
Carnivore and plant-free is redundant… But we are unsure about carnivore as it doesn’t mean the same or even similar to all of us but maybe it’s just there for people to know it’s some kind of carnivore… I always catch the first letter so it may help…
Zero carb is like carnivore, it is not clear. Zero carb from plants or zero carb from anything? It’s usually not the latter as very many carnivores eat significant amount of carbs (even though they are typically adorable compared to me but I am no carnivore. But I manage to get much carbs from animal products quite often).
But I put too much time and effort into this already.
I am a visual type anyway. If I wanted to show my default woe, that would be a pyramid. Or circle or whatever. I couldn’t do a pyramid without putting different food groups next to each other. Because no matter what pyramid drawers smoke, egg ISN’T dairy.

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Ok Paul, thank you for this. That gives me a little leeway in what is still considered carnivore. I would be in it for mostly, I think, because it sounds good to me because of illnesses or issues I have, and to maybe prevent others I could get. I am concerned about my memory issues, and some I fear are due to a prescription of klonopin (1 mg a day for many years, took it like a one-a-day vitamin).

I’m now weaning off it again due to the many folks I have met online & articles etc., that I’ve come to believe have actually caused some of my issues/illnesses. That’s a whole other can of worms I guess I’m opening up even here as I always want to be honest in what exactly am I consuming so others can help me if they can. Another topic entirely, maybe later.

But eating to heal is a biggie for me right now, and I am becoming less sure of any supplements at all, and just try all I can to get as much as possible from my keto lifestyle, which I am not ready to jump to just red meats, or any meats/fish. I hear there’s a sort of test you can do for 2 weeks eating just meats that I think I could handle because I’d like to see how that works out :slight_smile:

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I don’t know about nit-pick but to me it’s extreme and I think when humans get extreme it doesn’t always turn out well. Just a theory of mine. I am glad that we can do an extreme diet and be happy with it and thrive, we can have that choice, but someone said something about me mentioning the word “intentional” as in sort of evolving into a carnivore diet. I like the way I’m going, it feels right to me, or is agreeing with my body. Maybe cut more foods as I go. Never ever thought I’d be eating my meat only dinners :wink: so who knows whats next for me :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes I read about their illnesses, but I am “just” starting to read their stuff so I have a ways to go. I don’t worship any of these people, maybe it sounds as if I do, but I have to do my homework on things myself. I can’t say I don’t sometimes wish I could eat anything I want but with my T2 Diabetes, it’s just not smart, although T2’s that know they have it, do it all the time, there’s some here where I live that simply won’t give up their sugar no matter what the evidence shows, if they even tried to do their homework, it’s more like “doctors orders” take the pill and live as if it’s normal.


It’s true but extreme is different for everyone and it changes during their life…
Not eating any meat was very normal to me but squeezing my veggie carbs into 35g carb a day was extreme for me on low-carb. I changed quite much since :slight_smile: Not eating meat for a whole day is borderline extreme and 1g carb usually is plenty for my vegs…

If we feel it’s restrictive, that may be a problem. Not if someone does it for health and understands it’s the right thing to do and maybe even lucky not to feel overly restricted.
Carnivore may or may not feel (too) restrictive to someone, any kind.

Sometimes intentional is very much needed. I just didn’t arrive anywhere near to my ideal diet with zero effort to try something new. I never forced myself though, that’s important. Trying something that doesn’t look bad (some people try very uncomfortable and to me, obviously unhealthy things. I always look at it first, is it realistic, does it sounds healthy?), that’s often useful and can change our life for the better.

But surely we humans look at it differently too… Maybe with a reason. I would have a very different attitude if I needed some specific diet or else I would have huge health problems.

I pretty much eat anything I want, it has downsides, not too bad ones but if I do my training right, I will do it while eating my ideal food… That is my ultimate goal, actually. I already lost the desire towards so many non-ideal food, it’s amazing and very nice. (Still huge room for improvement but I evolve very slowly for reasons.)
But if one doesn’t feel very miserable, it doesn’t sound so very bad not to indulge when the reward is great… Not ideal but it seems many carnivores still have those desires. Maybe it’s normal, I never did carnivore for long. But I suppose things would change if I did. They already do… Maybe it’s individual. I am a hedonist to the point that if I must, I change my own tastes to enjoy the food I eat. Not to any extent but carnivore food is extremely tasty, almost anything else pales in comparison. (It’s not enough for me not to want something else but it helps a lot.)

But I think I got carried away again. Nice topic, for me.

Ouch. That’s serious. Even my SO and I gave up sugar (without any hardship, actually, maybe we are lucky) and we both were pretty healthy. I would do SACRIFICES for health as I often say. I never needed to do it but I would if the reward would be great (or if the punishment when I don’t do it would be bad) and I consider this the normal reaction. One can enjoy their food without sugar so easily!
My SO’s Mom has diabetes, she eats sugar too but very, very rarely. (And smokes, that’s another not so great idea…) She eats lots of carbs as it’s advised for people with diabetes but it has little sugar and it’s not as high as the average… It could be worse.

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Be careful trying to wean yourself off it, however. Please consult your physician about how to go about it, if that’s what you want to do. Dr. Chris Palmer, a psychiatrist and researcher at Harvard, has some sobering stories of people who stopped their meds all of a sudden and got into serious trouble.

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I’m surrounded by a community like this one Paul, I am so grateful. I have to weigh out the info, articles, and videos same as I did with Keto. My MD knows what I’m doing, and says it sounds good. He’s the one that raved about my numbers coming down, A1c’s without the meds he wanted me to take :wink: You can see what the Daily Liquid Water Titration is if you are interested. It’s much more accurate than cutting up a tablet. I will be using Almond Milk, not water because Klonopin/clonazapam doesn’t dissolve well in water.

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Denise,I’m trying to remember if you take klonopin for sleeping. I take clonazepam, which is likely related?
With my memory issues, I talked to my doc about it too, and even tried some alternatives…. None of which worked. My doc I both agree that adequate sleep is a seriously important part of health at our age.

I am not giving up my clonazepam. Period.
If I lose my mind… well, I won’t lose any sleep over it! :grin:

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Hi Robin, mine is a generic called clonazepam, but it is the same as klonopin. I hope you didn’t take my reply to, I think it was Paul in my Carnivore thread, because it’s not about you, it’s about me and what I’m facing with my health. I’ve found out quite a lot about how the drug may be affecting my health and if there’s a chance I can have much more quality of life (to add to my wonderful improvements from Keto lifestyle) I want that but it’s of course not going to be for everyone. I’m fairly certain that I am not being helped by the drug so I want off it.

I do have to be very careful because of my age, time I’ve been on it, and doing the slowest taper I can because 2 Summers ago I had that numbness issue on my whole left-side. At the time, I had tapered, with my docs help, way too fast. He didn’t know, and I didn’t know, until I found a site with all kinds of info, which I could take or leave, from others that want off of Benzodiazepines, or folks that did it and some are better off, some are suffering.

I think I’ve mentioned on here before, I’ve become my own guinea pig because I don’t have much faith in the medical profession so I am now all about studying up on as much as I can and making my own decisions. I know lots of people are find on Benzos but I’m just not. It’s a big step but I feel I have a better life ahead now that I truly believe I am going to ditch many of my issues.

Denise :wink: PS I just ate a big steak for dinner and it was pretty rare as I don’t know how to cook steak that good yet :wink: LOL!!

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No criticism at all… especially since I am on it as well, have been for many years, not for anxiety but to shut my racing brain down at night.

I just couldn’t remember if you took it as a sleep aid too.

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I think it must mean Carnivore Plant Free Zero Carb Absolutely Bonkers!

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Love it! :+1:


Carnivore Plant Free Zero Carb Absolutely Beneficial!

better term to me HAHA

with ALL the sickly people out in the world thru food, I find ZC most beneficial…not a darn bonker thing about it :100::partying_face::crazy_face::scream_cat:

fun to chat this stuff :drooling_face:

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:+1: :rofl:

(P.S.—I looked up my earlier post, and I think I meant “animal-based”.)

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No, I didn’t think you were criticizing me Robin :wink: and I forgot to mention I had been given the drug for both spasms/tremors, and also the anxiety. Have a great day, Denise

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LOL, good one Alec :wink: Btw, I had a juicy, steak for dinner lastnight and slept like I was a teenager again and doubt I’ll be hungry again til quite a bit later. I usually don’t eat til 11 a.m. even now. All I have to do though is figure out tenderizing the meat, which I did my steaks (I have another for tonight) in Soy Sauce. Don’t know if that’s so good but it’s all I had to use :slight_smile:

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I personally would not eat anything made of soy. Do you need to tenderise steak? I never have.

(Denise) #39

yes, I do with some cuts (cheaper cuts no doubt) but actually, I found this steak pretty good, I mean I sort of doubt I needed to tenderize. I was never taught growing up, about cooking really, especially steak. We’d get lucky and have roasts, or turkeys on holiday. Seems like I had a lot of burger, or hotdogs when I was a kid but we never went hungry :slight_smile:
Now I am all into cooking, and some baking, but still a lot to learn especially about what red-meat to by. I’m alone, so I can make sometime 3 meals out of my meats, and fish, able to buy an expensive piece and make 3 meals I mean :wink:

Any help shopping for meat is gladly received here :slight_smile: and also I am looking into sharing a large portion of either beef with someone (family/friends here) or venison as I have quite a few friends that hunt. I’d love to stock my freezer as I don’t seem to get in on the sales often because I’m not watching for them. Need to do better on that :wink:

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Vinegar works as a marinade. You can add whatever spices you like, if any. I’m with Alec in finding soy products problematic.

If you are in the U.S., get a copy of The Joy of Cooking, which covers all the basics as well as some advanced techniques. In any case, a good London broil recipe should produce tender meat, even if you use a cheap cut. (Though I believe it was Escoffier who believed in using the best possible cut of beef for London broil.)