I'm becoming a carnivore, not zero carb though, yet ;)


Thanks! Just noting, this website is “for profit”. (They are selling supplements.) They also cite the (in)famous Nurse’s Health Study. I don’t have a problem with that, but MANY others on here do. If we are supposed to disbelieve everything that comes out of that research effort, let’s be consistent about it :wink:

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Ok, don’t get too excited about dairy being terrible. Countries with the highest milk consumption:


Life expectancy:

Finland is at 16 on life expectancy, only 2 years less than Japan, yet drinks the most milk by far.

Switzerland also drinks a lot of milk and is #6 in life expectancy.

Sweden drinks a lot of milk is is #10 in life expectancy.

If milk/dairy is so bad, why aren’t these people dying earlier?

I have no problem with individuals having trouble with dairy, as some/many do. But just because some people have issues with dairy, doesn’t mean everyone does, nor does it mean that some website who rails against dairy because of things like mTOR is correct.

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This is an epidemiological study using FFQs. I don’t think there’s a worse group of studies available. Truly. Any study from it should be treated with a huge degree of caution. (Personally, as soon as I see a study that’s epi and based on FFQs, I toss it in the garbage bin, unless the risks are monumental, and they never are.)

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Hi Never2late, no chance it was an accident me seeing your reply to this post. I had stopped looking at the thread, but what you wrote here is exactly where I’m at with dairy as well. Seems I’m moving closer to being a carnivore all the time! I love Dr. Mason and will look for his info on Dairy. I’m like you when I find something is not needed for human nutrition, it’s easy to let go of it and I’m just 2 days into no more dairy because of issues I believe it’s causing, and I am feeling pretty good about it so for, even seeing improvement already :slight_smile:

Just want to thank you for your post, bunches!! Denise