I'm becoming a carnivore, not zero carb though, yet ;)

(Denise) #1

I believe I am transitioning, not totally intentional, into a carnivore diet. I am way hooked on listening to Jordan Peterson, and trying the protocol he started with and I think it was 2 weeks of just meats/fats, then he added some greens.

I don’t know anything, but that’s why I’m posting here as this forum got me into Keto and I’ve not looked back for 2 years and almost 4 months now.

I have just naturally, and also got lazy cooking lowest carb vegies for side dishes, started eating only meats for dinner and I am fully satiated and also don’t feel any hunger from dinner eaten before 6 pm until breakfast about 11 a.m. as I am still not hungry til then.

I am eating pork and chicken the most, but moving to more red meat gradually, and 2 to 3 times a week. I also eat dairy and isn’t that carnivore as well?

Love to hear from some folks, and I am excited about all the ailments that just went away from Jordan’s daughter, and himself. I think Andrew Huberman is another I will follow since I believe I heard he is also carnivore :wink: Denise PS Never thought I’d be, or wannabe carnivore :rofl:

(Robin) #2

Hey Denise, good to hear from you! Glad you are in a good groove.

(Denise) #3

I’ll get back here after a 2 pm tenants meating, LOL!! Poor spelling on purpose :grin: Good to see you Robin :wink: Denise


I like that you describe it as a natural progression. The other thing I found interesting is developing a taste and enjoyment for beef bone broth as a nice hot drink.

(Denise) #5

I love the taste of beef-bone brother FB :wink: So maybe I’ll see about getting that more often as the hot drinks are so helpful for my allergies (environmental). It is interesting how I just seem to be progressing or at the least, transitioning. I want to be as healthy as possible, but when things come more naturally, than forced it just is sort of amazing to me :wink:

(Rossi Luo) #6

I have no idea if milk is defined as dairy, if it is, then no, dairy is not carnivore. Milk has lots of lactose, and I usually had some coffee with milk, and one day (weeks ago) I found that the milk surging my fasting blood sugar in the morning. I believe that is called lactose intolerance for some people including me, since then, I stopped drink coffee with milk, instead I use butter & coconut oil coffee.

(Alec) #7

This is what happened to me. I was jogging along on very low carb keto (with some plants), trying to lose my longstanding unwanted bodyfat, and then I had a few days when I just ate almost exclusively meat (not deliberately). Suddenly I lost a whoosh of weight, and I felt fantastic! So I just extended the principle for a bit, and then a bit longer… and here I am 16 months later and totally carnivore (alright, let’s call it 99% carnivore).

And I will not be going back to the plants given what I have learned in the last 16 months. They are nasty!

Welcome to Club Carnivore! :joy::clap::clap::+1:

(Denise) #8

Alec thank you so much for sharing your story that’s almost exactly how I feel especially reading about the benefits that can happen due to eating a carnivore diet I’m smiling that was great information for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #9

Lactose intolerance is defined as inability to digest the milk sugar, lactase, a disaccharide consisting of a molecule of glucose bonded to a molecule of galactose. The symptoms of lactose-intolerance are diarrhoea, nausea and sometimes vomiting, stomach cramps, bloating, and gas.

To be digested, the lactose molecule must be cleaved by the enzyme lactase. Human beings, like all mammals, generally lose the ability to produce lactase sometime between weaning and adulthood. But there are two mutations which allow adult human beings to produce lactase and therefore digest lactose. One occurred among the Maasai, the other among Northern Europeans.

An unrelated problem is the sensitivity some people have to one or another of the milk proteins. Both lactose-intolerance and protein sensitivity make dairy problematic for many people, so it always needs to be consumed with caution until it is clear that we have no problems with dairy.

While milk is indeed a dairy product, whole milk is considered unsuitable for carnivore, because of the sugar content you note. Heavy cream, however, is sugar free, and so are many of the hard, aged cheeses, so carnivores consider them acceptable, though many do not eat them.

There is no terminology available to describe the carnivore diet precisely. The original label was “zero carb,” but of course glycogen, a carbohydrate, is sometimes found in meat. “Carnivore” works pretty well as a moniker, but also has its limitations. “Plant-free” is another possibility, but that would appear to include honey, which carnivores consder unsuitable for a carnivore diet (again, because of the sugar). “Animal-based” would have the same caveat as “plant-free.”

Perhaps we need an abbreviation to cover all the angles. How about “CPFZCAB,” along the lines of LGBTQIA (plus whatever additional initials have been added most recently)?

(Rossi Luo) #10

Thanks Paul, it’s informative! Then I think I am the one with both lactose-intolerance and milk protein sensitivity. Because I have known that I am allergic to some sort of proteins, I had the experience to have rash all over my body after eating some sort of protein-rich foods.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #11

Ouch! You have my sympathies. You might possibly be able to eat some dairy, but for you, the safest course is probably to avoid it altogether, just to be safe.

(Denise) #12

I’m sure glad I don’t have those symptoms at all when I do dairy, because I love my dairy even though I hardly eat that much a day. I’ll do 1 ounce of mozzarella, and 1/2 cup of Two Good Yogurt. I did buy some half and half from our Alexander’s dairy which is just so good I had to splurge and get it :slight_smile:

Geesh, I had insomnia so I finally got up at 3:15 a.m. Hits me every once in awhile, oh well :grimacing::roll_eyes: I’ll take a nap when I can’t stay awake any longer this afternoon:crazy_face:

(Denise) #13

So I read somewhere, maybe here, that Carnivore is Red Meats and Fats only, is that true? If so, I doubt I’ll give up my eggs and other meats/fish.


Super cool! Rock on!!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #15

Beef and water is the basic elimination diet, used to track down food allergies. Carnivores eat meat, poultry, and fish. Some carnivores eat organ meats, while many eat only muscle meat.

Some carnivores eat low-carb dairy, while many others avoid it. Honey, though produced by animals, is not considered to be part of the carnivore diet, because it is almost entirely sugar.

Some carnivores can be relaxed and eat the occasional plant food, but some came to the carnivore diet as the only way of eating that deals successfully with their health conditions, and those people have to be strict about what they eat.

It all depends on what works best for each person.


ahhh, but this won’t be zc lifestyle then.

‘relaxed carnivore’ is allowing coffee maybe, shaking on some plant spice and herb onto meat. It is never ‘eating plants’ as a side dish.

now many can ‘cheat it out’ as they do well on that ‘cheat off the lifestyle’ but ‘relaxed carnivore’ never means one can just eat some plants and call it relaxed. Nope.

one eats plants they are a heavy keto meat eater in ‘total tech terms’ on it. Carnivores who are relaxed allow a few condiments for taste, always with emphasis of 0 carb count from plants on the label in that allowance, like a shake of some herb on meat, showing 0 carb count on label… never would allow a high sugar condiment/spice on their food with a ‘sweet bbq rub’ with a carb count of say 8g per shake coming from added sugar in that rub, not something we would ever use…allow a drink like coffee, liquid form, but won’t ever ‘eat in their meal’ actual plant side items.

Now I know to many this is a nit pick :slight_smile: and it really is but carnivore is carnivore and only real carnivore results can be had on the plan if one holds this plan…the only way for many to realize and know truths on what the lifestyle is all about.

Again I know it doesn’t mean much to others :slight_smile: but it means huge diff. to me in terms of what our lifestyle is about and how it goes down.

this kinda shows our truths on how we walk into ‘a real lifestyle’

and to all there is NEVER a bad thing or a wrong thing about being heavy meat based Keto if it suits one :slight_smile: This is a great lifestyle to be on and if one thrives, more power to all that do!!!


Please remember that Jordan Peterson and his daughter have a rare autoimmune disorder. His daughter had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in 37 joints, damaged cartilage, and hip and ankle replacements all before her 18th birthday. Through the elimination of all food, she was left with eating only meat. On the advice of his daughter, Jordan also went this route and found relief. Both have stated they would like to eat other stuff but can’t, at least for the time being. Dr. Huberman does not eat Carnivore or Keto.


If milk isn’t dairy, I can’t imagine what is :slight_smile: It all comes from milk!

Dairy is carnivore, sure, animal product, after all. But everyone has the right for their own blacklist. It’s just problematic when labels are somewhat useless but it’s inevitable with people, apparently. (It’s not against you, it’s lots of experience.)

Milk is very sugary so it’s understandable many people avoid it even without problems with lactose. Even I was unsure about having it on carnivore but the most relaxed version allows even tiny amounts of plants (spices and coffee, they are clearly not carnivore but people call themselves carnivore while having them and I get it and have no problem with it at all) and anyway, it IS animal product (unlike honey if you ask me. and anyway, 80% sugar is something else)… But it changes little, most carnivores don’t drink milk, cream is clearly superior except I can’t get it non-UHT let alone raw… Raw milk is easy to get. Drinking it galore may not be very proper carnivore but a bit sounds fine.

What is your problem with other dairy regarding carnivore? Most of the dairy I consume hasn’t even any carbs… And I can’t say that about some of my carnivore staples… I can’t measure things in my body but animal carbs feel very different from plant carbs.


You in some countries truly have such a thing? But how do they get out the sugar?
It must be not sweet at all but cream is quite sweet… I only can buy 30% and below (whipping cream and IDK how the lower-fat ones are called), I see 35% once but that’s it.
They have sugar and they are sweet but isn’t it the same for any cream? It hasn’t much but it has some.
I don’t consume much cream so I always stop before 3-4g sugar from it (and that’s rare too) but I have heard about people with some insanely high intake, multiple times (and some do that every day)…

Plant-free excludes honey for me but I am aware some consider it animal based… It’s just plant sugar that went through bees to me. It originates from sugary plant matter.
But plant-free doesn’t exclude fungi, that’s the problem. The other kingdoms aren’t so important (and good luck not to eat bacteria so that doesn’t matter anyway).

Animal-based sound good to me but I really understand some people don’t consider really sugary items okay. But I only know one such, milk. I would have certain difficulties if I tried to do a carnivore day with 40g sugar, far from impossible but it would need some serious effort even for a single day. 20 is ridiculously easy, I don’t even need dairy for it (though that would be an exceptional day, going that high without dairy).
But I don’t care about carbs on carnivore as it doesn’t seem to matter a thing. Especially that I aim not to go overboard with dairy for various reasons… Too much fat.
(Sometimes I am not so successful, I have a cheesy phase now. But my cheese is carbless or very, very close to that.)

Either my memory has problems with retaining the last info or they added 1-2 while I wasn’t looking…

What is CPFZCAB? I barely can come up with a meaning for a few letters :smiley:
But yep, we can do such a thing and we all put together our own! (Well as I am carnivore-ish except when not, I couldn’t even fit into it. Unless we added everything. Oh maybe we could have some code for ANY eating style… well most of them… It would have been interesting. And probably useless but when such things stopped people?)

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #20

They separate out the cream, which is pure fat. The milk sugars remain in the skim portion of the milk.

I made it up (carnivore plant-free zero-carb, and I forget where AB comes from, lol!).