If you were to recommend one link to information

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If you were to recommend one link to information. For a newbie. What would that be? Something that both explains the way of eating and why, and where for them to start. I like the forum, but not sure if newbie who hasn’t started or been convinced yet will go and join the forum.


They don’t have to join the forum to read many of the posts and there are already plenty of posts with links to other resources.


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this is kind of a simple synopsis of ketosis way of eating

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I’d start here to keep it super simple:

The Entire Ketogenic Diet in One Sentence (courtesy of @larry)


There is a thread on this topic here…



I could have sworn there was one on websites too but I can’t find it. @richard?


I’d send people to diet doctor to introduce them to the woe


2 keto dudes podcast and blog

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I know this is an old topic, but I suggest the ketogenic forums ALL the time. Every time I see one of those “where do I start?” posts on facebook, I direct them to the forums. :slight_smile: I found the 2ketodudes podcast when I was first learning about the ketogenic diet, and then found my way over here. In the meantime, I joined a bunch of facebook groups, all of which I have left, mostly because of the bickering and lack of information. But when I was on FB, my default answer to most of the questions was to head over here for all of the information. All of it - including science, my favorite part! :slight_smile:

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I just joined up. Looks like a great site. Very informative

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It’s the most wonderful rabbit hole. Especially for people that are too lazy to actually read, myself included most days! :blush:

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I always suggest DietDoctor.com and 2KetoDudes Podcast Episode list page.

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I need to learn how to quote - sorry. Telling people to replace carbs with fat isn’t quite enough for some. I put my sister onto LCHF and one of her friends followed suit (although she was told to by her doctor).

I told my sister to put a bit of butter in her coffee (or possibly broth). Her friend did the same… with margarine :face_with_hand_over_mouth: