Ice cream maker

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I am looking at getting an ice cream maker. There are 2 a Cuisinart ice 70 or ice 21. The only difference seems to be the 70 has pre setting timmers the other an on off switch. What are peoples recommendations.

Now the second part, I have a 15 year old who probably wouldn’t eat my ice cream and a bit of an ice cream snob as she only likes ben & jerry cookie dough so I will probably be the only one eating it. My think is the carbs seems to be 3-6 depending on recipe per servicing but don’t really get a service size would that be one ice cream scoop and not sure it the will power on a hot night to eat to much ice cream, plus I recall some people saying the sweetener and heavy cream etc can affect insulin higher that I would like . How has ice cream affected people

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I have made icecream with just frozen strawberries and cream and blitzed them together in a food processor. It tastes good because I really don’t enjoy things too sweet anymore.

The downside is that fructose messes with my cravings, and if I let it in too often I want more and more of it.


I have the one with just the on/off switch and it’s always worked well, just make sure you freeze the churning-bowl well ahead of time and chill the ingredients before you begin :blush:

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That’s my worry , I was eating cheese strings at night as a snack and stalling,since I stopped the cheese it is going well just afraid it will be eating these all the time


I have a red Cuisinart on with on/off switch - works great, though is def 20 minutes of machine noise in the kitchen - even when wrapped in a towel. So, I usually play the stereo over it. :rofl:

Main tip is make sure that your freezer is the newer kind that really will deep freeze the bucket. My first few ice cream attempts just made “melted ice cream” lolol. Then after researching reviews, I figured it was probably the 30+ year old fridge/freezer. So I started instead putting the bucket in my little chest freezer - and voila, PERFECT ice cream.

I have fun keto-izing recipes in the Cuisinart cookbook (using macadamia milk instead of cow milk, along with plenty of good cream - and keto sweeteners, etc), and there are also some good recipes here on the forum if you use the search bar.

I make the ice cream in the simplest way possible, no ‘tempering’ of whole eggs in a stovetop pot. I just use raw pastured egg yolks and increase their number - and whisk the stuff in a big bowl before pouring it into the maker. I also quickly pre-powder my erythritol using a coffee grinder, and it blends in magically well.

It’s fun to experiment with flavors once you’ve got your routines down.

Currently, cocoa-cardamom w/ chopped pine nuts is my fave decadent flavor.

It’s such a luxurious hot weather treat for movie nights!


I’ve got the Cuisinart Gelateria which is more or less the same as the Ice 70, works awesome. I feel the icecream I make will go toe to toe with the commercial stuff any day! Macro’s are completely dependent on your recipe. In any case, it’ll be WAY better for you than any commercial stuff you buy.

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Anyone have a recommendation for a recipe that is sweetener free? Lots of recipes seem to rely on a sweetener to assist with end product consistency, but I really want to avoid using them.

I did have a cuisinart icecream maker and echo what others have said about making sure the bowl is really frozen. Mine never was and didnt do a great job as a result.
Looking to purchase a fancy pants icecream maker with a compressor and would love to make keto icecream…of the non sweetened variety


this just uses liquid stevia, but if you used dark chocolate instead of cacao butter, you could probably get away not using stevia.


I am waiting for our local Natural Grocers to get organic strawberries back in stock to try an ice cream concoction out…I don’t want to use any sweetener either if possible, thinking HWC, full fat Coconut Cream, strawberries…it’s the one thing I am looking forward to having as a special treat on my birthday this summer :strawberry:


I just realized that whenever I have made “fat bombs” with MCT oil added, they never freeze to a totally hardened state, maybe MCT in ice cream would alleviate the over-freezing issue so many encounter on here :face_with_monocle:

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You may just be onto something here…

(Jill Carpenter aka space coast spinster) #12

For your daughter: the store sells cookie dough that’s meant to be eaten “raw.” I’d toss that in the machine and look for whatever else is on that Ben and Jerry’s pint.

For you:
Go to some yard sales this weekend or check your local thrift stores etc. Icecream makers are typically abundant and cheaper that way.

Check out this brand of icecream and the ingredients may be of use.

I think the coconut oil experimentation may be good!
When I was growing up we used to work my grandmother’s farm on the weekends. On the way home we’d get an icecream treat, and my favorite was a chocolate vanilla swirl with peanut butter dip.
Last year was craving that dip but no one has it where I am now.
Did some research, and found coconut oil mixed into the peanut butter and then warmed can be then poured over icecream to give it a nice shell. Not too hard though, but close to what I missed.

Wondering how a strawberry puree would work


Xylitol is the best for that, lowers the freeze temp. I make a bulletproof coffee choco chip ice cream that has a couple tbsp of MCT Oil in it, I’ve never noticed it being any looser/softer than my other recipes without. Although that doesn’t really prove it doesn’t help either.


Thank you for sharing, I thought I might add a little to my strawberry ice cream experiment and see what happens, it will be sweetener free this go round :yum: I found some organic strawberries at Walmart today on sale for $2.24 a container and they were still in decent shape. I prepped and froze them earlier :strawberry:


Powdered cardamom is naturally sweet - a tblsp of it does have a few carbs though - I use it and vanilla extract, and I still add powdered erythritol - but one could try it without the sweetener. Glycerine is sweetish, and makes ice cream easier to scoop - I found some organic non-gmo glycerine on Amazon.

Also found a really good keto chocolate syrup for dribbling on top for extra fun! I’m also going to try not sweetening my next batch of ice cream, and instead putting a wee dollop of raw honey on the side, to nibble at slowly.

The only time of year I eat ice cream is summer though :sunglasses: