I used up all my likes!

(Kathy Swanson) #1

Hi! Just wondering why there would be a limit to the amount of likes you can give?

Deep Fried Pork Belly!

I don’t know why the software was designed with a “heart” limit. I think it may be a way of getting members to budget their hearts, so only the very best posts go to the top of searches, instead of hearting every post.

The number of hearts you get is supposed to increase as you move up through the trust levels. I know it’s a bit of a shock, coming from Facebook, and may just be one of those wrinkles that gets ironed out.

I’m also not sure if this is something that is customizable in the future. @carl might know.

(carl) #3

You nailed it. Makes you treat likes as a special resource. Many likes actually means more when you know this.

(Kathy Swanson) #4

Thanks for the info. It will make me have to reply more often that I like something and why. Is there a limits to the replies one can give? LOL

(Brian Miller) #5

I really wanted to heart this but now I’m gonna have to save a few up.

(Larry Lustig) #6

They used to give away the hearts for free but now that everyone’s going zero carb they’re suddenly hard to get. Thanks @amber!

(L. Amber O'Hearn) #7

How did I get dragged into this? :laughing:

(Larry Lustig) #8

No one is more responsible for the market shortage of organ meats (including hearts) than you!

Putting myself out there
(I like to post memes!) #9

This timing on the likes reset is odd, I can’t figure it out. Earlier today it said I was out of likes and needed to wait 7 minutes before I could give another. So I wait 7 minutes and then it said I needed to wait 22 hours!

What’s the timing on the reset?

(Keto Krazy) #10

I understand it, but I don’t like it! It made me leave the forum last night when I ran out, and now I am apparently still out! :cry:

There are other threads that I would like to read, but I don’t want to always respond, especially if I can just “like” the responses I agree with. I hope you will reconsider the limits. :pray:

(Jane Reed) #11

I have to agree with Carl’s rational. If you like a hundred things, not one of them is a standout.

(Keto Krazy) #12

Perhaps you are correct, next time I will be much more selective when I am going through the transformation posts and liking pictures. :frowning2:


I just got a message that I’ve almost used up all my likes for the day and I’m currently Trust Level 2.

On one hand, our trust level is tied to our activity, but on the other hand, we’re being restricted from interacting.

I’ll soon be at the point later day since it’s still early for me that I’ll run out of likes and not be able to encourage someone who posting something great.

For example, I eventually decided to like this post, but I had to think twice about it for fear of not having the ability to like something else later.

(AnnaLeeThal) #14

I appreciate the use of the well valued like :heart:


Surely the amount of likes you can give should be relative to the number of posts you read. I notice there is a read-counter so it should be possible.

(eat more) #16

this finally happened…i always feel like i am a liking fool and the only difference today is i am actually on a PC versus a tablet…and now i am panicking…“oh no! what if i run out? i can’t make the heart red and show my support of that comment!” LOL


Happened to me again!

Sorry to all those people out there whose posts I like but I can’t share the love :heart:.


(eat more) #18

i liked it but i don’t like that you ran out of likes!



Sorry, I like your post, but I can’t click the heart because I’m still in “Like Jail”. :laughing:

(eat more) #20

sorry i can’t spring you…there is no bail amount on being “too” supportive and positive :blush: